Julie TheStang
Gender Female
Age 16-17
Height: 5'5"
Friends and Family
Jack, Kim, Jerry
Love interests
Milton (ex-boyfriend)
Tommy (boyfriend)
Frank, Black Dragons
Ty (Uncle)
Other Information
First Appearance
  Clash of the Titans
Portrayed by
Hannah Leigh

Julie is Milton's ex girlfriend. She is known to be the niece of Sensei Ty, so at first it was hard for her to meet with Milton, as the competition between the dojos causes both Rudy and Ty to ban them from dating in Clash of the Titans. In the end, they are able to date, thanks to the very eager, but somewhat unhelpful aid from both Jack and Kim.


Her first appearance was in Clash of the Titans, where she first met with Milton and the gang.

Since then she has been seen in Rowdy Rudy where she told Milton she was ready to take things to the "next level", which Milton interprets as a kiss when she is really talking about visiting the next floor of a museum. This leads to a considerable amount of chaos when Milton asks Kim to help him get better a kissing, and Julie sees and mistakenly belives he is cheating on her. It is resolved in the end but she still threatens Kim about making a move on her man.

In It Takes Two to Tangle, where she and Milton are celebrating their first anniversary. Milton discovers his newfound talent in life help and forgets all about Julie. She claims she misses the old Milton in that episode. In the end, their problems are solved and they go out for a date at a costly resturaunt.

She was most recently seen in All The President's Friends where she becomes Milton's campaign manager when he runs for class president.

In Gabby's Gold, it is revealed that Milton and Julie have officially broken up. While Milton is quite distraught by the break-up, Julie has quickly moven on, angering Milton.

In her most recent and final appearance, The Stang, Milton tried to win her back, however, it was revealed she already had a boyfriend. She was shown to be rude to Milton, and claimed he wasn't a 'man'. After Milton and Jerry fought the men who tried to destroy Milton's dad's car, Julie finally saw Milton as a man and asked him if he could go with her to the part, but he declined, stating he dated women.


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