Matealex is the friendship pairing of Mateo Arias and Alex Christian Jones. They are good friends and shown to like same music in twitter.

Matealex Moments

  • In this tweet Alex wishes Mateo Happy Birthday and calls him a great friend.
  • In this tweet Alex tells Mateo and Madisson Pettis to get him some ChickFilA
  • In this tweet Alex tells Mateo that they need to get Mateo up to 25k followers.
  • In this tweet Alex sends a really weird tweet to Olivia and Mateo asking them if they are tweating possibly meaning tweeting
  • In this tweet Madison and Mateo are talking about ChickFilA. Madison and Mateo talk alot about ChickFilA as seen here and here Alex comes in the conversation to tell Mateo and Madison he went to ChickFilA too!
  • Mateo tweets about music and how when it hits you,you feel no pain Alex tweets back to him so they tell me that they love me I know better than it's just game Mateo then starts a conversation with Alex about Marvin's room as seen here then Eleanor Mitchell a friend of Mateo and Alex joins the conversation then Mateo and Alex have a conversation with Eleanor about Marvin's Room as seen here and here and here and here and here
  • Mateo and Alex hang around a lot together as seen here
  • Alex sends a tweet to Mateo saying hi
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