“The Battle of Seaford Hill”
Season 4, Episode 9
The Battle of Seaford Hill
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June 23, 2014 {{{pc}}}


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The Battle of Seaford Hill is the ninth episode in Season 4 of Kickin' It.[1]


Seaford is celebrating the bi-centennial of the famous victory at Seaford Hill, the battle that declared which was nearly lost by one of Jerry's ancient relatives, Cook Martinez. Every Year Jerry is Booed at.

As President of the Historical Society, Milton is in charge in preparing the reenactment of the Battle. He finds an old trunk full of real artifacts from the Original Battle, and will use them in the reenactment.

While Jack and Milton go to the reenactment, Jerry finds the Diary of Cook Martinez in General Douglas's jacket.

Before the Reenactment starts, Jerry comes up and says that Cook Martinez is not a traitor and History got it wrong.

According to the Diary, Here's What Really Happened:

It was 1814, exactly 200 years ago, and colonists were in battle with the French Army for who could claim Seaford as their own.

Three Cooks, Including Cook Martinez (Leo Howard, Dylan Riley Syder, and Mateo Arias) are complaing to General Sherman Douglas (Jason Earles) that they are running out of supplies and The men are starving.

Sherman Douglas brings in old meat. (There are flies flying around it, but even they get sick.) He says they will be fine.

The Soldiers get sick, and Douglas himself locked in a trunk. (probably the same one that the diary is from.) and it is up to the Cooks to save the town.

They dress up as French Chefs, and trick the french into eating the rancid meat. After Martinez tells the French General (Joel McCrary) what they did, a fight ensues: the three cooks against the General and Vegetarian soldiers (the only ones who didn't get sick). The French Surrender, and They celebrate.

By the time the cooks return to camp, most soldiers are already well again. They take Sherman Douglas out of the chest. After telling them they won, Sherman arrests them so he can get all the Glory.

Back in the Present, A statue of Cook Martinez is put up, and Sherman Douglas is booed.


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