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Well what can I say? We both make a great pair.
— Jack about him and Jerry to Kyri Irving in Sole Brothers
I should never have disrespected you. The truth is, the Dojo isn't the same without you man.
— Jack to Jerry in Duelling Dojos
Jerry that was incredible, man, I couldn't have done it without you.
— Jack to Jerry in Breaking Board
I couldn't have done it without you, man.
— Jerry to Jack in Dueling Dojos
You know, because of you, our lives are a whole lot better.
— Jerry to Jack in You Don't Know Jack

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Relationship Information
Characters: Jack Brewer
Jerry Martinez
Status: Very close friends
Occasional sparring/training partners
"Sole" brothers
First Interaction: Wasabi Warriors (episode)
Background Information
Portrayed By: Leo Howard
Mateo Arias
Cast Ship: Mateleo

Jarry (Ja/ck + Je/rry) is the offical bromantic pairing of Jack Brewer and Jerry Martinez. It is also one of the show's main friendship pairings. For the real-life pairing of Leo Howard and Mateo Arias, see Mateleo.

Out of the four boys at the Dojo, they are shown to be the closest. Several instances have been shown where Jack will start attacking if Jerry gets hurt, Dojo Day Afternoon, for example, when Arthur's punching dummy took out Jerry, it sparked Jack's anger and made him lose his temper and he was going to physically attack Arthur if Kim hadn't stopped him. And in Home Alone at School, Jack even attacked a professional cage fighter after Jerry had gotten hurt. Also, in Temple of Doom, they both attacked a possessed Milton after he had started attacking them.

It has also been shown in numerous episodes that they value each other's friendship, as with when they argue, one of them is always admitting how upset they are, whether to each other's faces, or someone else. Several episode have also shown how much they really need one another, like Breaking Board, Sole Brothers, Duelling Dojos and You Don't Know Jack.

Jerry: (Whispers) Yo, Jack. Jack, I'm tied up, so you have to go warn Bobby.
Jack: I'm tied to you, you lug nut. I've got it! We'll do what Bobby did when he was tied to Tommy Tsunami in his movie, "Samurai Fist Party".
Jerry: Ohh...I didn't see that movie.
- Jack and Jerry in Wedding Crashers

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Their bromance began in Wasabi Warriors when both boys met in the Seaford Cafeteria, with Jerry being the first of the guys to actually talk to him (not counting Eddie, who just yelled "New kid" at him). From that point on, they've established a firm friendship which isn't going anywhere. They've hit a lot of bumps in the road, but they've always came through in the end.

Jack repeatedly sticks up for Jerry and tries to keep him out of hairy situations. Such examples include the episode Dojo Day Afternoon, when Jerry was hit by Arthur's punching dummy, finally ticking Jack off, leading to a confrontation between him and Arthur. In All the Wrong moves, Jack helped Jerry, even though he was shown to be bad at dancing.

They also had a partnership in the episode, Wax on, Wax off, when the mall had a power cut, and the boys teamed up to keep the statue cold from the heatwave, although it accidentally got melted because of Milton's dropped sun refractor. In the episode, The Great Escape, Jack was helping Jerry train for the tournament that his family was coming to see him in, and when Jerry got detention for de-wigging a teacher, Jack was willing to pretend to be Jerry so he could compete in the tournament. However, when that plan failed, Jack came up with the idea to send Milton into Maximum security detention as Jerry.

The first episode of Season 1 to focus on their relationship, was Breaking Board, where Jack accidentally kicked Jerry in the ribs while training for a speed-breaking contest against Duke Evans. Jack carried him to the hospital himself, and felt extremely guilty about the situation, venting to Milton and Eddie about how guilty he was, before he asked the Doctor how Jerry was.

He even brought Jerry a teddy bear which said "I wuv you very much" but Jack was furious when he found out Jerry had been faking it, even saying that he had been worried sick before leaving. When Jack showed up to challenge Duke's record, he needed someone to hold his boards, and Jerry had run all the way to the hospital to make things right between them. In the end, Jack broke Duke's record, and the two shared a hug after Jack admitted that he couldn't have done it without him, showing how close they really are.

Their friendship continues into Season 2, with such episodes like We Are Family, when Jerry realised that his Bobby Wasabi Dojo family (including Jack) was more important to him than some job. Buddyguards was a noteable episode, as they the whole episode together, sharing the Kung Fu Lightning tickets and playing in Izzy's band after saving his life.

The most notable episode of Season 2, was Sole Brothers. The title itself implies just how close they are, and at two points in the episode, it was stated that Jack and Jerry make a great pair. At first, they made a pact when they went to Doctor Kicks to get the jobs, but Jerry broke it - greatly upsetting Jack - when he was promoted to assistant manager, even saying that he had never gotten something Jack hadn't, and asking why he couldn't be happy for him. But it was later revealed that Max only picked Jerry as he was incomptent, and it would have made it easier for him to steal the autographed shoes. Jack comforted Jerry by telling him he was awesome, and they made up their friendship.

Season 3 also saw the episode Duelling Dojos showcase one of their most serious arguments yet. Jerry became upset after Jack didn't listen to any of his ideas on how to run the Dojo while Rudy, Kim and Milton were helping him baby-sit Sam. After discovering that Jack had taken his tournament picture down - that they were hanging together at the start of the episode - and replaced it with an inspirational pyramind, Jerry yelled at Jack that he'd changed and didn't want to be a part of the Dojo if he was going to act the way he was, and left, starting his own to rival Bobby Wasabi, which was Judo Jerry's.

It even got to the point where they were trying to steal their students away from each other, and it was very clear both were hurt by it, with Jerry even saying to Phil how much it hurt that Jack didn't need him to help. They soon staged a fight between the only students they had left - Phil and Joan - and the winner would determine who would be the temporary leader of the Bobby Wasabi Dojo. However, after Jerry snapped about the pyramid still being up, Jack showed him that he had his tournament enlarged and Jerry was genuinely touched. They finally made up, with Jack admitting his mistakes and that he got excited about running a Dojo, and they hugged.

They have been noted to be each others wingman, (Dummy Dancing, Wazombie Warriors, etc) and often support one another, even again the odds. Like in New Jack City, where Jerry refused to stop cheering for Jack during his fight with Carson despite Jack becoming a Black Dragon, and having a previous friendship with Carson. Jack has also saved Jerry numerous times from Kim's narcissistic behaviour, and other enemies, often stepping into fights after Jerry has been hurt, or to save him from being hurt.

Jarry is also categorized as a slash couple, and shipped by some fans as one, even though it has been confirmed that Jack and Kim have feelings for one another - and are dating as of Two Dates and a Funeral - and the pairing is unlikely to happen since Kickin' it is broadcast on Disney XD as is considered a children's TV network.

Additional pairing names

  • Jarry (Ja/ck + Je/rry) - original name
  • Jarry Brartinez (J/ack Br/ewer + Je/rry M/artinez)
  • Jeck (Ja/ck + Je/rry)
  • Jeck Marewer (Ja/ck B/rewer + Je/rry Mar/tinez )
  • Jaerry (Ja/ck + J/erry)
  • Jerrk (Jac/k + Jerr/y)
  • JJ (J/ack Brewer + J/erry Martinez)
  • J2 ( J/ack Brewer + J/erry Martinez + 2)

Rival pairings

  • Mack - (Milton/Jack)
  • Frack - (Frank/Jack)
  • Merry - (Milton/Jerry)
  • Jace - (Jerry/Grace)
  • Jika - (Jerry/Mika)

Note: A rival pairing is considered to be any pairing that has one of the main two characters in it.

Jarry Moments

Season 1

Wasabi Warriors

  • Jerry objected to Jack sitting at their table, but Jack ignored him and did it anyway.
  • When Jerry said his fists were registered weapons, and he'd gotten a few calls about joining the Navy Seals, he may have been trying to impress Jack.
  • Jack smiled when Eddie said Jerry was afraid of baby seals.
  • Jack asked Jerry if they were going to do anything about the Black Dragon's.
  • Even though Milton got hit with falafel first, it was Jerry getting hit that made Jack go over to the Black Dragons.
  • Jerry looked worried for Jack when he was over by Frank.
  • Jerry was looking surprised during the fight.
  • Jerry looked in awe towards the door after Jack had gone.
  • Jerry told Rudy that if he wanted to win some belts he should get Jack in here (the Dojo).
  • Jerry was amazed when Jack came out the wall.
  • They were sat opposite each other in Falafel Phil's.
  • When Jack said "vamoose" meant go, Jerry became angry and started ranting in Spanish.
  • Jerry came over to Jack when he was aruging with Rudy.
  • Jerry looked upset when Jack called the Dojo a joke, and said he was "outta there".
  • He shoved his bowstaff to Jerry before he left.
  • Jerry (and Eddie and Milton) said "We do!" when Rudy asked them "who needs him?"
  • Jerry told Jack they were closing because he wasn't there anymore.
  • Jack looked like he wanted to say something else to Jerry, but Milton's Dad came in.
  • Jerry looked at Jack when he said "miss any of you meatbags", and Jack looked guilty/upset.
  • Jack was looking at Jerry when Rudy said "these guys are your friends"
  • Jack said that "you don't walk away from your friends when they need you" and looked at Jerry.
  • After Jack said that, Jerry went over and patted him on the shoulder.
  • Jerry was smiling at Jack when he said "Wasabi".
  • Jerry "Whooo'ed" after Jack rejoined their Dojo.
  • Jack and Jerry came into the tournament next to each other.
  • Jack accidentally hit him in the face, and Jerry looked upset.
  • They sat next to each other on the bench.
  • They high-fived when Eddie took down his opponent.
  • Jack was trying to give Jerry a pep talk, but he didn't listen and told Jack that he "had this" and Jack looked like he believed him.
  • Jack was cheering the loudest for Jerry, and went "yeah" for him when he was trying his routine, before he hit himself.
  • Jack reacted the most when Jerry fell over on the ground.
  • Jack ran right over and was by his side, with a hand on his back asking if he was okay and looked worried when Jerry said, "Everything is purple."
    • This is the first instance where Jack is quick to help Jerry when he is hurt or in trouble.
  • Jack helped Jerry over to the bench.
  • Jack patted Jerry's arm when Milton lost the belt, and Jerry rubbed Jack's arm.
  • Aftet Frank kicked Jack's leg and he fell down, Jerry (and everyone else) was right by him, but Jerry was closest to his head.
  • Jerry had hold of his shoulders and was about to help him up, but Rudy was kneeling on his leg so he couldn't move.
  • When Jack was able to get up, Jerry helped Rudy take him over to the bench.
  • Jerry was surprised when Jack was going to launch off his hands.
  • Jerry jumped up in the air and was cheering when Jack won the peg-kick.
  • Jerry asked "Do you know what I'm feeling?" and Jack said "I think we're all feeling it" before they did the jump front-kick.
  • After the tournament, back at the dojo, Jack and Jerry were wearing the same green Bobby Wasabi shirt.
  • At the end of the episode, Jerry made Kim do a test to get into the Dojo, however he didn't make Jack do one.

Fat Chance

  • Jerry was chanting Jack's name along with everyone else, and pumping his fist.
  • Jerry was clapping and looked impressed when their Principal said he had won them their first trophy in fifteen years.
  • Jerry said "go for it" before Jack showed them his routine.
  • Jerry was amazed when Jack did his routine.
  • Jack called Jerry the "Wedgie Wizard" and he looked flattered.
  • He reacted the most (physically) when Jerry wedgied the teacher.
  • Jerry looked in agreement with Kim when she said about Donna Tobin's ponytail.
  • They were stood next to each other when Rudy told them about the magic shop going out of business.
  • They had similar reactions when Rudy said he was going to cry.
  • They were walking together when Milton was going to give his cake to Nakamura.
  • Jack was stood behind Jerry when they opened Nakamura's closet.
  • Jerry replied that their custodian was King of the Babies, after Jack asked if they knew what that means (on seeing all the newspaper clippings).
  • He was looking at Jack when he was bragging about being the "Bowl Buster".
  • They were stood next to each other when Nakamura was about to do his signature move.
  • Jerry was stood next to him when he was talking about a plan to get Nakamura back into Sumo Wrestling.
  • After Jack had said they needed to get Nakamura back on the horse, Jerry looked at him and said wouldn't it be safer if the horse got on his back.
  • Jack asked Jerry how his fat suit was going to help Nakamura train, and then procceded to say he looked like a bloated turkey in a thong.
  • Jack pulled Jerry up by the belt with a slight smile on his face.
  • They both said the same "Skin on skin. Awkward" line after they talked to Nakamura.
  • Jerry patted Jack's back when he went over to Nakamura.Jack shook his head with a smile when Jerry chased Eddie after he made that comment about his Mum.

Dummy Dancing

  • They were stood close to each other when they'd ran after Milton's tray.
  • Jerry told Jack Milton shattered his record (for tray sliding)
  • Jack was laughing when Jerry burst into the Dojo with pink hair.
  • After Eddie asked Jerry if he shampooed his leg hair, Jack can be heard laughing loudly.
  • Jack was looking at Jerry's legs and shaking his head.
  • Jack accused Truman for switching the shampoo with pink hairdye.
  • Jerry asked him why anyone would call him "Pinky".
  • Jack pulled one of his hairs out, and gave it to him.
  • Jack was smiling faintly when Jerry said, "Oh, I get it!"
  • Jerry was part of Jack's "pit crew".
  • When Jerry was about to walk over to Heather, Jack put his arm out and it touched his stomach so he could get his cologne.
  • Jerry looked worried when Jack began freaking out over the blue cheese in his cologne.
  • Jerry had his hand on Jack's arm, and was telling him not to throw up.
  • Jack told him to shut it, and rubbed his hand across Jerry's mouth.
  • Jack asked Jerry how he was going to distract the dog, and Jerry told him he was partially raised by wolves.
  • Jack looked surprised/amazed when the wolves howled back to Jerry.
  • Jack told Jerry they had the flash drive.
  • Jack asked about where Jerry was, being the only one that noticed he wasn't in the Dojo.

Dojo Day Afternoon

  • After Jack broke the board, Jerry asked him what the big deal was, and Jack told him to wait for it.
  • Jerry looked surprised when Jack broke the concrete stands too.
  • Jerry was about to show Arthur something, but he said to Jack to do it instead.
  • Jack rolled his eyes, but kicked the dummy anyway.
  • Jerry was cheering loudly for him before anyone else.
  • Jack high-fived Jerry first after he'd kicked the dummy's head off.
  • Jack looked over at Jerry when Rudy wasn't telling Arthur off for breaking his trophies.
  • Jack was annoyed with him when he was clapping for Arthur, and Jerry just said he loved clapping.
  • After Jack said that Arthur stole candy from a baby, Jerry took a piece.
  • Jack compared Arthur being a "little bit of a jerk" to Jerry being "a little bit confused" and Jerry said "What? Wait what'd I miss? I'm confused."
  • Jack winced when Jerry was hit by the punching dummy, and went over to help him up.
  • Jack went to attack Arthur after Jerry crawled away, showing he doesn't want anyone to hurt his friend.
  • Jerry was in agreement with Eddie when he said Arthur didn't outrank Jack.
  • Jerry looked in disbelief when Arthur called Jack a "skate rat".
  • Jerry laughed when Jack threw Arthur into the wall.
  • Jerry seemed really upset when Turner said Jack had to leave the Dojo.
  • Jerry looked outraged when Rudy said "Hey, not my toilet, take the boy instead!"
  • Jack said Jerry was right about fighting back.
  • Jack was looking at him when he ran over to Eddie and pulled him back from the doors.
  • They both helped Milton into the air vent.
  • Jack nodded when Jerry said he was going outisde, and was watching him the whole time.
  • He was doing Jerry's fist pump from inside the Dojo.
  • Jerry looked worried when Jack was going outside to the wrecking ball.
  • Jerry looked relieved after Jack had stopped the wrecking ball.
  • Jerry was looking at Jack over Turner's shoulder.
  • He was stood behind Jack when Turner and Arthur left.

