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“Wasabi Warriors”
Season 1, Episode 1
Air Date

June 13, 2011 101


Jim O'Doherty


Eric Dean Seaton

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Wasabi Warriors is the first episode of the first season of Kickin' It. It aired at June 13, 2011 and received 0.87 Million Viewers.


As the students of the Bobby Wasabi Martial Arts Academy fight to save their dojo, luck puts them in the path of super skater and martial artist Jack.


New student Jack meets Milton, Jerry, Kim, and Eddie at the Seaford High cafeteria, where Frank and his friends from the Black Dragons try to cause trouble. However, Milton, Jerry, Kim, and Eddie are impressed when Jack uses karate to defeat Frank and his friends.

Later, Rudy learns that if he does not earn two belts at the next karate tournament, the Bobby Wasabi Martial Arts Academy will be shut down. Milton, Jerry, and Eddie tell Rudy about Jack, who crashes into the dojo while running away from mall security. Later, Rudy tells Jack that if he joins the dojo and helps with winning the tournament, he will stay out of trouble. Jack tells Rudy that he is a skater, but does reveal that his grandfather was a karate sensei, who trained Bobby Wasabi. Rudy is impressed and explains that the dojo was built on the principles of the Wasabi Code, and Jack agrees to help win the tournament.

Later, Jack visits the Black Dragon Dojo, where he discovers that Kim is also a Black Dragon. Kim asks Jack to join the Black Dragons, but he declines because of his deal. When Jack returns to the dojo, he discovers that Rudy broke the Wasabi Code by lying about how much trouble he was in and leaves. Jack later returns to help win the tournament when he realizes he himself broke the Wasabi Code by leaving. Later, Frank's sensei Ty has him try to get rid of the competition during the tournament by cheating and kicking the back of Jack's leg. Kim sees this and decides to quit the Black Dragons. Jack manages to work through the pain and win the Wasabi Warriors' second belt.





  • Chris Coppola as Officer Bloat
  • Byrne Offutt as Mr. Krupnick

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