LeJason is the friendship pairing of Leo Howard and Jason Earles. Leo teaches Jason karate on set and Jason teaches Leo Comedy.


Friendship Name



Leo Howard and Jason Earles


Leo- Jason's Karate Mentor

Jason- Leo's Karate Mentor Really Good Friends

Where They Met

Disney's New Year's eve star showdown

LeJason Moments

  • In this video Jason and Leo conpete in a Disney Channel New Year's eve star showdown and play a game called Sound Off. They win and get a mime which happens to be Moises Arias
  • In this video Leo and Jason talk to Jake from Radio Disney on the set of Kickin It [filming Badge of Honour] They mention Leo teaches him Karate and Jason teaches him comedy tips, they are also seen wrestling
  • In this video Leo and Jason teach Jake how to do Cressing Kick and axe kick.
  • In this video Leo and Jason tell Popstar 3 three reasons why you should Kickin It. In that video he says Leo Howard is a black belt and he's amazing
  • In this video Jason and Leo are seen at the Christmas Parade together
  • In this 'video'Jason and Leo do an interview and talk about Conan the Barbarian. Jason says in the interview that something impressive about Leo is he can go from very agressive fighting style to a heartfelt kids comedy and he also says he does great in both of them
  • In this video Jason and Leo are seen sitting together.They also take a picture together in the end.
  • In this tweet it shows Leo spent the day at sixflags with Jason and his wife.
  • In this tweet Leo sends a tweet to Jason and Eric and Kelle saying he's watching the football team.
  • In this tweet it shows Jason went to Christmas Parade with Leo and Olivia and had a great time.
  • In this tweet Leo tweets a picture of him and Jason at the Kickin It set filming the last episode
  • Leo says Jason is way more mature than his character in the show and he's hysterical, any time he's around Leo will have a great time as seen here
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