Swords and Magic

  • Jack told Jerry (and Eddie and Milton) to bust out the emergency deoderant.
  • Jack looked worried for Jerry when Kim said she was going to "fear and respect the living grits out of him."
  • Jack reacted the most when Kim flipped Jerry over.
  • This could have prompted Jack to protect Jerry from her in future episodes.
  • Jack told Kim to respect Jerry enough not to embarrass him (in in front of girls he's lying to), and Jerry thanked him afterwards, and preceeded to yell at Kim.
  • Jack walked next to Jerry when he told Milton he had to go to the Spring Formal with a bio lab skeleton.
  • He looked towards Jerry when Milton said "my best friends."
  • Jack and Jerry high-fived/hugged when Jerry said he was "back in the game."
  • He went to Jerry first and asked him about the time Milton helped him.
  • Jack was looking at Jerry when he said "you know what we have to do."
  • Jack and Jerry both had weapons with their costumes.
  • Jerry was looking at Jack when he was yelling at Eddie.
  • Jack told Jerry the groundhog was really a porqupine, and warned him not to get too close to it.
  • Jack pulled a porcupine spike from Jerry's face.
  • Jerry threw Jack the beehive and he kicked it.
  • He told Jack "your forehead is jacked up" and Jack touched the bump immediately after.
  • They were alone for a moment when they were running from the bees, and were still standing next to each other.
  • Jack used Jerry's axe to hit the nerd.
  • They both ran into the battle-field behind each other.
  • Jerry's hand was ontop of Jack's when they did the hands-in thing.
  • Jack and Jerry were back to back during the fight scene before Jack ran over to the swing to get the other team's grail over to Rudy.
  • Jack and Jerry ran up to Milton together.
  • When Jerry hugged Milton, Jack was patting his (Jerry's) arm.
  • When Jack and Jerry reacted to Kim beating up Eddie, their hands were touching for a split second.

Road to Wasabi

  • After Jack said who would be dumb enough to believe that Bobby Wasabi would be coming to our Dojo Jerry screamed he couldn't believe it.
  • Jack looked like he knew it would be Jerry.
  • Jerry called Jack "bro" and told him about the comeback movie he, Eddie and Milton had wrote.
  • After Eddie pulled out the script, Jerry smiled at Jack exictedly.
  • Jack looked at Jerry momentarily when he said "What if they wrote a great movie?"
  • When Jerry said "eight arms" he was right behind Jack and his head was almost on his shoulder.
  • When he said "nine mouths" his hand was holding onto Jack's hoodie.
  • Jack ran over to Jerry when Eddie began attacking him.
  • Jack pulled Eddie and Milton away from Jerry.
  • Jerry and Jack ran into the Dojo with each other when Bobby walked into the Dojo.
  • Jerry was walking next to Jack when Kim was talking to him.
  • Jack was looking at Jerry when he was talking, even though it was Kim who'd asked him the question.
  • Jerry went and stood behind Jack after Lonnie ran out screaming.
  • At the gate to Bobby's house, Jack and Jerry were stood next to each other.Jerry touched Jack's shoulder briefly before he ranted about the "million dollar security system".
  • Jack looked back to Jerry in disbelief, and shook his head with a smile.
  • Jerry was in awe when Jack was fighting the ninja's.
  • Jerry was amazed after Jack did his flying dragon kick.
  • Jack was looking at Jerry before they began the Wasabi Code.
  • Jack looked at Jerry before the disco dancer came in and took the toilet plunger.
  • He looked at Jerry again before the scene cut to Rudy at Reptile World.
  • Jack and Jerry were stood together when Bobby and Rudy came out of Reptile World.
  • They both opened the door for him.

All the Wrong Moves

  • Jerry went and stood next to where Jack was sat to show everyone the poster.
  • When Jerry said about his Mum hanging a disco ball over his crib, Jack laughed and asked if it ever fell on his head, and Jerry replied by saying did what ever fall over his head?
  • After everyone agreed, Jack happily told Jerry he had a dance crew, and they did their high-five hug thing.
  • They were sat in Falafel Phil's together, by themselves.
  • Jack asked Jerry if the falafel was greasier than usual, and Jerry replied by saying it was about right.
  • Jerry told Jack about Smooth, and told him about his skin.
  • When Smooth called them a Karate club, Jack defended Jerry by saying that they also offer counselling to people with bad nicknames, and he and Jerry high-fived.
  • After Jerry did the split, Jack was laughing and told Jerry his pants ripped, and Jerry said it wasn't his pants.
  • When Jerry said that, Jack looked over at him, and shook his head, trying not to laugh.
  • At the Dojo, Jerry asked where Kim was, and Jack told him she wanted to put on her dancers outfit.
  • Jack was the first one to respond after Jerry asked about them having dancing experience.
  • He then showed Jerry his "victory dance" he does after winning a match, and Jerry said if that was his victory dance, he was going to root against him.
  • When he said that, his hand was on Jack's chest.
  • Jack said that they were trying after Jerry said that the dance contest was important to him.
  • When Smooth asked Jerry if he was the best student at the Dojo, he said Jack was.
  • When Jack saw Jerry at Falafel Phil's, he asked him what he was doing there and that they had been waiting for him back at the Dojo.
  • Jack was upset/outraged when Smooth told him Jerry wanted to dance with "the best", and Jack asked him if it was true.
  • Jack was looking at Jerry in annoyance when he left Falafel Phil's.
  • When they met Jerry in Falafel Phil's the second time, Jack asked Jerry "Shouldn't you be practicing with your new smooth dance friends?"
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  • After Jack brought up the fact that Jerry bailed on them, Jerry apologised right after.
  • Jack called Jerry back when he was about to walk away, and went up to him.
  • Jack was the one who said that they would still help him dance.
  • Jerry was happy, and he and Jack did their high-five/hug thing.
  • Jerry was looking at Jack when Joan's pocket ninja hit him in the face.
  • They were stood next to each other when they were watching Smooth's dance.
Tumblr md2uj1HcOq1qbwpj1o7 r1 250
  • Jack agreed with Jerry when he yelled out about Smooth stealing his move.
  • Jack went up to Jerry and put his arms around his shoulders and was smiling when he told him it was time to start.
  • Jerry gave Jack the center spot for a karate routine in the dance.
  • Jack went up to Jerry again during the dance, and told him it was time for his new move, and they high-fived each other.
  • He told Jerry "it was all you" and patted his back, high-fiving him too.
    Tumblr md2uj1HcOq1qbwpj1o8 r1 250
  • They both did a backflip in the dance.
  • They high-fived when they had finished the dance.
  • Although Jerry was talking to everyone about him being proud to dance with them, he was looking at Jack.
  • Jack was happy for Jerry when he won the "best individual dancer award".
  • Jack and Jerry do Jack's "victory dance" together, despite Jerry making fun of it before.

Ricky Weaver

  • When Jerry said he couldn't handle Health Class anymore, Jack told him about watching the video of the whale giving birth, and that he almost gave birth to his lunch.
  • They both looked at each other when the Principal said Kim won the school a concert from Ricky Weaver.
  • Jack was smiling at him when Jerry ran away from Grace.
  • When Jack said he didn't see what the big deal about Ricky was, and Jerry said he didn't either.
  • Jerry was stood next to where Jack was sat on the bench.
  • Jerry looked at Jack after Rudy was done singing.

Wax on, Wax off

  • Jack and Jerry team up in this episode, and it could be considered as the first episode to center around their friendship.
  • At the beginning of the episode, Jack and Jerry were sat next to each other.
  • Jerry cheered Jack on during his match.
  • Jerry cheered when Jack won his match.
  • After winning, Jack ran over to where Jerry was, and high-fived him, also gently hitting him with his head-guard.
  • Back at the Dojo, Jack was teaching Jerry a kick.
  • Jack looked impressed when Jerry did the kick.
  • They were both excited when Rudy said Bobby's gift had arrived.
  • They looked at each other in confusion when the statue was revealed.
  • When Jack asked what it was, Jerry said it was a dude.
  • Neither of them believed that Bobby's present would show them they were the number one Dojo.
  • Jerry told Jack the statue was creeping him out.
  • Off-screen, they went to Jerry's Uncle's junkyard, and took the part of a store's sign that said "We are number one".
  • Again off-screen, they hung it up together.
  • When Jack said he had a type [in girls], Jerry was smiling at him.
  • They were both excited to plug it in, with Jack nearly jumping on Jerry.
  • They were both laughing when Rudy said about "Blobby" Wasabi, and both stopped when Rudy told Jerry to shut up.
  • They were both fanning the statue.
  • They grinned at each other when Phil came in yelling.
  • When they were about to run out of the Dojo, they back-tracked and grabbed the statue.
  • At the supermarket, when the woman was hitting Jerry with her newspaper, Jack looked worried.
  • They were watching the hockey game together with the statue in the box.
  • When Jerry was about to have a go at one of the players for being in the same box as them, Jack stood up to try and warn him.
  • Jack was looking worried, and wincing when Jerry was getting punched.
  • At the Penguin House, Jack said to Jerry that he shouldn't be eating the fish, and Jerry reassured him that the penguins were friendly.
  • Jack looked worried/surprised when Jerry got attacked by the penguin.
  • They high-fived and sighed in relief when they brought the statue back into the Dojo.
  • Jack told Rudy what happened to Jerry.
  • Jerry told Bobby the melting of the statue was his fault after Jack did.
  • They were sat next to each other in Falafel Phil's at the end of the episode.

The Commercial

  • Jerry was watching Jack and Kim spar at the beginning.
  • They were stood next to each other when Rudy came in talking about Dan La Mont's acting class.
  • Jerry wouldn't stop laughing at Jack's side of the improv exersice.
  • Jack was looking at Jerry in his suit.
    The Commercial 2
  • Jerry introduced Jack to the commercial director.
  • They sat next to each other when they were watching Rudy's audition.
  • Jerry looked amazed when Jack finished the Sisscor-Roll-out Dragon Tail Kick.
  • After consoling Rudy, he turned to Jack and threw his arm around him.
  • Jerry called him "babe" and said that Jack was perfect for the role.
  • They walked into the Dojo together and were smiling and talking before Jack noticed the lights were off.
  • When Jack said about having zits that lasted longer than Rudy's acting career, Jerry said it was fresh and funny.
  • Jerry put his hand on Jack's back briefly.
  • Jack looked smug before Jerry put his arm around him, and they began walking off together.
  • Before Jack stormed out of the Dojo, he called Jerry his "people".
  • Jerry looked happy before he walked off after Jack.
  • Off-screen, Jerry gave Jack a ride to the commercial set in his bike basket.
  • When they got to the movie set, Jerry asked Jack how he was feeling, and Jack said he felt like a guy as ripped as Pomegrante Man shouldn't have to come here sitting in Jerry's bike basket.
  • Jerry looked mad when Rudy cut Jack's acting.
  • Jerry was smiling after he saw Jack do the flying side-kick.
  • Jerry was looking worried for Jack when Rudy was attacking him.
  • When Jack was holding onto Rudy, Jerry told him to let Rudy go as he had more good earning years ahead of him.
  • They both walked out quickly when the director said Jack and Rudy were fired.

Kung Fu Cop

  • When Jack told Eddie that he took out eight ninja's with a disco ball (in his videogame) Jerry looked impressed.
  • Jerry was watching Jack and Milton spar.
  • Jerry was over by Jack after Milton flipped him.
  • After Jack told Rudy he was fine, he put his arm around Jerry and was counting for back up.
    • Jerry also put his hand around Jack's waist.
  • When Jack was confused and called Jerry "Eddie" he responded by saying, "I'm Jerry, the good-looking one", meaning he wants Jack to realise he's good-looking.
  • In his dream, Jack said "he was going make that birdie sing" and it was implied he meant Jerry (La Boca) before he pulled out an actual bird.
  • Jack held Jerry (La Boca) up by his shirt and against the wall.
  • Jack threatened him with Rudy's throwing book, but neither bought one.
  • Jack shhhh'ed after Jerry (La Boca) did.
  • Jack grabbed Jerry's (La Boca's) shirt and told him to get in the car, and he told Jack he would, but he'd try and escape at the first stop light.
  • In the dream, they walked off to Milton's "spaceship" (sister's bike) together.
  • Jerry (La Boca) told Milton to stop playing the french horn as they (Jack and Rudy) couldn't fight through it.
  • Jerry (La Boca) looked worried when Jack fell off the pole and was tumbling into the lava lamp lava.
  • Jerry (La Boca) was the one to comment about how Jack was falling slow too.
  • When Jack woke up, Jerry was in Rudy's office (with Milton and Kim.)
  • Jack pointed to Jerry and told him he was in his dream.
  • Jack took hold of the Dragon's eye necklace and doubted it had magical powers after Jerry had said it might.

Boo Gi Nights

  • When Eddie mentioned about the smell of briskets, Jack said he always thought that was Jerry.
  • Jack asked them why they were trying to scare Jerry.
  • They both had a fear in this episode, Jack had his phobia of clowns, and Jerry was scared of the Butcher story he was told, but they also got over them at the end of the episode.
  • Jack freaked out about the clown after Jerry came up to them scared.
  • Jack's costume was a vampire and Jerry's was a werewolf.
  • In folklore they are natural enemies, which is ironic as Jack and Jerry are best friends.
  • When Jerry came into the Dojo, Jack said "what" when Jerry told them about the butcher.
  • Jack was looking impressed when Jerry was telling them about how he got the Wolfman costume.
  • When Jack was scared by Frank's costume, Jerry said that there was a curse.
  • Jack didn't seem worried that Jerry would figure out he was afraid of clowns.
  • After defeating the clowns, Jack saw Jerry and hugged him.
  • Jerry said Jack (his fight) was awesome and something great happened so there was no curse.
  • When Eddie showed them all the pumpkin, Jack and Jerry were next to each other with their arms over each other.

Clash of the Titans

  • Jack was looking at Jerry when he and Eddie were up on the platforms.
  • Jack ran over to Jerry when Eddie began to beat Jerry with the padded stick.
  • Jack told Eddie to stop as he was "beating the grace" out of Jerry.
  • Jack did a little dance when Jerry was doing his part of the rap.

Badge of Honor

  • Jerry looked amazed after Jack finished the jump.
  • Jack high-fived Jerry (before Kim) after he did the jump.
  • Jerry looked at Jack when he said "Come on dude, where're you going?"
  • They were stood together by the lockers before Eddie and Kim came over.
  • When Jerry said Milton was probably polishing his badge, Jack told him he thought it was pretty cool, and maybe it would give him some self-esteem.
  • Jack remarked that Jerry making cheese in his locker was disgusting, and Jerry sounded hurt when he said that Jack loved his Quesidillas, but didn't want to see where they came from.

The Great Escape

  • Jerry came in telling everyone that his family was coming to watch him train in the tournament, and then he went over to talk to Jack.
  • Jerry told Jack about his fight with a goose after it ate his flip-flop.
  • Jerry blew off detention to go and spar with Eddie, but Jack didn't say why he was there. It could be assumed that he was going to be the sparring coach for them.
  • Jack was impressed by Jerry's human sparring Dummy [Eddie] and said it would be the first time he's seen him "hit the books", and he put his arm around him.
  • This shows one of the instances when Jack teases him and Jerry doesn't mind.
  • When Jack seperated Eddie and Jerry, he had his hand on Jerry's chest.
  • Jack told him to take it easy and that he hit Eddie "right in the Grapes of Wrath".
  • Jack waved at Jerry when he was being escorted back to detention.
  • They were alone in the Dojo together.
  • Jack and Jerry were sparring together, and Jack was impressed, saying that Jerry was pumped for the tournament.
  • Jack didn't mind that Jerry had back-kicked him in the stomach.
  • He told Jack about his special training diet.
  • Jack held Jerry's glass for him, and didn't put it down even when Rudy came in.
  • Jack looked grossed out when he cracked the eggs and ate the shells.
  • When Jerry asked what the noise coming from Rudy's office was, Jack said that he didn't know, and maybe Rudy was trying to put his skinny jeans on.
  • Jerry said Rudy getting his skinny jeans on is a three-man job, and Jack nodded in agreement, hinting that they've helped Rudy into his jeans before.
  • At the caferteria, Jerry sat next to Jack.
  • After Jack said that Milton's book carrier was like a giant elastic band, Jerry said it was a slingshot.
  • When Jerry took the blame for Milton, Jack asked him what he was doing.
  • Jack was more than willing to pretend to be Jerry so he could compete in the tournament.
  • Jack was trying to get Jerry to stop talking so the plan would work, but it didn't.
  • When the teacher started reading out Jerry's rap sheet, he started to laugh, and Jack smacked him repeatedly to get him to shut up, meaning he knew how important this tournament was to Jerry.
  • It was Jack's idea for Milton to act like Jerry so Milton could impersonate him in detention.
  • After Kim tried to attack Milton, he said he was ready, meaning he knows Jerry very well.
  • Protecting Jerry from Kim is something he does a lot of the time.
  • Jack pulled Jerry up into the duct by himself.
  • Jack asked Rudy where Jerry was before the tournament.
  • Jack was disappointed when Jerry lost his match.

