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My favorite ship is Kilton and I've gotten my fair share of backlash as a result of it. When I first visited the wiki I was surprised to see that the page was deleted because it was considered "not real" while all the other ships had a page and a strong relationship between the characters was clearly present. The page would remain deleted for over a year until the page was finally allowed to be recreated.

Kilton's my favorite ship not necessarily because they have the highest chances of becoming a "couple" but because Kim and Milton have one of the best, if not best, friendships of all the characters. A ship doesn't need to be romantic to be a ship and quite a few people automatically assume dating when a ship is mentioned. Kilton is much more of a friendship than a dating couple, though I do believe they could make a decent couple.

I thank once again those people that can respect other opinions, realizing their view is not the only one. When I first made a comment about my interpretation of the ship, people were quick to attack and label me as a troll. I never made a scene on another shipping page and I find it rude that some decide to talk solely about other ships on a ship page. This is one reason I'm not too fond for this wiki and do not participate more.

I was an Admin here for a few years, primarily with the focus of maintaining various aspects of the wiki such as housekeeping, but retired due to inactivity.

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