Taylor's first appearance in Nerd With a Cape.

Taylor in Nerd With a Cape

Taylor is a teenage girl who went to the Swathmore Academy when she was rich. She works at the smoothie bar in the dojo. Her friends are the Wasabi Warriors.

Taylor comes to Seaford High when her father's company went out of business. Since she orginally went to Swathmore she is first thought to be a spoiled rich kid. She now works at the dojo juice bar to help her family out.

At first she doesn't get along with Jack because he thinks she was just a snobby rich girl, but then he realizes she is actually not rich and is really nice. She seems to have always had a good friendship with the rest of the group.

She first appeared in the episode Nerd With a Cape and is portrayed by Veronica Dunne.



  • Due to the fact that she works at Rudy's dojo, and hangs around the Wasabi Warriors frequently, she's considered a replacement for Kim.
  • Her actress, Veronica Dunne, was starring as Marisa on Disney Channel's K.C. Undercover until the series ended on February 2, 2018.
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