Dude, Where's My Sword?

  • After Jack did his bow-staff routine, Jerry told him that bowstaffs were "bo-ring" and that swords "are where it's at."
  • Jack doubted that Jerry knew how to use a sword.
  • Jerry said he'd been practicing with the vaccum attachment, and he could whack the fan off the ceiling, and suck the curtains off the wall, making Jack look confused.
  • Jerry looked back at Jack, and he smiled, pointing forwards, when he was going to get the Katana sword from the celing.

Breaking Board

  • This was the first episode to focus on Jarry.
    Jerry at school in his PJ's
  • Jack was the first to comment on Jerry coming to school in his pyjamas.
  • Jack looked in disbelief when Jerry went into the locker and said he was going to bed.
  • Jerry was helping Jack train for the record, when he could have asked anyone.
Jack and Jerry board breaking
*They high-fived when Eddie said Jack had broken 21 boards.
  • Jack seemed annoyed when Jerry thought Eddie meant that Jerry had done a good job, when it was him.
  • Jerry commented on not saying anything about Kim's outfit after Jack did.
  • Jerry asked Jack what he had against Duke, and he told them about how their meeting went.
  • Even though Jerry was tired, he still held Jack's boards for him.
  • Right when Jerry fell down after Jack had kicked him, Jack immediately right over to him and apologized.
  • When he was knelt down beside Jerry, he had his hands on his chest for a moment.
  • He pulled Milton away from Jerry and told Milton to stop slapping him, and that they needed to get Jerry to a hospital.
  • Jack lifted Jerry up by himself, and wrapped one of his arms around his neck.
  • After Jerry hit into the wall, Jack immediately ran over to Jerry, being the first one to do so.
  • Jack was venting about how guilty he felt about hurting Jerry to Eddie and Milton when they were at the hospital.
  • Jack said that Jerry was in the hospital because of him.
  • Jack was the one who asked the Doctor about Jerry.
I couldn't have done it without you

I couldn't have done it without you.

  • Jack looked horrified when Jerry was wheeled out of his hospital room screaming.
  • He told Kim that his heart wasn't in it (breaking Duke's record) because he'd hurt Jerry.
  • He agreed with Kim that not telling Jerry he wasn't going through with the record would make Jerry feel guilty.
  • Jack told Duke that he wouldn't break his record because Jerry was in the hospital.
  • Jack looked annoyed when Duke didn't believe him about Jerry.
  • When Jack found out Jerry was lying, he looked angry and upset.
  • He said he'd been worried sick.
  • He bought Jerry a talking bear which said "I wuv you very much".
    • This could be interpreted two ways; either as two friends with a very close bond or Jack disguising his crush on Jerry.
  • When he was mad, Jack hit the bear and it started talking, he then he said "Oh no you don't, he's not worth your [his] wuv".
  • Jerry tried to apologise for faking, but Jack was angry and didn't want to hear it.
    Ponies on your underwear

    Jack looks at Jerry's butt

  • Jack reacted the most when Jerry said Kim had given him a foot bath.
  • Jerry came down from the hospital to hold Jack's boards for him.
  • He said he wanted to make things right [between them].
  • They went to high-five after Jack broke the record, but they hugged instead.
  • Jerry looked really happy that Jack hugged him.
  • Jack said to Jerry that he couldn't have broken the record without him, and then they did their usual high-five/hug thing.
  • Jack told Jerry about the ponies on his underwear, and Jerry looked hurt, responding that they were unicorns.
  • Jack actually looked at Jerry's butt and saw his underwear.

Reality Fights

  • At the beginning of the episode, Jack was training with the blue kick-target, and later after Jerry got kicked down by Kim, he went over to use it.
    • Blue is also the offical Jarry color.
  • Jerry was behind Jack when they were looking at the water-rider.
  • After Jerry thought Milton was trying to psyce him out (he did) Jerry took the bed next to Jack's.
  • They were stood next to each other when Kim, Eddie and Milton were doing the Dragon's Playground challenge.
  • They looked at each other smiling when Milton passed Kim in the ball pit.
  • Jack looked over at Jerry while Rudy was talking to Milton.
  • They were against each other on the Emperor's bridge.
  • When Jack locked Jerry's stick under his arm and steadied himself, his hand was on Jerry's arm.
  • Jack tickled Jerry in the nose with his feather, and made him sneeze himself off the bridge.
  • Jack said "Geshundiet" while Jerry was crawling in the mud.
  • He went in the port-o-potty so no-one else (Jerry included) had to go in there.
  • Jerry looked upset when Jack had to leave the game.
  • Jerry sounded guilty when he said about the alliance.
  • Jerry acidentally went in Jack's bed while everyone stormed off.
  • Jack somehow knew that Jerry wouldn't eat the cracker.
  • Jack only gave Jerry a normal food during the Food Challenge, everyone else had gross things like worms and tongues.
  • Jack and Jerry were staring at each other angrily in the Dojo.
  • Jack looked at Jerry in disbelief when he asked Kim who the blonde was.
  • Jerry yelled at him to forget about it.
  • Jack agreed with Jerry when he said Kim was a back-stabbing liar.
  • Jerry told Jack about his Mum's book club.

Kickin' It in China

  • Jerry sat next to Jack in the courtyard.
  • Jerry said that Jack's fortune was a good one, and Jack told him they were "just a stupid gimmick to get your mind off how they look and taste like an old man's ear."
  • Jerry was happy for Jack when Kim told them he was going to China.
  • He was stood next to him in the Dojo when Jack was telling them about the tournament.
  • Jack joined in on Jerry and Milton's hug.
  • Jack asked Jerry if he thought his "wife" would be mad because he ditched her, and Jerry responded by saying "she has a name, I may not know what it is, but she has a name."

The Wrath of Swan

  • When Jack complained that Rudy's socks were wet, Jerry told him to man up.
  • Jack threw the sock down at Jerry and it went into his mouth.
  • Jack teased Jerry (and Milton) about their cotillion dates.
  • They were both disgusted when Jerry's date told him were her extra molars were.
  • Jerry told Jack what a "Jerry board" was, and he looked smug.
  • Jack told him (and Milton) that he didn't trust Brody.
  • When Jerry's date walked off, Jack smiled at him and gave him a sarcastic thumbs up.
  • Jack smiled when Jerry showed up to help in the fight.

Rowdy Rudy

  • Jack was watching Jerry and Eddie spar.
  • Jack yanked Jerry away from Eddie after he started using a wrestling move on him.
  • Jack reprimanded him for using it as it wasn't a martial arts move, and said it was an appitieser at the lobster barn.
  • Jerry was about to tell Jack who used the move atomic claw in Wrestle Frenzy, but Jack took a guess and said the "Atomic Claw".
  • When Jerry said to Kim that there was nothing fake about the Klaus Claw, Jack said that it was a catcher's mitt wrapped in aluminum foil.
  • Jerry asked Jack (and Kim) if they were going to Wrestle Frenzy.
  • Jack showed Jerry, Milton and Eddie the video of Rudy taking down Mondo Mountain.
  • Neither Jack or Jerry would high-five Eddie when he said Martial Arts was for beating up fools, meaning they both value it or at least respect it in the same way.
  • When everyone went up to see Rudy in Falafel Phil's, Jerry stood next to the booth Jack was sat in.
  • They both cheered when Rudy said he was taking down Mondo again.
  • When Jack walked out of the Dojo, Jerry asked Rudy what happend with him.
  • Jerry cheered for Jack (and Rudy) when they won again Mondo and Mongo.

Season 2

Rock'em Sock'em Rudy

  • Jerry looked worried when the robot almost punched Jack while sparring with him.
  • Jack was looking at Jerry when the robot was scanning him.
  • Jerry turned to Jack and said that the robot thought he was an orangutan.
  • When Jack's phone was ringing with "It's Rudy" Jerry said "if that's Milton, I need to talk to him".
  • Jerry showed Rudy what he could do, after Jack did.
  • After getting tired of training with the robot, Jack walked over to the benches where Jerry was.
  • Jack was sat next to him.
  • Jerry pulled out one of Jack's hairs, and sniffed it before Jack slapped his hand, telling him to "quit it".
  • They both coughed at the smell of Kim's breath.
  • Jack and Jerry walked into Rudy's office together, while Kim was at the front.
  • They exchanged a bewildered look when Bobby said he had just gotten the prank call's joke.
  • They were stood next to each other in fighting stance when they were squaring up to the robot.
  • Jack was hugging Jerry's back in the group hug, and Jerry's arm was around Jack's neck.
  • Jack rubbed Jerry's back before the scene went black.

My Left Foot

  • Jack looked in disbelief when Jerry wanted to go and ask a guy if he could "eat his fat".
  • Jerry looked in disbelief when Jack said he had a turtle.
  • Jerry said to Jack that they needed meat, and he said "What part of I got a turtle don't you understand!?" meaning he doesn't want Jerry (and everyone else) to know he's not very good at football.
  • Jack got up to Jerry's Seaford chant, and joined in with him.
  • Jack and Jerry had the same reaction when they were going to sit at the "special table".
  • When Milton was about to make his kick, Jerry came up behind Jack, and high-fived him.
  • They were both double fist pump cheering for Milton.
  • They high-fived again after Milton made the kick.
  • Jerry touched Jack's shoulders when Milton said "with you guys".

We are Family

  • They were admiring the go-kart with the rest of the gang.
  • They both reacted when Kim came over.
  • Jack looked grossed out when Jerry said about the beauty college going through three pairs of sisscors to get through his grandma's moustache.
  • Jack was annoyed when Jerry had put the IOU in for the go-kart money.
  • Jerry said that he didn't have the talent to make money, and that he tried selling doors, door-to-door, and was getting frustrated, Jack looked confused.
  • They were stood next to each other when Rudy walked in.
  • They both looked creeped out by Rudy's new hair cut.
  • Jack said that they were pretty hard on Jerry, and that he was probably embarrassed about not being able to put any money in.
  • Jack was surprised when Jerry drove up in the go-kart, and said "you bought our go-kart?" This makes it sound like it was a plan between the two of them, not the whole gang.
  • Jack was in awe when he was admiring the go-kart.
  • Jack held Kim back from attacking him.
  • He nodded in agreement with Milton when he said Jerry looked cool.
  • Jack was worried about Jerry when he and Kim found out he was working for the Meatball King.
  • Jack was the one who told Jerry about his boss being a criminal, but Jerry didn't believe him, and was about to say they were all jealous, but Phil came running in.
  • When Jerry read the note, Jack leaned in towards him to read it, and his cheek bumped against Jerry's shoulder.
  • Jack's head was practically on Jerry's shoulder when they were reading the Meatball King's note.
  • Jerry was in denial when they read the note, but Jack said that he had taken Tootsie, and Jerry tried to deny it again, but Kim yelled at him.
  • Jack looked in disbelief when Jerry walked off to talk to Cindy Meyers.
  • When Jerry came back from trying to get a confession, he told Jack about "The Shnozz."
  • They both had the same-type of grin when they were looking at Rudy.
  • Jack was stood next to Jerry when the Meatball King was giving Tootsie back.
    • Jack was wearing a blue tracksuit, the Jarry color.
  • They were the first one's in fighting stance before the fight started.
  • Jack came next to Jerry after the fight was over.
  • He looked happy when Jerry said he [and the gang] was his family.
  • Jerry apologised for thinking that money was more important than friendship, and Jack said it was okay, and he was the one who came up with the plan to get Tootsie back.
  • When Jack said that Jerry had a go-kart, he responded by saying that they all do, and they high-fived/hugged.

Eddie Cries Uncle

  • Jack and Jerry are on the school's basketball team.
  • Jerry was guarding Jack, and he was getting frustrated.
  • Jerry said to Jack give him the ball.
  • Jack said Jerry was one of the people guarding him, and he looked hurt, saying he wanted to be part of something.
  • Jerry said he'll cover Jack and sounded excited.
  • Jack and Jerry high fived after Jack said that was how to lose a basketball game (setting the fire alarm off)
  • Jack and Jerry were stood next to each other when the gang was talking to Marge.
  • They were sat next to each other.
  • Jack winced when Jerry dropped the old lady.
  • Jack was walking behind Jerry in the courtyard.
  • They both had a look of disgust/confusion when Eddie said about lighting candles in the bathroom.
  • When Jerry had a hold of the flyer for the trick-shot contest, Jack's head was on his shoulder for a split second.
  • They were sat next to each other in Falafel Phil's.
  • Jack and Jerry shared a devious look when Jack showed them the flyer again.
  • They were stood next to each other on one side of the black board.
  • When Jack was talking, his hand touched Jerry's.
  • Jack looked at Jerry when the Harlem Globe Trotters said about Milton's nickname.
  • They were stood next to each other during the Harlem Globe Trotters' demonstration.
  • Jack was dancing in a similar style to Jerry when Jerry turned his music on.
  • Jerry (and Kim) did the catapult to get Jack in the air.
  • Jack grimaced and was trying not to laugh when Jerry was pantsed.

Capture the Flag

  • Jack got annoyed when Jerry's cologne got onto his food.
  • Jerry said that the Seaford float was a winner, and Jack countered it by saying that it was the janitor sitting in a shopping cart.
  • They were stood together when Rudy was telling them about losing the Seaford flag.
  • They were sat on the mats together when Milton was helping Kim model her Aunt's dress.
  • After Jack said to Kim that her Aunt does not love her, Jerry said that the pagent was a big deal.
  • They got off the mats at the same time.
  • Jack and Jerry (and Milton) went to Swathmore to get the flag back.
  • When they were at Swathmore, Jerry said it would be a lot easier if they had Kim and Eddie here helping them, and Jack got what they were doing mixed up.
  • They were both in disbelief that Milton's caramel sweet would give them the Swathmore student's accents.
  • When Jack said to split up and find the flag, he reached over to Jerry and touched his arm.
  • After Jack said not to draw any attention to themselves, Jerry walked into a suit of armour.
  • When Milton, Jack and Jerry where running away from all the students, Jack knocked into Jerry and he put his hand on Jack's shoulder.
  • When Jack said he knew what to do, Jerry did too, but when Jack asked, Jerry said he was just going to say that was what he was thinking after Jack said his idea.
  • After Jack said on how to get the flag back, Jerry said that was exactly what he was thinking, and Jack looked annoyed.
  • Jack and Jerry were sat inside the log together.

It Takes Two to Tangle

  • Jerry "whooed" quietly after Jack broke the boards, and looked impressed.
  • When Jack said about his "ki-yah", Jerry told him that the men in his family get them removed as a tradition.
  • Jack mouthed "okay" after he looked at Jerry on the floor.


