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Truman, portrayed by Reed Alexander (who also played Nevel in iCarly) appears in the episode "Dummy Dancing". He blackmails Eddie into pranking the Wasabi Warriors with a video of him dancing with a dummy dressed as a girl (hence the name, Dummy Dancing). He is very troublesome, and he threw a tantrum when he saw that the flashdrive of Eddie was gone. His father's company also has a very tight security system and when something is stolen from it, he threw "a girl tantrum", of which the Wasabi Warriors caught on tape. However, not stooping to Truman's level, they then deleted the video at Truman's request, provided he deleted the footage of Eddie. Truman never appeared in every episodes, it is possible that he got suspended or expelled from school, due to his troublemaking pranks.


  • He shares the same actor as Nevel from iCarly. Their characters are very similar in that they are computer geniuses who use their talent to bully and harass the main characters, and attempt to blackmail them. In addition, they both throw tantrums.
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