(Rudy, Jack, Kim, Milton and Jerry are walking down the mall)

Rudy: You guys can complain all you want, but I had a really good time at the Seaford fair.

Jack: We're just saying the fair's going downhill. I mean, the baby elephant was just a shaved dog wit a hose taped to it's nose.

Kim: Hey, Jerry, Where'd you get that cool tie-dyed shirt?

Jerry: Oh, I didn't. I just got on the spinning cups with Rudy after he had nine flavors of Italian ice.

Rudy: It was eight. That ninth color's the chilli dog I had for breakfast.

(Jerry covers his mouth with his hand)

Milton: Hey, Jack I need to ask a favor. You know that Seaford High News Show that I'm on that everyone talks about?

Jack: Our school has a news show?

Jerry: And you're on it?

Kim: People talk about it?

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