  • The title of this episode is a play-on the word "bodyguards" with buddy being used, implying that Jack and Jerry are really close friends.
  • At the beginning of the episode, Jack and Jerry came into the Dojo together.
  • Jack got Jerry's sleeping bag for him.
  • They were sat in line together.
  • Jack bragged to Jerry that he was a bigger Kung Fu lightning fan that he was, and that he had Izzy's guitar pick.
  • When Jack asked Jerry if he had Izzy's appendix, Jerry told him he wasn't the only one who shopped online, and winked at him.
  • When Jack went to the bathroom, Jerry was pulling his chair along for him.
  • After Jack came back, and the tickets were sold out, Jerry was hurriedly telling Jack what happened, meaning he doesn't like it when Jack's angry at him.
  • Jack dragged Jerry along by his earlobe with a scold of "let's go you!" and Jerry made no move to get him off.
  • Jerry ran into the Dojo and was excited that they would be able to get some tickets.
  • When the man was talking, Jerry was looking desperate to be the caller. He may have wanted the tickets so Jack wouldn't be mad at him anymore.
  • Jack helped Jerry search for the ringing phone.
  • Jerry seemed annoyed that Jack said it was his fault that he hung up on the ringing phone.
  • They went into Falafel Phil's together.
  • When Jack was telling Jerry Izzy was over in a booth, he was tapping his hand.
  • Jack "dared" him to go and ask Izzy for some tickets.
  • Jack came over to Jerry and Izzy when Jerry was about to walk back to him, and put his hands on Jerry's shoulders.
  • Jack introduced Jerry to Izzy as his friend and a "little bit of a freak."
  • When they moved so Izzy could spitball Rudy, Jack's arm touched Jerry's chest.
  • Jack gave Jerry a little smile before he asked Izzy about the tickets.
  • They saved Izzy from the thugs together.
  • When they finished the fight, they stood in fighting stance together.
  • They did the same type of victory dance when Izzy said they were his bodyguards.
  • Jack and Jerry were both wearing leather jackets.
  • Jerry looked at Jack awkwardly for screaming like a girl.
  • Jack apologised for screaming like a girl.
  • Jack was laughing when Jerry screamed "Rock and roll, whoo!" into the mircophone.
  • They went skydiving together.
  • Jerry looked annoyed when Jack was laughing at him for landing on the bull.
  • Jack made faces of agreement when Jerry started talking after the men were going to get them out of the building.
  • When the thugs were going into the concert, Jack pushed Jerry back a little so they didn't see them, and their hands were touching.
  • As the box rolled past them, Jack gave Jerry a devious looking smirk.
  • They hid in the box together at the start of the concert.
  • When Jerry realised Surf the Lightning was playing, he was tapping Jack's stomach exictedly.
  • He told Jack where one of the guys were.
  • He was watching Jack when he 'flew' to where the guy was.
  • Jack touched Jerry's arm before he went to the scaffolding above the stage.
  • While they were saving Izzy, Jerry pulled the guy off the rope ladder, as Jack was up there and already fighting someone.
  • After Jerry knocked his opponent into the ground, he looked up to where Jack was and had a worried expression on his face.
  • They both played in Izzy's band for him.
  • Back at the Dojo, they were playing "Surf the Lightning" with Izzy again.
  • Note: In an interview (at 1:28), Leo Howard stated that this was his favourite episode.

Dojo Day Care

  • Jack had agreed (off-screen) to help Jerry with taking care of Byron.
  • Jack went to help Jerry after he said "I just got babied!"
  • When they walked into the Dojo, they were both holding kids.
  • Jack asked Jerry where Byron was, and they both looked at each other worriedly.
  • They both began looking for him.
  • Jack told Jerry to calm down when he said about Summer School.
  • Jack and Jerry went outside to look for Byron.
  • When they stopped running, Jerry's hand was on Jack's back.
  • Jack turned to look at Jerry when he said Byron was like a cheetah in a diaper.
  • Jack looked in disbelief when Jerry said about putting a ham in a diaper and drawing eyeballs on it.
  • Jack tapped Jerry's stomach (like how Jerry did to him in Buddyguards) and pointed to Byron.
  • They were both crawling on their hands and knees when Byron was sitting on the scaffolding.
  • They both tried to coax Byron off the scaffolding.
  • When Jerry screamed "My baby! Somebody save my baby!" Jack started climbing the scaffolding.
  • It had a damsel in distress theme, with Jerry being the "damsel in distress", and Jack being the "knight in shining armour".
  • He was looking at Jack when he began to climb the scaffolding.
  • Jerry told Jack to stop fooling around, and Jack seemed upset/annoyed that Jerry would say that after seeing him climb the scaffolding.
  • When Jerry said "I got this" Jack was looking determined.
  • They both had the same reaction to Byron "falling" from the scaffolding.
  • They both climbed after him.
  • Jerry told Jack to save Byron, and he immediately jumped onto the piece of scaffolding he was sat on.
  • Jerry looked worried when Jack was dangling one-handed with Byron.
  • After Jack said he was losing his grip, Jerry began walking across the scaffolding.
  • Jack told Jerry "nice save" and smiled when he looked at him briefly.
  • Jack told Jerry Principal Bucket was coming, and looked at Jerry, then back to the ground, and then back at Jerry.
  • Jack lowered Jerry down onto the ground.
  • Jack looked relieved when Jerry was back on the ground.
  • Jack spoke the to Mum after Jerry did.
  • Before the scene went black, Jack and Jerry were looking at each other and smiling.
  • When Rudy and the rest of the gang were pressing their handprints into the cement, Jack and Jerry were kneeling next to each other.
  • When Rudy said "our handprints are gonna be here forever, a testament to our immortal friendship" Jerry looked at Jack and was smiling.

Indiana Eddie

  • When Jerry came up to Jack and Milton, he was looking excitedly at Jack, and said "last day of school."
  • Jack told Jerry that Milton's Venus flytrap wasn't eating flies anymore, but it was eating meatballs.
  • He looked in disbelief at Jack when he said about the meatballs.
  • Jack was smiling after the plant burped meatballs on Jerry.
  • Jack glanced back over at Jerry after Eddie said "I believe every word this thing says!".
  • Jerry was behind Jack when they were all in the Dojo.
  • They looked at each other when Milton went over to talk to Eddie.
  • Jerry looked like he agreed with Jack when he mentioned "Urology".
  • Jack and Jerry were both practing Karate after the scene with Rudy and Phil.
  • When Kim stood up to face off with Jerry, Jack put his hand between them.
  • They were stood close to each other when Jack was talking.
  • Jack said Jerry couldn't always find his way to the Dojo, with him nodding in agreement.
  • They were sat next to each other in the courtyard.
  • Jack told Jerry that they were going to go treasure hunting with Eddie.
  • They were stood next to each other before Jerry's aunt turned up in the clown costume.
  • Jack was holding the rope for Jerry (along with Eddie).
  • Jack complained that Jerry was wearing a "dress".
  • He said that would it kill Jerry to put on some underpants.
  • He (along with Eddie and Milton) unwillingly saw underneath Jerry's dress, and grimaced.
  • Jerry looked worried for Jack when the jellyfish sprung on his face.
  • Jack told Jerry that something shiny was in the tree above them.
  • While they were holding the branch together, their shoulders were pressed against each others.
  • Jack asked Jerry what his problem was when he said "that's not good".
  • He looked at him when he said about a chipmunk running up his dress.
  • Jack said Jerry's name three times while he was freaking out about the chipmunk.
  • Jerry wanted Jack to help him get the chipmunk out of his dress. Jack declined, saying "he was good".
  • At the docks, when the guy came over with the box, Jack's shoulder was pressed against Jerry's chest.
  • They looked at each other after the guy said "You're not gettin' it."
  • When Jack said: "Maybe time to dance." Jerry said: "I don't think that's a good idea. I think we have to fight these guys. I'll dance with you later though."
  • Jerry's fingers were almost on Jack's chest when he was talking.
  • Jerry looked worried when the guy was trying to kick Jack.
  • Jack and Jerry were next to each other when the guy threw the box into the ocean.
  • Jack looked at Jerry when he said "Lucky."
  • Jack said he had a close encounter with Jerry's chipmunk, and during the clip shown, Jack had walked off, so it implies Jack probably did help Jerry get it out from under his "dress".
    • That could also be a double entrende for something else, since earlier in the episode, Jack and Milton were grossed out that Jerry wasn't wearing any underwear.
  • While Jack was saying about Jerry's chipmunk, Jerry was grinning and nodding smugly.
  • When they all went to hug Eddie, Jerry's hand was on Jack's arm.

Kim of Kong

  • Jerry was excited when he found out Jack and Kim were going to spar.
  • Jerry was in awe after Jack had done his head-shot kick.
  • When Jack let Kim win at a sparring match, Jerry said he didn't see i
    Tumblr md52b0dpHW1qbwpj1o2 250
    t coming. This could mean he thinks that Jack is better than Kim.
  • Jack told Jerry: "Sometimes, you've got to expect, the unexpected."
  • He winked at him afterwards.
  • Jerry understood that Jack's wink was "guy talk" about the fact he let Kim win.
  • Jerry tried to lie for him, but was unsucessful.
  • Both their voices went high-pitched when they both lied to Kim.

Kickin' It Old School

  • Jack was stood behind Jerry when they were about to begin the Karate routine.
  • They were stood next to each other when Rudy got the letter.
  • They were sat opposite each other in Falafel Phil's.
  • Jerry looked at Jack when Phil described Mika "ugly like a pig".
  • They both had similar reactions when Mika came out.
  • They both waved goodbye to Mika.
  • Jerry looked over at Jack when Rudy said that five minutes was not going to work.
  • Jack had his hand on Jerry's back when they were all walking out with Rudy.

The Chosen One

  • Jerry was looking at Jack when he was showing off his moonrock necklace.
  • Jack and Jerry finished the demonstration next to each other.
  • They were both excited about training at the temple.
  • They were walking next to each other - very closely - when they were looking at the eternal flame.
  • Jerry asked Jack what he thought would happen if he farted on the eternal flame, and Jack told him not to think about it.
  • Jerry said it wasn't a problem and he would save up for a really big one.
  • While they were talking, Jerry was touching his arms.
  • Jerry gave Jack a thumbs-up and went away, while Jack looked grossed out.
  • When everyone was watching the Shaolin demonstration, Jack was supposed to be sat next to Jerry, but his chair was empty.
  • After Eddie asked where Jerry was, Jack knew where he was and ran towards the flame.
  • When Jerry was getting up off the floor, he was laughing and looking at Jack saying he wasn't sorry because that was awesome.
  • While Jerry was talking, Jack was trying not to laugh and look mad at him.
  • Jack went and stood next to Jerry when the Grandmaster came out into the courtyard.
  • They were looking at each other when the Grandmaster said the warrior was here.
  • Jerry and Jack both initally thought that Jack was "the chosen one" but it was Jerry.
  • Jack was surprised when it was Jerry.
  • Jack watched while the Grandmaster checked Jerry for the three-diamond birthmark.
  • Back at the Dojo, Jerry was the one to notice something was wrong, which is what Jack normally does.
  • Jack asked Jerry if he was really going to go back to the temple, and he said yes.
  • Jack looked concerned when Jerry left.
  • Jack (along with everyone else) snuck into the temple disguised as Shaolin Warriors.
  • It is possible Jack might have came up with the idea.
  • Stepping in to save the Grandmaster is something that Jack would have done, but instead it was Jerry.
  • During the fight, Jerry was showing very Jack-like qualities, and skills.
  • This is a paralell from the later episode "Sole Brothers" when Jack used coat hangers to take out a thug, rather than his usual method.
  • Jack was amazed that Jerry beat Zhan-Lu.
  • After Jerry screamed from walking over the Path of fire (after saying maybe he was the Chosen One) Jack went "Nope".

Hit the Road Jack

  • When Jerry was reading off the brochure, him and Jack were standing with their shoulders touching.
    • They also put their heads together briefly, neither moving.
      Tumblr me9mv0MmiB1qbwpj1o1 250
  • He looked visibly upset when Jack said it was going to be weird not hanging out there (the Dojo) everyday.
  • Jack and Jerry looked at each other briefly when Rudy was singing the Otai Acadmey "fight song".
  • Jack was looking at Jerry weirdly when he began to sing in Japanese.
  • Evidently it was Jerry's idea to make a Jack replacement. This was probably because he didn't want to lose his best friend, and not just because he wanted girls to talk to him.
  • Jerry introduced Zane to Jack as "the new him".
  • Jack looked in disbelief when Jerry said they were going to Falafel Phil's with Jack's replacement.
  • When Jack put his arm around the guys, Jerry was one of them.
  • Jack said he loved them, and looked at Jerry with a sad smile.
  • They group hugged, and Jack and Jerry's foreheads were touching.
  • After Jack left, Jerry started crying, saying to Eddie and Milton he didn't want Jack to see him like this, showing he cares what Jack thinks about him.
  • When Jack came back to get his stuff, Jerry wiped his tears away and covered it up by saying he was helping Eddie.
  • Jerry was the only one to cry about Jack leaving.
  • Jerry was looking upset when Jack walked out of the Dojo again.
  • When Kim asked Jack why he wasn't going, he said it might cost too much, meaning his friendships, especially Jerry's.

A Slip Down Memory Lane

  • Jack seemed impressed by Jerry's pit hair.
  • He looked even more impressed when Jerry revealed he had braided them.
  • Jack said "sweet pit hair" and went over to feel one, throughly examing it.
  • Jack looked worried when Milton ripped Jerry's armpit hair off.
  • Jerry knelt down beside him when he hit his head.
  • Jack was looking at Jerry the longest before he asked who everyone was.
  • Jerry looked really worried that Jack didn't know who he was.
  • Jerry was shocked when the Doctor said Jack was going to die, but relieved when it was just the pen light.
  • Jerry was worried, and again relieved, when the Doctor said that they were going to have to operate (on a need to know basis).
  • Jerry asked Jack if he remembered when he owed him twenty bucks, and Jack said no, Jerry said he was fine.
  • Jerry tried to convince Jack that he was better than him at Karate, but Jack just asked if Jerry had hit his head too.
  • Jerry helped pull Jack up after he started wrestling with the punching dummy.
  • Jerry was going to hit Jack in the head to jog his memory.
  • Jerry wanted to hit Jack in the head again.
  • He was worried when Jack left the Dojo.
  • When Kim said to Jack that they were the Wasabi Warriors and they stick together, two of the clips shown was "Buddyguards" a Jarry centric episode, and "We are Family" which is where Jerry realised his friends (including Jack) was his family.
  • Jerry was smug when Jack said they were like ninjas.
  • "Buddyguards was shown again after Milton was saying to Jack that they had their "not-so-ninja" moments.
  • "Wedding crashers" another Jarry centric episode was shown after Kim had said that Bobby and Joan were good friends.
  • When Jack was getting his memory back, several Jarry centric episodes were shown.
  • They high-fived after Jack broke the record, and Jack remembered that Jerry owed him twenty bucks.

Wedding Crashers

  • Jerry told Mika that he "beat down" Jack to get his black belt.
Tumblr mbql8oE8dY1qbwpj1o2 r1 250
Tumblr mbql8oE8dY1qbwpj1o5 r1 250
Tumblr mbql8oE8dY1qbwpj1o6 r1 250
  • He looked surprised that Jack was in the Dojo.
  • Jack stopped Jerry from leaving and his hand was on his chest.
  • Jack put Jerry in an arm lock, and front snap kicked him.
  • Jerry was pleading Jack not to flip him over, but he ignored him.
  • When Jack flipped Jerry over his back, his hand was still around his wrist.
  • They were stood next to each other when the flock of doves were creating havoc in the mall.
  • When everyone was walking over to Bobby after he said he was getting married, his hand brushed against Jerry's stomach.
  • They were both alone in Bobby's house together, setting up the chairs.
  • Jerry asked what movie Bobby wore a wedding dress in, and Jack was laughing when he told him they must be Leona's.
  • Jack and Jerry were both excited about Bobby's movie prop.
  • Jack accidentally shot Jerry in the neck with a numbing dart.
  • When Jerry fell on the floor, Jack asked him if he was okay.
  • He ran over to Jerry when he fell into the wedding dress rack.
  • When the screen fell down, Jack was holding one of Jerry's legs up, and Jerry was holding onto Jack's arm, with his other hand on his shoulder.
  • Jack began dragging Jerry away when he said "Not so fast."
Jack and Jerry are tied up
  • Jack sarcastically asked Jerry if he wanted to help him get him across the floor.
  • Jerry shot Leona with the numbing dart and Jack looked surprised.
  • Jack told Leona it was a numbing dart she got shot with, and Jerry replied that he had too.
  • Jack looked at Jerry in disbelief when he started talking about the numbing dart.
  • Jack was about to fight Leona's ninjas, but stopped to pull Jerry up after he'd dropped him on the floor.

  • They were tied to the chair back to back.
  • Jack scolded Jerry when he helped Leona with her evil laugh, and he replied saying it was Leona's wedding day.
  • Jerry told Jack that he was tied up, and that he would have to warn Bobby, and Jack told Jerry "I'm tied to you, ya lugnut."
Jack Jerry wedding crashers
  • Jack told Jerry they'd do what Bobby did in one of his movies, but Jerry said he didn't see the movie.
  • They both stood up, and when the ninja came forward, Jack swung Jerry around so he'd hit him.
  • As the ninja was coming to kick them, Jerry bent fowards so Jack could lean across him to dodge the kick.
  • Jack kicked Jerry's leg which made him kick the ninja.
  • Jerry said "look what I did" when the ninja was knocked out, and he then said Jack could try and help out a little.
  • Jack was frustrated when he told Jerry to "come here" and they walked back to back towards the Samurai sword.
Tumblr mbsj7jhZ3E1qbwpj1o4 r1 250
  • Jack cut them both free when Jerry was saying that Leona's ninja's were everywhere.
  • Jack smiled at Jerry before saying "there might be one way".
  • Jack asked Jerry if he would be willing to wear a dress.
  • Jerry asked Jack if he had "the goods" to pull it off, and was looking smug.
  • Jack held the dress up against Jerry and they were both grinning.
  • They both pulled Bobby away from Leona.

