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Charles Russell Leone's Havana Adventure

Saludo del día de Charles Russell Leone 

Havana is becoming another one of Charles Russell Leone’s favorite vacation spots. The beautiful Cuban capital is always booming with nice people, culture, and food that you won’t be able to resist! Havana is one of the many new popular destination spots that tourists from around the world visit.

If you enjoy spending time out with your friends and family, there are many picture-perfect beaches awaiting you. Havana’s warm tropical climate makes it the perfect spot to visit throughout the year.

With about 90% of the population speaking Spanish as their first language, it doesn’t come as a surprise when the streets are filled with laughter and energetic conversations. When the locals are that friendly, who wouldn’t want to try their hand at speaking a bit of Spanish!

Charles Russell Leone’s Recommendation of Things to do in Havana:

Visit the beach

The eastern beaches are the heart of the city! Start your day with salt therapy at the Playa El Salado, go to the Playa Guanabo to meet the friendliest locals you’ll ever meet. Finally, end your day at Santa Maria del Mara for the best party of your life!

Attend their amazingly well-made Shows

The infamous Tropicana show, Cabaret at La Parisiene at Hotel Nacional is one of the best experiences you’ll ever have. Their stunning blend of dance, acrobats, culture and colorful costumes are to die for!

Drink Mojitos and Daiquiri

As the birthplace of these sensational cocktails, visit La Bodeguita del Medio for some epic mojitos and La Floridita for some classic Daquiris to make your trip even special!

Hire a classic open car

A classic open car is necessary for quintessential Havana experience! While you’re at it — don’t forget to visit the Capitol Building and to enjoy its beautiful architecture from your car!

Wander through the magnificent streets of Havana

The inside streets of Havana represent the entire culture of Havana inherited from various historical sources. The pastel-colored houses, long buildings with small shops and restaurants of white and gold showcase the colonial wealth the city still represents!

===Restaurants that serve the best food in Havana:  ===

Madrigal Bar Café

Their intriguing cocktails and amazing tapas in a colonial building gives tourists the best experience!

The Palador

These gems are family owned and operated establishments that provide authentic homemade Cuban food!

La Guarida

With outstanding décor and Cuban cuisine in a perfectly posh yet sociable environment makes it a must visit!

If you wanted a trip filled with amazing food, friendly people, beautiful locations, and fun-filled beaches, Havana is the place to go! Charles Russell Leone IV highly recommends this destination for an exciting trip with your friends!