Sensei Ty
Sensei ty
Gender Male
Nationality: American
Professional Information
  Karate Sensei (formerly)
  Black Dragons Dojo
Friends and Family
Frank, Kim Crawford (formerly), Kai
Rudy Gillespie, Jack Brewer, Kim Crawford, Jerry Martínez, Eddie Jones, Milton D. Krupnick, Brody Carlson, Kofi Kingston
Rudy Gillespie
Other Information
First Appearance
  Wasabi Warriors
Portrayed by
Ian Reed Kesler
Sensei Ty was first seen in Wasabi Warriors. He is the Black Dragons sensei/founder and the main antagonist of the show. The reason why that is because when he and Rudy were battling the "Ancient Clash of the Antlers", (to see who would be the Grandmaster's apprentice) the Grandmaster "tooted" Ty off his stump. The problem is that Ty thought Rudy was the one who "blew wind", making him to lose his concentration. Ever since then, Rudy and Ty have been enemies. In fact, he hates Rudy so much he made Frank cheat at the Advancement Tournament so the Bobby Wasabi dojo would lose. Kim says he is a cheater and a big baby for his actions. He is also the uncle of Julie. In one episode, he had asked Jack to join his dojo, saying he had been "waiting for this". He is potrayed by Ian Reed Kesler.


Rudy and Ty
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