Ricky Weaver
Gender Male
Age 14
Professional Information
Friends and Family
Love interests
Kim Crawford
Other Information
First Appearance
  Ricky Weaver
Portrayed by
Austin North


Ricky Weaver is a musician. He ocasionally gets attacked by paparazzi. He has his own private jet. He has been called a parody of Justin Bieber.

Ricky Weaver is portrayed by Austin North.

School Essay Contest

In each state, whoever writes the best essay gets a free school concert from Ricky Weaver. This contest is really a fake, since Ricky just chooses the prettiest girl. Kim won the contest, but Jack discovers the truth of the contest and warns Kim about it. 


  • His actor, Austin North, also worked with Olivia Holt in the Disney Channel show "I Didn't Do It", where they played Lindy and Logan Watson, fraternal twins.
  • He is a parody of Justin Beiber.
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