Wazombie Warriors

  • Jerry agreed with Jack that he didn't like the new falafel balls, and Jack asked them why he kept eating them.
  • Jack had a blank face after Jerry burped at him.
  • Jack looked like he briefly agreed with Milton about Jerry being disgusting, but at artist.
  • They were both excited to see Attack of the Killer Zompyre's.
  • Jerry said something to Eddie after Jack said his guess.
  • Jack looked worried when Jerry's stomach started gurgling.
  • Jack was helping Jerry flirt for a date with Katie, but the scene came off like they were flirting with each other.
  • Jerry got frustrated when Jack said he didn't buy Jerry's flirt, and showed him a better way.
  • When Jerry asked him to do it again, he said no.
  • Jerry told Jack why he was so nervous about asking Katie out after he asked.
  • Jack pressed himself up against Jerry to tell Katie that she was at her locker.
  • Jack had to shove Jerry to get him to go up to Katie, and Jerry was looking back nervously afterwards.
  • Jerry inadvertadly set Jack and Lindsay up.
  • He and Jack hugged when Jerry said he was going to the movies with Katie.
  • Jack looked happy that Jerry had gotten his date.
  • Jack and Jerry were both dancing before Jerry knocked Milton's light refractor out of his hands.
  • While Milton and Kim were talking, Jack and Jerry were together in the background.
  • They both backed away slightly when Milton turned around.
  • When Kim asked if he was on a date with Lindsay, Jack looked around for Jerry and grabbed him by the shirt.
  • Jerry tried to pretend that he didn't speak English, but Jack didn't fall for it.
  • After Jerry told Jack that him going out with Lindsay was the only way he could go out with Katie, Jack said he would do it even though he didn't like her.
  • He patted Jerry's back before he ran off.
  • In Kim's dream, Jack and Jerry are enemies, with Jerry being a Zompyre.
  • Jack's first seen battle against a Zompyre was with Jerry.
  • Zompyre Jerry probably would have burped on Jack (turning him) if Rudy hadn't shown up.
  • When Zompyre Jerry arrived at Milton's lab, Jack asked him how he found it, and Jerry repiled with, "Why don't you ask your girlfriend?"
  • Jack knew that the music would make Zompyre Jerry dance so they could escape.
  • Jack was nodding in a smug way at Zompyre Jerry when he started to dance with the others.
  • When Kim asked about the music, Jack repiled that it was Jerry's weakness, and math, and tying his shoelaces, before saying he had a lot of weaknesses.
  • It was shown that Jack and Jerry were good friends before Jerry was turned into a Zompyre.
  • Jack was worried about going into Zompyre Jerry's lair.
  • Jack's Zompyre make-up looked extremely similar to Zompyre Jerry's face.
  • Jack went up against Zompyre Jerry first, after Milton said to stop him from getting the light refractor.
  • Jerry pushed Jack aside twice, and was only after Kim. This could mean that Jerry didn't really want to hurt the person who was his friend.
  • Jack threw Kim a Falafel ball, and it made Jerry run away to the bathroom.
  • When Linsday turned Jack into a vampire, he looked the same as Jerry.
  • He was fighting Kim in the way that Jerry fought him.

Sole Brothers

  • The title is a play on the phrase "Soul Brothers" and it implies that Jack and Jerry are extremely close.
  • Jerry came in and went straight to Jack to tell him that Doctor Kicks was hiring.
  • Jerry had his hand on Jack's shoulder when he said "you're never going to believe it".
  • Jack said they needed to get jobs there, and they then proceeded to do their high-five/hug thing.
  • They held hands briefly after they'd finished.
  • Jerry told Jack about the "odour busters" and he looked impressed.
  • Jack looked worried about Jerry when he became stuck in the celing.
  • They both looked excited/amazed when they walked into Doctor Kicks.
  • Jerry asked Jack: "Yo, how great is this place?"
  • Jack looked amazed when Jerry slam-dunked the ball.
  • During their conversation after Jerry had played with the ball, it was implied that they'd always talked about working there together.
  • They agreed on the pact that the store hired them both, or neither of them.
  • They shook hands, and Jerry said it was "smart, and Jack was hooking himself to the J train" winking at him afterwards.
  • When they were talking to the manager, they started squabbling, and they were very close to each other.
    • They were extremely close, like they were about to kiss, and neither had any qualms about it, once again showing there's hardly any personal space between the two of them and they're comfortable with each other.
  • Jack put his finger to his lips twice during the argument.
  • Jerry ran over when the manager said he was hiring Jack.
  • Jack said to the manager that if he was hiring him, he was also hiring Jerry, and put his arm around him.
  • The manager said "in the shoe business, you don't break up a pair, no matter how defective one of them is" implying that Jack and Jerry are very close, and make a good team.
  • Jack looked at Jerry when the manager said about the "defective shoe".
  • When the manager said they were both hired, they put their hands on each others arms like they were about to hug.
  • Jack looked freaked out when Jerry spat out the whistle after saying Benny used to blow it, but not with his mouth.
  • They were stood next to each other when the manager called the meeting.
  • They were both excited about Kyrie Irving being at the store.
  • Jerry told Jack someone was taking a pair of sneakers.
  • Jerry was impressed saying "yeah man" when Jack caught the thief.
  • They were alone in Max's office together, and they were both worried about why he called them in there.
  • Jack told Jerry to relax, and remember their pact. "One of us, or neither of us."
  • They did their high-five/hug thing again.
  • When Jerry hid his face in his arms, Jack put his hand on his back.
  • They had the same shocked/confused reaction when Max fired Jack, and both said "What!?"
  • Jack was counting on Jerry to back him up, and looked upset when he didn't.
  • Jack was angry at Jerry for not remembering their pact, and he got even angrier when Jerry said he'd only agreed to it because he thought he would be the one getting fired.
  • Jack threw him his name tag, saying "Whatever dude, enjoy your promotion, you really deserve it."
  • Jerry looked guilty when Jack left.
  • When Jack was in the Dojo kicking the dummy, Jerry came towards him.
  • After he said "Yo Jack" Jack kicked the dummy's head, meaning he was still angry at him.
  • Jerry looked really upset, and went over to talk to him.
  • Jerry said he felt bad about something, and Jack's expression softened, saying that Jerry had finally honoured their agreement and quit.
  • Jerry said he was there to get Jack's company whistle, and Jack said he was unbelieveable.
  • Jerry said that he'd finally got something Jack didn't, and he wasn't used to getting ahead.
  • Jerry asked Jack if he could just be happy for him, and Jack responded saying that he didn't deserve the promotion, and that he was incompetent.
  • Jerry sounded annoyed when he said about the guy's hangnail tearing the sample socks.
  • When Jack said to Kyri if he met Jerry, he said "my friend, the assistant manager".
  • He said "that's the guy" after Kyrie said about Jerry having too much aftershave and big ears.
  • Jack looked touched when Kyrie said Jerry asked him to autograph a pair of his shoes for him.
  • Jack said he had to go and talk to Jerry.
  • Jerry told Jack the guys were taking the shoes, and Jack told Kyrie to untie him.
  • During the fight, Jack was using the coat hangers in a Jerry-like fashion from "Indiana Eddie" when he used the fish to take out a guy.
    • This is a paralell from the earlier episode "The Chosen One" when Jerry stepped in to save the Grandmaster - which is something Jack would usually have done- and fought Zhan-Lu in a rather Jack-like way, rather than his usual tactic of using something around him.
  • They both high-fived after they took out the thugs.
  • After unmasking Max, Jack asked Jerry how he knew it was him, and Jerry told him that Max saw him as a threat, and made Jerry assistant manager so he would get the blame for the missing shoes.
  • When Jerry said "He only promoted me because I'm-" Jack finished by smiling and saying, "Awesome; an awesome employee is what you are."
    • Jerry was most likely going to say incompetent, showing that he takes the things Jack says to him, when they argue, to heart.
  • He put his arm around Jerry when he said he was smart enough to put the whole thing together.
  • Jack said he and Jerry make a great pair, and they high-fived/hugged again.
  • Jack winced when Jerry drop-kicked Rudy after thinking he was a mummy.

All The Presidents Friends

  • Jack couldn't believe that Jerry had locker 138, and seemed jealous of him.
  • He tapped Jack's stomach when a girl came over to her locker.
    Tumblr mdidihgQ441qbwpj1o1 250
  • Jack was looking at Jerry's butt when he was dancing to the salsa music.
  • When Jerry said he'd never been rejected by a girl that pretty, Jack said he had a feeling that alot more was coming.
  • Jerry looked like he agreed with Jack after he'd said that.
    Tumblr mdidihgQ441qbwpj1o4 250
  • Jack high-fived/hugged Jerry when he was leaving.
  • Their hands were still touching a few moments after.
  • Jerry took on Frank, and saved him from punching Milton, like Jack had done in "Clash of the Titans."
  • Jerry said "I probably shouldn't have done that" when he took on Frank, a play-on Jack's catchphrase "You probably shouldn't have done that."
  • There wasn't many moments between them, as Jack only appeared for the beginning and end of the episode.

New Jack City

Tumblr md32xtup3K1qbwpj1o2 250
Tumblr md32xtup3K1qbwpj1o5 r1 250
  • Jack rolled his eyes when Jerry said that Kim watched "Worm with the perm" too.
  • Jack tried to stop Jerry from going over to the old lady because he thought it was Rudy.
  • Jerry smiled when Eddie said Jack was voted "best hair" in ninth grade.
  • Jerry was looking over at him when he said "eighth grade too".
  • Jerry said "too soon" when Jack said about Rudy breaking his toe.
  • Jerry told Jack that Carson's Dad was transferred back to Seaford.
  • Jerry looked over at Jack when he started banging the drum lids together.
  • They were sat opposite each other when they were in Falafel Phil's.
  • Jerry tried to comfort Jack about losing to Carson, and Jack told him to "go on" but that was all Jerry said.
  • Jerry didn't believe Jack about the weighted bow staff.
  • Jack frowned when Jerry was laughing about him being "number two".
  • Jerry looked outraged when Jack came into the tournament with Ty.
  • Jerry said that Jack joined the Black Dragon Dojo because it makes his eyes pop.
  • Jack faintly smiled after he said that.
  • Jerry was cheering for both Jack and Carson.
  • When Eddie told him to pick a side, Jerry said he couldn't because he loved them both so much.
    • The foam finger Jerry was cheering with was the Jarry color, blue.
  • Jerry fist pumped and cheered when Jack won the match against Carson.
  • Jerry was happy when Jack rejoined the Dojo.

Karate Games

  • After Jerry ran past him from the criminal, Jack started to fight him.
  • Jerry was in awe after Jack (and Kim) took down the criminal.
  • Jack was looking surprised when Jerry said that the show was over and "they had him".
  • Jack went to walk away, but Jerry put his hand on his chest to stop him, and said that Jack and Kim weren't the only ones on the news.
  • When Jerry spoke Spanish, he asked them what it means, and Jerry said quietly "three spineless worms".

Kickin' it On Our Own

  • They were stood next to each other when Rudy was telling everyone about his Uncle coming to Seaford.
  • They (along with Kim, Eddie and Milton) were setting up the office for Rudy.
  • Jack laughed when Jerry said "there's your business, and there's your casual."
  • Jerry continued the sentence on after Jack when Rudy's Uncle asked about their charity.
  • When they were leaving the second time, Jack's arm nudged Jerry in the back.
  • Jack said that every once in a while, Jerry had a great idea.
  • Jack looked over at Jerry when Rudy said he'd have to leave the Dojo.
  • They were stood next to each other on the concrete blocks.
  • After Jerry said about Rudy missing them, Jack was the one to say something.
  • When Jerry couldn't put his hand over everyone elses, Jack grabbed his arm and did it for him.
  • Jack was looking in disbelief at Jerry when he ate the empty cone Rudy gave him.
  • They both looked at each other when Rudy held the board for Eddie to break.
  • Jack punched the board after Jerry opened the blinds and said "Look, a Ninja!"
  • When Kim said about Jerry being turned into a dummy, Jack said he thought Jerry was born that way, in a teasing manner.
  • Jerry looked relieved when Jack said nothing was going to change between them after they'd quit the Black Dragons.
  • Jack sounded upset when he said he'd completely lost track of Jerry over the three months.
    Jack's reaction to Jerry
Jerry's reaction to Jack
  • Jack didn't believe Milton when he said Jerry was at Swathmore.
  • When Jerry slid in on the broom, he was singing "surf the lightning" and that was the song they both heard Izzy sing in "Buddyguards" when they saved his life.
  • Jack was smiling when he saw Jerry.
  • Jack made a gesture to Jerry that said "what about me?" when Jerry came into the hallway.
  • Jerry's face practically lit up when he saw Jack and dropped the broom.
  • He ran right up to him and said "what it do man" before they did their high-five/hug thing.
  • Jack seemed upset when Jerry said he couldn't make it.
  • Jack looked weirded out when Jerry was sniffing his necklace of urinal cakes.
  • When Jack was about to save Eddie from Frank, and he got hurt, he said "I probably shouldn't have done that" which is the play-on his original catchphrase which Jerry used in "All the President's friends."
  • Jack looked happy when Eddie, Milton and Jerry showed up at Falafel Phil's and said he couldn't believe they came.
  • Jerry said that after seeing him, they started thinking about how things used to be.
  • Jerry sat opposite him in the booth.
  • Jack and Jerry looked at each other sadly when Rudy said he was moving to Taiwan.
  • When they went to leave Falafel Phil's the first time, Jack touched Jerry's back.
  • Jack and Jerry where stood next to each other when Rudy was talking to them about leaving the Dojo.
  • They were both laughing when Milton said about his Aunt Jillian.
  • They were stood next to each other after they had finished the routine.
  • Jerry cheered for Jack when it was time for his match.
  • Jerry was visibly upset when Jack said he'd lost his focus, meaning he was hoping Jack would win.

Oh, Christmas Nuts!

  • Jack looked confused when Jerry said he used his Dad's pressure washer to get rid of the queue infront of the Electronic Store.
  • Jerry looked over at Jack when he was telling Milton there were no Road Demon's left, and Jack looked disappointed.
  • After Jack said "Man, I want one so bad, Christmas isn't gonna be Christmas if I don't get a Road Demon" Jerry went on to say "Dude, if I wake up and there's not one under my tree, it's gonna be on."
  • When Jerry sat down on the bench with Jack, and they started talking about Road Demon's, they looked like they were about to hold hands.
  • After Milton said about the pony, they both talked to each other and were doing similar actions with their hands.
  • When they got up from the bench to follow Rudy, Jack's arm bumped against Jerry's back.
  • They walked out together, with Milton behind them.
  • They looked at each other while Rudy was talking about "Christmas Spirit."
  • Jerry tapped Jack's stomach and went "Dude, dude, dude" when he saw the Road Demon.
  • They were both excited about the Road Demon.
  • Jack and Jerry were working the Snowball Toss together.
  • Jerry patted Jack's shoulder and said he was glad for volunteering.
  • They looked at eachother after he said that and smiled warmly.
    • It looked like they were staring at each other's lips.
  • Jack caught Jerry by the waist and held him back when he went to attack the kid who threw the snowball at him.
  • His arms were still around Jerry's waist after the kid had gone.
  • They went over the locker together.
  • Jack's mugshot was taken after Jerry's.
  • After Jack said they were set up, Jerry said he bet he knew who it was, and then said Panini Boy.
  • Jack and Jerry were holding the snowball bucket together.
  • When they left Joan's office, Jack gave Jerry a little push.
  • Jack and Jerry high-fived/hugged while Joan was taking Tinsel, Santa and the Sugarplum fairy.
  • They were stood next to each other when Joan said they deserved all the credit.
  • They looked at each other afterwards.
  • They were stood next to each other when they were in the courtyard.
  • Jerry agreed with Jack that Bobby was impressive during the fight in Santa's village.
  • They both doubted that it was the real Santa who they saw.

