Love Interests


First Appearence

Hit The Road Jack

Portrayed by

Madison Curtis

Lorie attends Seaford high with The Wasabi Warriors. It is revealed that she had a big crush on Jack. She is rather pretty and is one of Jack's most devoted fangirls, being the only one who brought a sign to the tournament (Hit the Road Jack). Jerry has a small crush on her, though he likes almost every girl at Seaford. She shows no signs of liking Jerry back, as Jack is the only guy she is interested in (as far as we know).

Appearance and Personality

Lorie is a fairly skinny, pretty, blonde long-haired girl. She bears slight resemblence to Kim. She seems like a typical popular girl, though she has a crush on a regular boy. She is cool and straight to the point unless she's around someone she wants to impress. She then gets nervous and acts strangely.


  • Jack - She has a mega crush on Jack. These feelings are not returned due to Jack's interest in Kim. In Hit the Road Jack, she gave him a heart-shaped balloon, only to be popped by Kim moments after.


  • Kim - Kim has a disliking for Lorie because of Lorie's crush on Jack and that she flirts with him. Lorie seems to dislike Kim as well, because when they hugged, her face fell and she looked mad.
  • Jerry - Lorie and Jerry have the same relationship as Jerry has with most girls at the school, he flirts with her and she does not like him at all.
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