Oana Gregory
Oana Gregory


Negresti-Oas, Romania





Originally from Negresti-Oas, Romania, Oana moved to Los Angeles, California with her family to pursue an acting career. She landed her first future film role as the leading "Loosie Goosie" in the 2010 independent picture, "Spork" , a musical comedy that received three film festival awards, a CineKid Award and a British Film Institute nomination.

On the small screen, Oana Gregory has reccured on Disney XD's "Lab Rats" and "Kickin' It", and has lent her voice to the animated television show "Olivia", based off a popular children's book series.

Oana currently resides in Los Angeles with her parents, older brother Dorel and pet Teacup Yorkie Mickey - named after Mickey Mouse - which was a gift from her parents when she landed her role in "Crash & Bernstein". Her hobbies include ballet dancing, singing and shopping.

She does not actually sound like Mika on Kickin' It in real life. She sounds more like Amanda on Crash & Bernstein.

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