Season 3


  • Jerry thanked Jack for "paying" for his Babaganoush platters, and smiled at him.

Duelling Dojos

  • At the beginning of the episode, they're hanging a picture frame together.
  • In the photo, Jack is stood behind Jerry and is smiling.
  • Jerry told Jack the tool he was using to find the support beam wasn't going to work, and that they needed to do it the old fashioned way.
  • Jack yanked the hammer out of Jerry's hands.
  • Jack said he was proud of Jerry for getting his first tournament ribbon (the photo was a group shot of all of them afterwards)
  • While they were walking away from the picture, Jack put his arm around Jerry's shoulders and Jerry's went around Jack's waist.
  • Jerry said he couldn't have done it without him, and it paralells what Jack said to him in "Breaking Board" about not being able to break Duke's record without him.
  • In addition to saying that, Jerry also says that he couldn't have done it without Jack's friendship, his support, and his jockstrap.
  • Jack asked Jerry in a slightly disgusted tone if he used his jock-strap, and then when Jerry nodded, Jack told him to keep it.
  • Jerry looked at Jack awkwardly when he improvised the ending to the Black Dragon's radio jingle.
  • Jack said in Jerry's direction "Don't hate me for making it my own".
  • In the background when Milton and Kim are telling Rudy about the kid, Jack and Jerry are training together.
  • Jerry said that he and Jack could both handle working at the Dojo together.
  • Jack and Jerry both had some ideas.
  • Jack wasn't too enthusiastic about Jerry's Gi's for beginners, but told them to write all his ideas down anyway.
  • Jerry said that the next day, Jack had to plunge the cat.
  • When Jerry came in and saw the changes, he asked Jack what was going on, and Jack replied saying he was teaching the three-thirty class, and Jerry said it didn't start until 4:15.
  • Jack asked Jerry what his problem was after he yelled at the white belt for standing in his spot.
  • Jerry was getting upset with the fact that they were supposed to be running the Dojo together, and that Jack wasn't listening to any of his ideas.
  • Jack was skeptical that Jerry had any good ideas, and told him to name one. Jerry then showed him the cow suit.
  • Jerry offered Jack a chimmy-chunga from the microwave in his suit, but Jack told him to put it back where it came from.
  • Jack asked Jerry how he was powering the suit, and Jerry said he was using two car batteries.
  • Jack asked Jerry if he was alright because his suit was short-circuting, and moved forwards to help him, but Jerry kept saying he was fine and that it wasn't.
  • Jack told Jerry about his vision for the Dojo, even showing him the pyramid he'd made, and he also put his arm around him.
  • Jerry told Jack that his pyramid was a triangle, and he was also upset that Jack had taken down his photo.
  • Jerry was offended/upset when Jack said his idea's were dumb.
  • Jerry said Jack had changed, and Jack said he had to because he was in charge, and that he didn't want to be a part of the Dojo anymore, although they were both willing to be in charge earlier. This shows that Jerry doesn't want Jack to change, and he likes him the way he is.
  • Jerry said to Phil it hurt him "more than his hummus burning it's way down his colon" that his best friend (Jack) doesn't need him, and he had wanted to run the Dojo with him.
  • Jack was angry when he saw that Jerry went into a partnership with Phil.
  • Jerry said that his Dojo was better than the one Jack was running, and poked his chest.
  • Jerry winked at Jack after telling him to "step off his face", and Jack did.
  • Jack asked Jerry in a angry tone what he was doing at the Dojo, and Jerry told him to relax, and that he was just getting some stuff out of his locker.
  • Jack told him to make it quick, and bragged to him about his new students.
  • Jerry lied to Jack's students about some kid having to have his whole skeleton removed so they wouldn't train with him anymore.
  • Jack was angry that Jerry chased his students away.
  • Jack ratted Jerry and Phil out to Joan, and the students went back to Bobby Wasabi. Jerry said he should have known it was Jack, and the he couldn't stand seeing a better Dojo.
  • Jack said Jerry's Dojo was a joke.
  • Jerry came up with the idea of a tournament, and the stakes were "who wins the tournament gets to run the Bobby Wasabi Dojo their way" and Jack agreed. This the most competive they have been so far.
  • They did their "Fine, Fine, FINE!" argument again.
  • Jerry was confident he was going to win against Jack, by saying his only student left was Joan, and Jack countered with the fact that Jerry only had Phil left.
  • They went up to each other before the tournament, and Jerry was still upset over Jack taking his photo down, and accused him of shredding it.
  • Jack walked away to get it, and showed Jerry he had it enlarged, and Jerry looked touched, and Jack said he was going to hang it up, but didn't get to explain why, because Jerry interrupted and said Jack had kicked him out.
  • Jerry told Jack he didn't respect him and said his ideas were dumb. This means Jerry cares what Jack thinks about him, and wants some respect.
  • Jack apologized and said that he shouldn't have said Jerry's ideas were dumb, because some were actually great.
  • After Jerry asked him what idea was good, and Jack told him the Gi's with airbags, and that he had been using the one out of Jerry's locker.
  • Jerry said "nice" after Jack showed him that the Gi worked.
  • Jack put his arm around Jerry, and told him that it's always been his dream to run a Dojo, and that he got a little carried away, and he shouldn't have disrespected him.
  • Jack told Jerry the Dojo wouldn't be the same without him.
  • They made up, and were about to do their high-five/hug thing, but they just hugged instead.
  • Jerry was smiling when Jack hugged him.
  • They were hugging for quite a while before they pulled away.
  • They both agreed to call off the tournament before Phil or Joan got hurt.
  • Jack and Jerry looked at each other when Joan said she'd popped the kid, and Jerry made a "let's get out of here" motion to him.

Glove Hurts

  • At the beginning of the episode when Milton asked them what they had for their project, they both looked at each other and said they had nothing. They could have either been partners, or working seperately.
  • They both agreed about wanting to put their names on Milton's project.
  • They stood next to each other when Milton was about to introduce his project.
  • Jack and Jerry high-fived when Milton showed off the "Corn Coddlers".
  • They went to walk away together the minute the Derek started saying it was embarrassing, and turned back around when he said that he didn't think of anything sooner.
  • Jack excitedly grabbed onto Jerry when they won the VIP tour to "Techtronics", and was still holding onto him when the theme song started.
  • When "Unicornia" was introduced from the Carnvial, Jack and Jerry shared a glance with each other.
  • They both corrected Milton by saying "our corn coddlers" and were smiling at each other.
  • Jack said that he and Jerry wouldn't do anything to embarrass him on the tour.
  • Jerry asked Jack if he could have some of his "de-stank" deoderant, and he said yes.
  • Jerry took off his jacket, and they began to rub their armpits together. This shows that their friendship is a lot stronger than in previous seasons, as neither probably would have been as comfortable doing such a thing before.
  • When the invisible dog attacked Jerry, he called to Jack for help, even though Milton was there too, and several Scientists.
  • Jack ran straight over to him and said "I got ya", yanking him up by the waist and pulling him away from the dog.
  • After they thought the dog had gone, and he barked, they immediately went into a back-to-back position, locking arms and looking around.
  • Jerry was yelling at Jack for help when King was trying to pull him away.
  • Jack pushed him away from the dog, and then ran off together.
  • They reappeared together when King ran through the cloning machine, and began running again when they barked.
  • Before they were running, their arms were touching.
  • When Tanner was showing Milton around, Jerry went up to a machine and tried to touch it, Jack said his name without looking at him and he stopped.
  • Jerry wanted to go into the rescricted area, and even told Jack what he thought VIP meant (Visit It Please)
  • Jack tried to tell Jerry not to go into the room, but he did it anyway.
  • When they were both at the door, Jack had his hands on Jerry's shoulders.
  • When they were in the room, Jack saw the gloves, and referred to them as "our" gloves, not including Milton.
  • Jerry hit the button on the suit after Jack told him not to, and a laser fired towards Jack.
  • Jerry ran over to him to ask if he was okay, and Jack responded by saying he couldn't hear him.
  • Jerry tried to blame them being in the room on Jack.
  • After Tanner said their tour was over, Jerry told him the stuff in the room is dangerous, and Jack repeated it.
  • Back at the Dojo, Jack was helping Jerry with his spin-kick.
  • On Jerry's first and second kick, Jack said they were "nice" and "that one was good", but on the third one, Milton came in and Jack pulled the mitt away and Jerry fell on the ground.
  • Jerry got mad when Milton said Derek was right about them being parasites, and he started yelling, but halfway through he asked Jack what a parasite was, and Jack responded with "not good".
  • They were about to go back to practicing, but Milton said he had been hired by Derek.
  • They both had the same reaction to Milton getting hired.
  • After Milton left, Jerry grabbed on to Jack's shirt and asked him what had he done.
  • Jack didn't tell Jerry to let go of him.
  • Jack was helping Jerry with his kick like earlier, and the same happened. He did two kicks, and then Milton came in and Jack got distracted, only this time Jerry reacted to it.
  • Jack and Jerry were both trying to cheer Milton up, but both failed.
  • When Jerry tried to get up from the bench, Jack shoved him back down.
  • When Jack, Jerry and Milton hit into each other, Jerry walked into Jack.
  • All three of them were wearing labcoats, but only Jack and Jerry were wearing glasses.
  • After Derek threw Jerry, Jack ran forwards started fighting him, showing that he'll hurt anyone who hurts Jerry.
  • After the fight, Jack asked Milton where Jerry was.
  • Jack was shocked when more Jerry's started coming out of the cloning room.

Meet the McKrupnicks

  • Jerry was venting to Jack (and Kim) about his summer vacation and that he had to sit behind an elephant waiting for it to pass the Zoo Director's phone.
  • Jack was disgusted when Jerry said he had to call the Zoo director when he found his phone.
  • Jack and Jerry were looking directly at eachother when they were excited about going to Scotland even though Kim was there too.
  • Jerry didn't get annoyed when Jack's exploding bagpipe pieces went on him.
  • When Jerry asked about the Loch Ness Monster, Jack told him it was just a story to bring in tourists.
  • Jack was smiling when Grandpa McKrupnick said that Jerry would be tooting snouts all night.

Witless Protection

  • Jerry agreed with Jack when he said that Milton had gotten further into the song than last year.
  • When Jack got up, Jerry got up and followed him.
  • They both had the same reaction - "What?!" - to Rudy swallowing the keys.
  • When Jack said there were guys coming out of Athletic Authority, Jerry said that they must be having their annual ski mask sale.
  • Jack snapped at him that they were robbers.
  • Jack walked over to Jerry and told him that the sketch artist had something.
  • Jack was stood where Jerry was sat on the bench.
  • At Falafel Phil's, when they were watching the news, Jerry said Chappy Chapman had the best hair in Seaford, and Jack got annoyed with him, stating he was sat right there.
  • When Jerry was excited about the Witness Protection and said his idea, Jack said his after.
  • Jack and Jerry both said they wanted their own staterooms if they were going on a cruise after Milton and Kim did.
  • Jack and Jerry were stood next to each other when they were at the farm.
  • Jack was looking confused when the cow was playing Jerry's ringtone.
  • Rudy introduced "Jack-ediah" and "Jeremiah" to Jebidah first.
  • Jack elbowed Jerry after he sang the E-I-E-I-O part of Old McDonald had a farm.
  • Jerry was trying not to laugh when Jebidah said Jack reminded him of his horse Charlie, and stroked his hair and gave him a sugar cube.
  • Jack stepped in front of Jerry to kick one of the men.
  • When they came into the barn to give Charlie to Jebediah, Jerry was behind Jack.
  • Jack was resting his arm on Jerry's shoulder when Jebediah saw Charlie.
  • Jerry looked at Jack awkwardly when he said he remembered when he was Jebediah's good boy.
  • Jack was looking in disbelief at Jerry when he was lifting the hay bale and carrying it to the stack.

Jack Stands Alone

  • They were sat next to each other during Kim's campaign speech.
  • Jack said why Milton wasn't re-elected as President again after Jerry did.
  • Jerry thought Kim meant him, not Jack, as the good friend.
  • Jerry was patting Jack (and Milton's) leg while Kim was talking.

Two Dates and a funeral

  • Jack and Jerry were sat next to each other during the bid.
  • Jerry told Jack how to smoothly win an election.
  • Jack didn't look surprised when Jerry contradicted himself and bid fifty dollars on Carol Thompson.
  • After Jerry bid seventy-five after Milton said who'll give him sixty, Jack sarcastically said "smooth Jerry, smooth" afterwards.
  • When Jerry saw the bracelet, he immediately thought Kim and Jack were togther.
  • When Jack lied about his bird, it seemed like something Jerry would say.
  • Surprisingly, Jack had no reaction when Kim said she was going out with Jerry.
  • He sneered in Jerry's direction when he said some dude had to cancel the Portachini's reservation.
  • When Jerry and Milton spotted them, Jack and Jerry looked at each other briefly.
  • Jack lied about where he was going, in a typical Jerry fashion again.
  • Jerry patted Jack's shoulder when he walked off.
    • He looked slightly upset; this could be seen as sadness because Jack is dating Kim, not the other way around.

Win or lose Ty

  • When Jack was doing the demo, Jerry was holding the sign and kicking along with him.
  • They both crouched down when Rudy had the monster truck.
  • Neither of them wanted Rudy to rev the truck.
  • After the theme song ended, Jack and Jerry were sat next to each other when Rudy was pulling the next scene into view with the monster truck.
  • They came in next to each other when the Black Dragon's came in.
  • Jack went over to Kai and Jerry after he threatened Jerry.
  • Jack asked Kai what he was doing, since Jerry was using the dummy first.
  • Jerry was in disbelief after Kai said that he was the best student in the Dojo, as he knows Jack is.
  • Jack and Jerry both broke a table to win their fight.

Sensei and Sensability

Season 4

You Don't Know Jack

  • When Jack came into the arcade he asked Jerry why he wasn't training for his black belt test.
  • The two of them move closer together when Rudy comes in.
  • As Ty opened the door, Jerry put his arm on Jack's shoulder.
  • Before the theme song started and while they were still laughing, Jerry touched Jack's arm and moved his hand slightly down his bicep.
  • Jerry bragged that he wasn't worried about what Jack thought, but he then put the pizza down immediately after Milton said Jack was coming.
  • Jack could tell Jerry did his 'spray bottle thing' without even seeing him do it, showing he knows him quite well.
  • After Jack told him so, Jerry acted mock offended.
  • Jack called Jerry the most 'physically gifted guy in the Dojo'
    • This of course, could be taken in another manner.
  • Jack told Jerry that 'before he came to this Dojo, I was just another skate punk'.
  • Jack told Jerry he wasn't gonna let him blow his shot at his black belt test, patting him on the shoulder.
  • Even though Jack was mad at Jerry, he still held Kim back from attacking him.
  • Jack was angry with Jerry for wasting his time, and then suspended him from the Dojo.
  • He also took the black belt he was wearing off of him -- physically untying it -- and then his pants fell down, making Jack roll his eyes.
  • Jerry also doesn't seem fazed by Jack's 'You don't deserve to wear a black belt' comment as he says it, but it is shown later that he actually was.
  • When sat in the arcade, Jerry said that Jack used to be his best friend and was noticeably upset about what had happened.
    • This incident is similar to Duelling Dojos; both episodes also show Phil 'comforting' Jerry and Jerry calling Jack his best friend.
  • Jerry pictured Jack's face while playing the smack-a-genie game and was angrily venting about him.
  • He got so mad/upset that he wished Jack had never came to the Dojo.
  • Jerry seemed relieved -- at first -- when he realised Jack was no longer at the Dojo and his picture wasn't on Phil's 'Wall of Jack's'.
  • Jerry was shocked to see Jack (and Kim) as Dlack Dragon's.
  • Jack (and Kim) hung Jerry up with the toys by his underwear.
  • After Jack did that, Jerry started coming around and realised he'd made a mistake after all.
  • He was annoyed about Kim having convincing Jack to be a Black Dragon in the alternative universe.
  • Jerry told Jack -- unfazed about his 'freak' comment -- about the 'special promotion' he and Milton were running.
  • After Jerry woke up from the nightmare, Jack was the one calling him awake.
  • He was very close to him, similar to how Rudy was earlier.
  • Jack was worried when Jerry flinched away from him and was scared that Jack was going to hit him.
  • Jack sounded concerned when he told Jerry he was out for a while.
  • Jerry sincerely apologised to Jack for taking him for granted and promised he was going to take his black belt test seriously.
  • He then admitted that because of Jack, all of their lives were better.
  • After that, Jack looked touched and smiled at him.
  • Before he started his black belt test, Jack told Jerry that he believed in him and they fist bumped.
  • They bowed to each other before Jerry started the test.
  • Jack's smile was slowly getting wider as he handed Jerry his black belt.
  • Jack was the one to give Jerry his black belt.
  • Jerry thanked him as a Sensei before grinning madly and hugging him, practically jumping into his arms.
    • This hug is very similar to their one 'Breaking Board', where Jack jumped into Jerry's arms after breaking Duke's record.
  • Jack was smiling for Jerry and said he was so proud of him.
  • When the Black Belt party started, Jack had his arm around Jerry while he was talking.

