“School of Jack”
Season 3, Episode 18
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Air Date

November 18, 2013 {{{pc}}}


Jamie Carpenter & Josh Mosberg


Sean Lambert

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Home Alone at School


Queen of Karts

School of Jack is the 18th episode of Season 3 of Kickin' It. This episode premiered November 18, 2013.


Jack auditions to join a band called “Gutter Rats” to compete in a battle of the bands competition for a cash prize. When he realizes the lead Gutter Rat is rude, Jack forms his own rock band with Milton’s Classical Music Club in hopes of winning the prize.


Fight Scenes

  • Martial Arts Battle: Albert vs. Ninja Winner: Ninja


  • The title is a parody of the 2003 film School of Rock starring actor and comedian Jack Black.
  • Jack plays the guitar for the second time- in Buddyguards and this episode.
  • Izzy Lightning stars in this episode.
  • Jack sings for the second time- he sings horribly.
  • Milton sings for the first time- he sings good. He could hit the high note in the Izzy Lightning song. (But he did sing behind the stage for Kim, when she lost her voice once).
  • Milton can play the keyboard and the piano.
  • Milton is part of the classical music club.
  • the Wasabatron 3000 makes a cameo in this episode.
  • Albert becomes a grandmaster in this episode, but he quits karate before he can improve his skills.
  • The Swords and Magic Roleplay game is mentioned in this episode.


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