Joan Malone (played by Brooke Dillman) is a security mall cop who loves celebrity workouts and new inventions. She first appeared in the episode "Dummy Dancing", where the gang must sneak by her to obtain Eddie's video evidence [for more information see "Dummy Dancing".] She also has a male dog named King, is considered to be a good rapper, and has this thing for taking off her cop uniform in which she has a whole different outfit under it. As shown in "Hit The Road Jack", Joan thinks something is "going on" between Jack and Kim. Also in Hit The Road Jack, Joan is seen to be a Kick shipper. Joan is also the most "random" officer you may ever see. She has some awkward adventures with each of the main characters, and will always give you a laugh! She's also next to hopelessly incapable at her job. She is also desperate to date any guy who shows any interest in her.

History Trivia

All the Wrong Moves - she is one of the desperate woman who bought Pocket Ninja in hopes of having someone to talk to/date.

Badge of Honor - she was shown to have a horrible social life while in high school.

Skate Rat - she is shown to have amazing skateboarding skills.

Hit the Road Jack - it is revealed that her shoe size is 8 1/2.

All the President's Friends - Her last name is revealed to be Malone. She stars as Juliet in Rudy's play.

Oh, Christmas Nuts! - she bans Jerry, Milton and Jack from the mall after believing they stole from Santa's Village

Spyfall - she gets bitten by a diseased lemur and gets Madagascar Madness

Dueling Dojos - She joins the Bobby Wasabi dojo



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