Episodes with a Jarry plot/subplot

  • Wax on, Wax off - Jack and Jerry have to keep the Bobby Wasabi wax statue cool during a heatwave.
  • The Commercial - After Jack gets the part in a commercial that Rudy wanted, Jerry dropped Rudy and became Jack's manager.
  • The Great Escape - Jack helps Jerry train for the tournament that his family is coming over from Spain to see and spends a lot of time with him.
  • Breaking Board - The first Jarry centric episode; Jack accidentally kicks Jerry in the ribs when training to break Duke's speed breaking record. He feels constantly guilty, even buying Jerry a talking bear - that said "I wuv you very much" - but it then turns out he was faking to get his own bed. At the end of the episode, Jerry helps Jack break the record and they hug, having made up.
  • Buddyguards - Jack and Jerry save the lead singer of their favourite band and become his bodyguards - after several failed attempts to get tickets to see Kung Fu Lightning in concert - and end up playing in the band as drummer and guitarist after saving Izzy once more and exposing his angry guitarist, Lars, and getting him kicked out of the band.
  • Dojo Day Care - Jack and Jerry open up a Dojo Day Care center as a compromise to stop Jerry from getting expelled and they lose the Principal's baby, having to climb scaffolding to find him. At the end of the episode, Jerry is still allowed to go to school and they are smiling at each other when then print their hands in cement - along with Rudy, Milton and Eddie - as a test of their "immortal friendship". 
  • Wedding Crashers - Jack and Jerry are helping Rudy set up Bobby with Leona, but then they discover that Leona is the Black Belt Widow, planning to kill Bobby to get his millions. Jack and Jerry have to fight Leona's ninja's and they devise a plan to save Bobby.
  • Sole Brothers - Jack and Jerry get a job at Dr. Kicks, devising a pact that if one gets hired so does the other, but jerry breaks the pact when he is promoted to Assistant Manager and Jack is fired. Jack is furious and upset at Jerry, calling him incompetent and saying that he didn't deserve a promotion. Later on, Jack meets Kyri Iriving and after a brief name mix-up, Jack finds out Jerry had Kyri autograph a pair of shoes for him and goes to set things right with him. After a fight with people trying to steal the shoes, the two make up and Jack calls Jerry "Awesome".
  • Oh, Christmas Nuts! - Rudy volunteers Jack and Jerry at Santa's Grotto to teach them about the spirit of christmas. They soon become glad to be volunteering, but then they are set up for stealing a Road Demon and Joan bans them from the mall. Later, Jack and Jerry realise that they were set up and uncover a money laundering scheme - courtesy of Santa and his elf helper - and stop it with a snowball fight in the Grotto.
  • Duelling Dojos - Rudy has to babysit Sam for the Grandmaster and he leaves Jack and Jerry in charge of the Dojo. After disputes over ideas and leadership, Jerry tells Jack he's changed and doesn't want to be a part of the Dojo anymore because of it. Jack is later furious when Jerry turns Fafafel Phil's into Judo Jerry's and after a brief student-stealing battle between the two of them, Jack proposes that they have a battle of the Dojo's to see who get's leadership over Bobby Wasabi. Before the match, Jerry is angry that Jack's pyramid is still where his picture was and he was about to accuse Jack of throwing it away, but Jack reveals that he had gotten it enlarged and Jerry looks touched. The two of them make up and hug after Jack apologises and Jerry comes back to the Dojo.
  • Glove Hurts - Jack and Jerry try to piggyback on Milton's Science Fair experiment - the Corn Coddlers - and go along with him to Techtonic Labs, spending the majority of the tour together. They come across a room that is hiding some dangerous looking equipment and get thrown out before they can prove anything. Later, with Milton, they sneak into Techtonic Labs and take down Tanner, getting him thrown in jail.
  • The Amazing Krupnick - When Jack and Jerry dislike Milton's magic acts, they go off together, forming a double act, with Jack as "The Raven" and Jerry as his assistant.
  • Seaford Hustle - Jack and Jerry spend the majority of the episode together and Jerry even convinces Jack to try and win a motorbike for him - which he did - but then Jack becomes angry that Jerry ignored his call from Kim. To make it up to Jack, Jerry sells the motorbike and buys a ticket to get Kim back from Japan to see Jack.
  • You Don't Know Jack - When Jerry throws a party instead of training for his black belt test, Jack suspends him from the Dojo and forbids him from taking his test. Angry, Jerry makes a wish on one of Phil's arcade games and wishes Jack had never came to the Dojo. Soon horrified that Jack is a Black Dragon and a bully, Jerry sets things right. After coming to with a worried Jack calling for him, Jerry admits that with Jack in everyone's life, they're a whole lot better and he'll never take Jack for granted again. Jack then allows Jerry to take his black belt test and he passes, the two sharing a hug with Jack stating he's 'so proud of him'.

Offical Jarry trademarks


  • Karate: They both practice Karate at the Bobby Wasabi Dojo, and they have both shown that they value it very highly. It also became somewhat of a competition for them in the episode Duelling Dojos after some conflict with Jack being in charge, but it was resolved at the end of the episode. It again became the subject of an argument between them in "You Don't Know Jack" but was resolved with Jack awarding Jerry his black belt when he passed the test.
  • Dancing: Although Jack isn't a very good dancer, he agreed to help Jerry in All the Wrong Moves, and in Wazombie Warriors Jack said that Jerry had loved dancing before he became a Zompyre and he knew that music would distract him.
  • Basketball: They're both on the Seaford High basketball team, as shown in Eddie Cries Uncle.
  • Skydiving: They went skydiving together in the episode Buddyguards.
  • Magic Acts: They decided to become a duet in The Amazing Krupnick after they didn't like Milton's magic acts, with Jerry as Jack's assistant.


  • Seaford High Cafeteria: They first met there in Wasabi Warriors, and in All the Wrong Moves Jack agreed to help Jerry with the dance contest.
  • Falafel Phil's: They're both seen hanging out there alot, either by themselves, or with the gang.
  • Bobby Wasabi Dojo: They both train there, and it became a place of competion for them in Duelling Dojos, after Rudy left them both in charge.
  • Seaford Mall courtyard (between the Dojo and Falafel Phil's): It's where Jerry patched things up with Jack after their first arguement, and they broke Duke's record in Breaking Board. Also, it's where they shared their first hug, and waited for tickets for a Kung Fu Lightning concert together in Buddyguards.
  • Pomegrante Man commerical set: In The Commercial, Jerry took Jack there in his bike basket, and was his "manager" throughout most of the episode, becoming excited when Jack got the role.
  • Seaford Hospital: Jack took Jerry there (with the help of Eddie and Milton) in Breaking Board after he kicked Jerry in the ribs.
  • Kung Fu Lightning concert: They both love the band Kung Fu Lightning, and were being competive when they were saying they were both bigger fans of Kung Fu lighting than each other. They also went to one in the episode Buddyguards and saved the lead guitarist's life together.
  • Doctor Kicks: They were both hired there in the episode Sole Brothers, and it was how they came to argue with each other, and co-incidentally, where they made up too.
  • Santa's Village: In the episode Oh Christmas Nuts! they volunteered to be workers there (along with Milton and Rudy).
  • Techtonic Labs: In Glove Hurts they, along with Milton, were invited on the VIP tour, and Jack and Jerry were together for most of it, even sneaking into a VIP room.
  • Bobby Wasabi Academy: In You Don't Know Jack Jerry was forbidden by Jack to take his black belt test and made an angry wish that Jack had never came to the Dojo. By the end of the episode, Jerry was awarded his belt and he and Jack hugged, with Jack saying he was proud of him.


  • June 13th: The day Wasabi Warriors aired (in the US) and it was the day they first met each other.
  • February 13th: The day Breaking Board aired (in the US), and it was the first episode to focus on Jarry.
  • October 22nd: The day Sole Brothers aired (in the US) and it was the episode which showed just how deep Jack and Jerry's friendship is.
  • April 8th: The day Duelling Dojos aired (in the US) and it was the episode which showed the most limits so far that the boys' friendship has been pushed to.
  • 21st June (2012): This was the day the very first Jack/Jerry fanfiction was posted. It can be found here.


  • Falafel Balls: They often go to Falafel Phil's together, and in Wazombie Warriors Jack asked Jerry why he kept eating Phil's disgusting garlic ones and was promptly burped over by Jerry, having virtually no reaction and in Kim's dream, Jack knew that Falafel Balls would keep a Zompyre Jerry away.
  • Quesidillas: In Badge of Honor it was implied that Jerry makes quesidillas for Jack and he loves them.
  • Eggs: In The Great Escape Jack held a glass of egg yolks for Jerry, and was disgusted when he ate the shells.
  • Saltantine: In Reality Fights during the food challenge, Jack somehow knew that Jerry couldn't eat saltantines, and used it against him to get himself back in the game.
  • Hot Chocolate: In Oh, Christmas Nuts! they (with Milton and Rudy) went to get some hot chocolate.
  • Chimmychanga: In Duelling Dojos, Jerry's cow suit made chimmychangas, and he offered Jack one before being told to "put it back where it came from" by him.


  • Penguins: Jack and Jerry were at the Penguin House together in Wax on, Wax off.
  • Porcupine: In Swords and Magic, Jack told Jerry the "groundhog" was really a porcupine and he pulled one of the spikes out of his face.
  • Bees: Also in Swords and Magic, Jerry threw a beehive towards Jack, and he kicked it. They were also seen running from them together.
  • Chipmunk: In Indiana Eddie, a chipmunk ran up Jerry's 'dress' and he wanted Jack to help him get it out. At the end of the episode, it was implied that he did, even though he walked away at first.
  • Wolf: Both Jack and Jerry are usually calm people, but they both have outbursts of anger, much like a wolf. Jerry also says wolves are his "peeps" in Dummy Dancing, and howls to them, surprising Jack.
  • Dog: In Glove Hurts, they both had an encounter with an invisble dog, and in the episode Dummy Dancing Jack was skeptical about how Jerry was going to distract Joan's dog. 
  • Chimpanzee: In Wasabi Forever, Jerry was going away spending time with them and Jack was sad that he was going to miss him.
  • Raven: In The Amazing Krupnick, Jack and Jerry went off on their own to perform their own magic acts, and Jack was dressed in a black sequin suit and called himself "The Raven".
  • Shark: In Tightroping the Shark, Jack saved Jerry from falling into a shark tank after he tried to walk the tightrope.


  • Blue:Blue is the offical Jarry color, and it was the color of the bear Jack brought Jerry in Breaking Board, which was the first Jarry centric episode, and Jack was wearing a blue shirt when he met Jerry in Wasabi Warriors. Blue is the color of the sky and sea. It is often associated with depth and stability. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, confidence, faith and truth, the things that Jack and Jerry value in each other.
  • Purple: During the first few scenes of Sole Brothers (a Jarry centric episode) Jack was wearing a blue shirt and Jerry was wearing a red one, creating purple. Also in Duelling Dojo's (a Jarry centric episode including one of their biggest arguments) Jerry was wearing a purple 'Judo Jerry's' gi.
  • Yellow:They were both yellow belts in the episode Dummy Dancing.
  • Pink:In Dummy Dancing Jack pulled a strand of Jerry's hair out, which Eddie had dyed pink by swapping the shampoo with hairdye, and they have both worn pink at various times in the series.
  • White: It's the color of their Gi's, and they were tied together with white belts in the episode Wedding Crashers
  • Black: Jack is a black belt, and in the episode Ricky Weaver, Jerry was in Rudy's band called "The Black Belt Boyz". Also, in The Amazing Krupnick, it was the color of the sequin suit Jack was wearing when they performed magic acts together. As of You Don't Know Jack, Jerry is now a black belt and was awarded it by Jack.


  • Wooden Board: Jerry helped Jack break the speed breaking record, and that record was central in the episode about their friendship (Breaking board).
  • Bobby Wasabi's wax statue: They teamed up to keep it cool during the heatwave in Wax on, Wax off.
  • Leather jackets: They were both wearing them in Buddyguards.
  • Large Lightning bolt: They both saved Izzy from it during the Kung Fu Lightning concert in Buddyguards.
  • Zompyres: They were both Zompyres in the episode Wazombie Warriors, and they repeatedly fought with each other.
  • Guitar: In the episode Buddyguards, Jerry fought the thug with a guitar, and Jack played one in the concert.
  • Bobby's movie prop: In Wedding Crashers they were both excited about Bobby's glove from one of his movies, and they also both shot numbing darts. Jack shot one at Jerry by accident, and Jerry shot the other at Leona.
  • White belts: In Wedding Crashers they were tied to two chairs together with some white belts. Also, they both wore them in Wasabi Warriors.
  • Trainers: In the episode Sole Brothers Kyri Irving told Jack that Jerry had asked him to autograph a pair of trainers for him, and Jack and Jerry also protected the shoes together.
  • Road Demon: They both wanted one in the episode Oh, Christmas Nuts! and were framed by Tinsel the elf for stealing it.
  • Santa outfit: Jack and Jerry (along with Milton) were dressed as Santa's helpers while they were working, and during the snowball fight.
  • Snowballs: During the fight in Oh, Christmas Nuts! Jack and Jerry began pelting Tinsel, Santa and the Sugar Plum Fairy.
  • Picture frame: In Duelling Dojos they both worked together to hang one up of Jerry getting his first tournament ribbon, and this was also when Jack said he was proud of him. Later on in the episode, Jack also had it enlarged as a present for Jerry.
  • Jock-strap: In the same episode, Jerry admitted to using Jack's jockstrap, and he said keep it.
  • Inflatable Gi: In Duelling Dojos, Jerry had an idea for an inflatable Gi, and was upset when Jack didn't like any of his ideas, but Jack later said it was a good idea, and that he had been using one to help with the new students.
  • De-stank deoderant: In Glove Hurts, Jack let Jerry have some of his deoderant, rubbing armpits with him.
  • Glasses: In Glove Hurts, when Jack, Jerry and Milton snuck into Techtronics, they were all wearing lab coats, but Jack and Jerry were the only two wearing glasses.


  • Rudy Gillespie: If it wasn't for Rudy lying to Jack so he would join the Dojo, Jack and Jerry probably wouldn't have been as good friends as they are now. He has also been the cause of three Jarry centric episodes; in Wax on, Wax off, he instructed them to keep Bobby's statue cool from the heatwave, in Oh, Christmas Nuts! he volunteered the two of them at Santa's Grotto to teach them about 'the sprit of Christmas' and in Duelling Dojo's, he agreed to leave them both in charge.
  • Eddie Jones: If he hadn't called Jack over to their table, it is highly likely that he wouldn't have met Jerry at all, or he would have been a Black Dragon, and thus enemies, with him when they did.

Best Jarry Quotes

Season 1

Wasabi Warriors

Jerry: (About Jack sitting down) Uh, what are you doing Eddie? We save that seat for Prom queens, cheerleaders and supermodels.

Jack: Well I'm Jack.

Jerry: (About Jack to Rudy) Yo Rudy, you wanna win some belts, you should get that new kid Jack in here.

Jack: Guys, can you give me a minute? Va-moose. (The guys are still there staring at Kim) That means go!

Jerry: I know what "va-moose" means. (Gets up and starts ranting angrily in Spanish)

Rudy: Jack, you're back!

Jack: I'm just here to get my stuff. (Sees the boxes) What's going on?

Jerry: We're closing. No Jack, no belts, no Dojo.

Jack: Okay, nunchuks are up next. Jerry, all you gotta do is perform a-

Jerry: Save it Jack, I've got this.

(The Black Dragon does his routine and finishes, Jerry then does his routine and hits himself in the groin, Jack runs over to him)

Jack: Hey man, you okay?

