“Reality Fights”
Season 1, Episode 18 (18)
Air Date

February 27, 2012 {{{pc}}}


Jim O'Doherty


Sean Lambert

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Kickin' It in China

"Reality Fights" is the 18th episode in Season 1 of Kickin' It. It first aired on February 27th, 2012.


The gang competes in Bobby Wasabi’s new martial arts reality show "Wasabi Warrior", hosted by Rudy, where the close knit friends form secret alliances without Jack because they worry that he is the biggest threat to all of them. But soon after voting Jack off, Jack finds a way to get back in the game. Meanwhile Jerry, Milton, and Eddie find out that Kim is planning to get them all voted off the game show. At the last challenge, Eddie coaxes the rest into losing the game all together to save their friendship, but is revealed to have done so so that he would win.

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  • Dragon's Playground: Milton vs Kim vs Eddie - Winner: Milton
  • Emperor's Bridge: Jack vs Jerry - Winner: Jack
  • Bonsai Brunch: Jack vs Milton, Jerry, Kim and Eddie - Winner: Jack
  • Final Challenge: Jack vs Milton vs Jerry vs Kim vs Eddie - Winner: Eddie 


  • Milton won lobster for dinner, while everyone else had to eat gruel
  • Jack had to spend 5 minutes in "The Potty of doom"
  • Jerry is revealed to have a fear of saltine crackers.
  • Rudy blew up his car, which wasn't payed for.

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