Shane Peters
Gender Male
Age 16
Nationality: American
Professional Information
  Spy; Head of R.A.S.H.
Friends and Family
Jack Brewer (Formerly)
Milton Krupnick (Formerly)
Grey Cole (Formerly)
Kim Crawford (Formerly)
Principal Funderburk (Formerly)
Love interests
Kim Crawford (former crush)
Jack Brewer
Milton Krupnick
Grey Cole
Principal Funderburk
Other Information
First Appearance
Portrayed by
Scott Dunn

Shane Peters is a teenage spy who made his first appearance in Spyfall. He is portrayed by Scott Dunn.


In Spyfall, Shane went undercover as the prince of Hakmakistan as a test to see if Jack was spy material, which was later revealed in Return of Spyfall. In Return of Spyfall, Shane is revealed to be a teenage spy and the son of the world's greatest spy. He, along with Jack, Milton, and Grey defeat the cyborg agents of R.A.S.H. In The Boys are Back in Town, it is revealed that Shane has been working for R.A.S.H. as a double agent, out of jealousy of Jack and Milton's status.


Shane is a very cocky, free-spirited boy who always makes sure he appears confident, due to the pressure put on him by his father, the world's greatest spy. At first, Shane is hesitant to trust Jack and Milton, but eventually warms up to them when they help him prove to his father that he is meant to be a spy, not a florist.


Season 3

Season 4

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