Randy Plotski
Gender Male
Hometown: Seaford
Professional Information
Friends and Family
Jack, Jerry
Love interests
Kim Crawford
Other Information
First Appearance
  Badge of Honor
Portrayed by
Evan Hofer

Randy is a teenage boy who attends Seaford High School. He likes skateboarding and pulling pranks. He has gotten detention multiple times, one of which because he pulled the fire alarm under false circumstances. He is friends with Jack, Kim, Eddie, and Jerry. He then became friends with Milton in maximum lockdown detention in "The Great Escape" when Milton helped them make detention more enjoyable. Randy also became friends with Rudy after he showed his skills with the skatebord in "Badge of Honor" on the skate ramp. In "Skate Rat" it also heavily implies that he has a crush on Kim. since he stated that he wanted to marry Kim, but later got upset with Kim for ruining the destruction of the new skate park and says he hates her and they are "over". He is a recurring character in Season 1 and 2. He auditions to be the new Jack in Hit the Road Jack. Randy Plotski is portrayed by Evan Hofer.



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