“Witless Protection”
Season 3, Episode 6
Air Date

June 17, 2013 {{{pc}}}


J.J. Wall


Sean Lambert

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Witless Protection is the sixth episode in Season 3 of Kickin' It. It aired on June 17th, 2013.


When the gang witnesses a robbery by the notorious criminal Benny the Blade, they bravely agree to testify against him. But after Benny escapes from jail and seeks revenge, the gang enters the Witness Protection Program and is sent to a farm in the middle of nowhere where they work as farmhands to earn their keep.



  • The gang were sent to a farm. Ironically In Indiana Eddie, Milton is allergic to cows, scared of hay, and his shoulders were too skinny for overalls.
  • Rudy makes a reference to flipping off someone, which also means, "f*** you." Another one of these references are made in Good Luck Charlie.
  • One of the scenes when the gang identify Benny, one of the guys look is Leo Howard's father.
  • It is revealed that Milton got hypothermia from a smoothie.
  • In Milton's Guatemalan mariachi band cover, Milton would be Senorita Rosa and Kim would be Jorge.
  • Rudy tries milking a cow, but he ended up milking a bull.
  • When Rudy is hit by a barrel, this is a reference to Donkey Kong.
  • Chappy Chapman is a parody of Happy Chapman from the Garfield movie.

Memorable Quotes

Jack: Check it out the guys are coming out of the athletic authority.

Jerry: Sweet, must be their annual ski mask sale.

Jack: Jerry, those are robbers

Rudy: This finger was born to do two things and one of them is point at bad guys.

Milton: What was the other thing?

Rudy: I don't feel comfortable saying it in front of the cop.

Jerry: I'll say it. Chappy has the best hair in Seaford.

Jack: I'm sitting right here. (Everyone looks at Jack weirdly)

Rudy: Children form a human shield around me.... for your own safety.

Jebidadah: So,uh where did you work last?

Milton:Over yonder ways...

Jack: For old Mcdonald.....

Kim: He had a farm.....

Jerry: E-I-E-I-O (Jack hits him)

Kim:You act like a rooster, draw her out and I'll grab the egg.

Jack: Kim I'm not acting like a roo-" (Kim cuts him off)

Kim: A handsome rooster.

Jack:That I could do.

Jack: You and your little chicken brain are no match for me and my- (Rooster attacks him)

Jerry: I have develop feelings for Lily and I wanted to ask your permission to be her...(Jebidadah stands up his pitchfork) her penpal. See you later, Lily. Write me. (Runs out of the farm)


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