Jerry: Everything is purple...

Jerry: You know what I'm feeling?

Jack: I think we're all feeling it.

(The gang jump-front kick)

All: Whooo!

Jerry: What do you think guys?

Jack: She's in.

Eddie: Got my vote.

Milton: A+

Fat Chance

Jack: (To the teacher about Jerry) I told you, it was a one-time deal, I win you your trophy, and you get a little visit from the "Wedgie Wizard"

Jack: Do you know what this means? (looking at Nakamura's sumo poster)

Jerry: I know exactly what this means, our custodian's king of the babies.

Jack: We just gotta find a way to get you back on the horse (talking to Nakamura)

Jerry: Uhh Jack, it'd probably be safer if the horse got on his back.

Jack: Jerry how's this thing gonna help? You look like a bloated turkey in a thong.

Jerry: It's gonna make him quicker. I'm scrappy and wiry.

Dummy Dancing

Jerry: Pinky?! Why would anyone call me Pinky?!

Jack: (plucks Jerry's hair and shows him)

Jerry: Ah, I get it.

Jerry: Ok don't hurl man, or think about hurling, or the taste you get in your mouth right before-

Jack: (Puts his hand on Jerry's mouth) Shut it!

Jack: How are you gonna distract the dog?

Jerry: See I don't know if you know this about me, but I was partially raised by wolves.

Swords and Magic

Jerry: Guys, huge problem. Kelsey Vargis, the coolest girl in school, is on her way down here.

Jack: Don't panic, we've trained for this. Guys, bust out the emergency deoderant.

Jerry: I don't need deoderant.

Jack: (To Kim) In the future, let's respect Jerry enough not to embarrass him in front of girl's he's lying to.

Jerry: Thank you Jack. (Yells at Kim) It's called decency Kim!

Jack: Milton's always been there for us. Jerry, remember when you were trying to get Kelsey jealous by making her think you were dating a cheerleader, who helped you out?

(Jerry has a flashback of Milton in a cheerleading outfit)

Jerry: Wow you're right, he was there for me. Did you know Brian Donelly actually asked him out?

Jerry: Hey, it's a groundhog, hey, well you're a cute little fella aren't you?

Jack: That's not a groundhog Jerry, that's a porqupine! Wouldn't get too close to it either.

Jerry: Uh, thank you Jack, I think I know the different between a groundhog and a porqupine, okay?

(Jerry gets the porqupine quills in his face.)

Jerry: (To Jack) This dumb groundhog thinks he's a porqupine. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go over there. (Walks away and screams.)

Jack: (Looks at Jerry and tries not to laugh) You've got a little something here. (Points to his face.)

Jerry: Where?

(Jack reaches for Jerry's face and pulls out a porqupine quill, making Jerry scream.)

Jack: I think we finally lost the bees. Where's Kim and Eddie?

Jerry: Oh, Kim's got her hair tangled into a thorn bush, Eddie's trying to get her out.

All the Wrong Moves

Jerry: It's not just about the money, I've always loved dancing. Y'know, when I was a baby, my Mum hung a disco ball over my crib.

Jack: (Chuckles and stands up) Did it ever fall on your head?

Jerry: Did what ever fall on my head?

Jack: Is it just me or are these falafel balls greasier than usual? (Squeezes one and grease oozes out)

Jerry: No that's about right. (Spots Smooth) Yo, that's Dan Brennan. He's the best dancer at our school. They call him Smooth.

Jack: Because he's got great dance moves?

Jerry: And his skin's crazy soft. Yo, we're talking velvet.

Jerry: Yo I can move like Smooth, it's just a split, I can do a split. Check it. (He starts dancing, and then goes into the split, ripping something.)

Jack: (Laughing slightly) I think your pants just ripped.

Jerry: That wasn't my pants.

Jerry: Come on guys, don't you have any dancing experience at all?

Jack: Well, I do have a victory dance I do every time I win a match. (Does his dance)

Jerry: (Puts his hand on Jack's chest) If that's your victory dance, I'm gonna start rooting against you.

Jack: Jerry, what are you doing here? We were waiting for you back at the Dojo.

Smooth: Little change of plans. Jerry's a part of my crew now, he wants to dance with the best.

Jack: (Shocked) What?! Jerry, is that true?

Jerry: Yeah, it is. Okay, Smooth's a great dancer, and he's my only real shot at being a part of a winning crew.

Jack: (Jealous and angry) Shouldn't you be practicing with your new smooth dance friends?

Jerry: They're not my friends, Smooth just used me to try and steal my move.

Jack: Jerry, you got us all excited about this dance thing, you said we were going to do it together and then you bailed on us.

Jerry: Look, I'm never gonna be great at Karate, or a great school person-

Milton: Student.

Jerry: Whatever. Dancing's the one thing I'm really good at, and I just wanted everyone to see that. You guys are my friends, and I shouldn't have walked out on you. So I'm sorry.

Jack: Jerry wait. (Jerry stops, Jack sighs and walks over to him) If you still wanna be in the contest, we'll be your crew.

Jerry: Really? (Jack nods, then he looks around the room, everyone else nods too) Yes, the kid is back in the game. (He and Jack do their high-five/hug thing) You guys are awesome.

Wax on, Wax off

Jack: (Looking at Rudy hugging the statue) Erm, what is it?

Jerry: It's a dude.

Jack: We didn't take the part that said "In men's underpants".

Jerry: Yo, I never understood why that store closed, they sold great underpants at a fair price.

Rudy: Well what's it doing here?

Jack: That dumb statue isn't gonna show anyone that we won the tournament.

Jerry: Yeah, it's our way of letting people know we're number one.

Jerry: Man, this is the worst heat wave this city's ever had, and because of us everyone's air conditioning is out.

Jack: At least no-one knows it was our fault.

Phil: (Bursts in) I know it was your fault!

Jack: I don't think you should be eating that fish, it's for the penguins.

Jerry: This little guy doesn't mind. The thing about penguins is they're very sharing. Right, little cutie?

Jack: Well his mother doesn't seem to happy.

Jerry: No, no, no, dude, trust me penguins are really- (It leaps on Jerry and Jack looks worried.)

Jack: It wasn't Rudy, it was me. I put up a "we're number one" sign because I wanted to show everyone that we're number one in the tournament. It caused the blackout.

Jerry: It was me too. Rudy taught us that true champions don't have to brag, especially with a second-hand underpants sign.

The Commercial

Jerry: Jack, babe! The director's a genius, you're perfect for this role!

Jack: (To Rudy) What career? I've had zits that lasted longer than your career.

Jerry: Zits, that is fresh and funny.

Jack: You know what? Now I am gonna do that commercial, and if you have a problem with it, talk to my people! (points to Jerry and then storms out)

Jerry: How're you feeling Jack?

Jack: I feel like a guy this ripped shouldn't have to come here sitting in your bike basket.

Badge of Honor

Jerry: What?! Dude, are you insane? You brought a health inspector here? He didn't find my cheese-making locker, did he?

Jack: You make cheese in your locker? That's disgusting!

Jerry: Oh. So, you love my quesadillas, but you don't want to see where they come from, huh?

The Great Escape

Jerry: Sup.

Jack: Aren't you supposed to be in detention?

Jerry: I blew it off, I'm sparring with Eddie. Know where he is?

Jack: He said if he was going to spar with you first, he needed to go to the library first.

Jack: (Puts his arm around him) Wow Jerry, a human sparring dummy. This'll be the first time I've seen you hit the books.

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa, take it easy! Man you hit him right in the Grapes of Wrath!

Jerry: I know. Man, I'm gonna be in sick shape for this Saturday.

Jack: (Blocks Jerry's kick and stumbles back, smiling, when he gets hit.) Whoa! Jerry, you are pumped for this tournament!

Jerry: I know, I wanna make my Dad proud. I'm even on this special training diet. (Goes over to his bag and gets a glass out) Hold this.

Jack: (As Jerry's cracking the eggs) No, no, please tell me you're not-

Jerry: Yes I am. (Eats the shells, and Jack looks away, grossed out.)

Jack: Do you think Rudy's trying to squeeze into his skinny jeans again?

Jerry: I hope not, that's a three-man job.

Jack: Oooh!

Jack: (Takes Milton's bag strap) Man this thing's crazy, it's like a giant rubber band for your books.

Jerry: (Takes it from him) Or a slingshot for these pucks. Yo, five bucks says I can nail Larry right in his blow-hole.

Jack: Jerry, your family's going to see you in this tournament. I have an idea.

Jerry: Dude, you heard what Slugman said, this isn't regular detention, it's maximum security lockdown detention.

Jack: No man, this guy Coburn, he's never seen you before. I'll say I'm you, do the time, and you can go to the tournament.

Jerry: That might work.

Breaking Board

Jack: Uh dude, you know you came to school in your pyjamas, right?

Jerry: Oh I know. I didn't sleep a wink last night, I have family in town and I have to share my bed with my cousin Pepito.

Jack: (And the others) Pepito!

Eddie: That was awesome!

Jerry: Oh, thanks Eddie, see it's all about technique and focus. I do this whole medation thing-

Jack: He was talking about me.

Jack: Alright let's get back to work Jerry, I really wanna break that jerk's record.

Jerry: Dude, what do you have against Duke? He's got the hair of a God.

Jack: He was my hero, until I met him.

Jack: Can we get back to work!?

Jerry: Ugh, dude I'm fried. Can we take a break?

Jack: Let's just break a few more boards, I really wanna beat this guy.

Jerry: Fine.

Jack: Come on, you ready?

Jerry: Yeah.

(He raises the board, and Jack kicks him the in ribs. He falls down and Jack looks worried.)

Jack: Jerry! (Jumps over to him) I'm so sorry, I thought you said you were ready!

Jack: (Venting about Jerry) Jerry was tired, I-1-1 pushed him too hard, just so I could what? Break Duke's record. He's in the hospital because of me.

Jack: (About the fact he can't do the record) I'd love to show up that guys record, but I can't go through with it, my heart's not in it.

Jerry: There's nothing wrong with me, I just wanted my own bed. Milton, Eddie? Since when did you guys become Doctor's?

Jack: I don't believe this, I've been worried sick. I even bought you this stupid talking bear.

Bear: I wuv you very much.

Jack: Oh no you don't. He's not worth your wuv!

Jack: I just need someone to hold my boards.

Jerry: (Runs up to him) I'll do it. Jack, I wanna make things right. Now let's break this fool's record!

Jack: (Breaks the last board, and the timer buzzes.) Yes, we did it! (He and Jerry hug.)

Jack: Jerry that was incredible, man I couldn't have done it without you.

Jerry: Whoo!

Jack: You might wanna close your gown, we can all see the ponies on your underpants.

Jerry: They're not ponies, they're unicorns.

Reality Fights

Jack: (After knocking Jerry off the bridge) Gesundheit

Jerry: Huy no eso no cuenta tenia que estornudar. (No, that doesn't count. I had to sneeze!)

Jack: Look at us, hanging on poles, covered in slop and yelling at each other.

Jerry: Sound's like my Mum's book club. Those ladies get real, yo!

Kickin' it in China

Jack: (Reads fortune) You will embark on an exciting journey.

Jerry: Oh sweet dude, that's good one.

Jack: Oh please. They're just a dumb gimmick to take your mind off the fact that they look and taste like an old man's ear.

Jack: So do you think your wife'll be mad that you ditched her?

Jerry: Excuse me, my wife has a name. I may not know what it is, but she has a name.

Rowdy Rudy

Eddie: What was that?!

Jerry: The Atomic Claw! Whooo!

Jack: That is not a Martial Art's move, it's an appetiser at the Lobster barn.

Jerry: It's a pro wrestling move, you know who uses it?

Jack: I'm gonna take a wild guess and go with the wrestler called the Atomic Claw.

Jerry: Whoa, whoa, whoa, there is nothing fake about the Klaus Claw. It's 100% bionic with robotic titanium fingers that can crush a man's skull!

Jack: It's a catcher's mitt wrapped in aluminum foil.

Season 2

We are Family

Jerry: (Eating the corndog) Who would do something like that?

Jack: Dude, come on Jerry you're the only one who hasn't contributed to the go-kart fund.

Jerry: I don't have the talent to make money, I even tried selling doors, door-to-door! Do you know how hard it is to find a house without a door?

Jerry: Hey guys, like my new ride?

Jack: You bought our go-kart?

Jerry: Yeah, I er, decided to go solo. (Throws helmet to Kim.)

Jack: Jerry, your new boss is forcing people to buy meatballs. He's a crimminal.

Jerry: You know, you guys are just jealous because I've got- (Phil runs in and he stops talking.)

Jerry: Well that doesn't prove anything. D'you know how many Meatball King's there are in the world?

Jack: He took Tootsie.

Jerry: You know how many Tootsie's there are in-

Kim: Jerry!

Jerry: I realised two things, one the blow dryer at the end can literally blow your freckles off, and two, the meatball king was talking to his boss today, and he seemed scared to death.

Jack: Well how does that help us?

Jerry: He's never seen the guy, they call him "the Shnozz."

Jerry: I just want to say how sorry I am. I let the whole job thing get to my head, and money should never be more important than friendship.

Jack: You're right, but in the end you were the one who came up with the plan to get Tootsie back, and it all worked out. And ontop of that, you got yourself a go-kart.

Jerry: No we, got a go-kart. (They high-five/hug.)

Capture the Flag

Jerry: I thought our float last year was a winner.

Jack: It was Ernie the janitor sitting in a shopping cart with a tube sock on his head.

Jerry: Winner.

Jerry: This'd be alot easier if we had Eddie and Kim here to help us find the flag.

Jack: Kim's building a float and Eddie's in the pearl of Seaford pagent. No wait... Swap 'em.

Jack: Guys, I've been thinking about this. I think I've got a soloution.

Jerry: Yeah, me too.

Jack: (Surprised) Really, what do you got?

Jerry: Uh, no, I don't know. I thought you were gonna go first, and then I was gonna say that's exactly what I was thinking.

Jack: All the floats start in a hangar by the train station, what if we got out flag back before the parade starts

Jerry: That's exactly what I was thinking.

It takes two to tangle

Jack: (To Milton) It comes from inside me, it's my ki-yah.

Jerry: The boys in my family get their ki-yah's removed, it's tradition.

Jack: A ki-yah is the sound you make when you release the power of your inner self.


Rudy: What the heck was that!?

Jack: Kung Fu Lightning.

Jerry: Greatest band of all time.

Jack: Yeah.

Jerry: We're listening to their new album on your stereo. Sorry.

Jack: Dude, I am a way better Kung Fu Lightning fan than you. Oh, you see this? (Takes a guitar pick from his pocket) Izzy Gunner's guitar pick. I bought it online.

Jerry: Man, that's nothing. You remember when he missed that concert because he had to get his appendix out

Jack: Mm-hmm. (Jerry takes out a piece of Izzy's appendix) Is that Izzy's appendix?

Jerry: You're not the only one who shops online. (Winks, and Jack rolls his eyes)

Jerry: Well...Well, I said she could scooch. Then they all scooch, and then everyone was scooching!

Jack: Let's go, you. (Drags Jerry by his ear)

Jerry: Aah!

Jerry: Dude! Dude, dude, dude, dude, we got tickets.

Jack: What?! Whoa, whoa. you got tickets?

Jerry: Absolutely. All we have to do is win the radio station contest. They're about to call one lucky winner.

Jack: Dude, a radio contest? Do you know what the chances are that we'll be the one person they call?

Jerry: (Pours a box of cellphones onto the floor) Pretty good. I got all my cousin's phones and submitted the numbers.

Jack: Dude. Dude, I can't believe it. They're calling us. Answer it.

Jerry: Okay. (Picks up a cell phone) Woo! Hello? (Picks up another) Hello?

Jack: Which one is it?

Jerry: (Picks up a phone) Hello?

DJ: Hello?

Jerry: Oh, sorry. Can't talk. Looking for a phone. (Hangs up, not realizing it's the phone ringing)

Jack: Jerry!

DJ: Oh, looks like they didn't want those tickets. All right, kids... (Jack turns off the radio)

Jack: I can't believe it, man. We had the tickets.

Jerry: Oh, I see what this is going. Somehow, you're gonna find a way to make this Jerry's fault. (Jack, angry, looks confused)

Jerry: Yo, I'll tell you one thing, if Izzy were here right now, I'd walk right up to him and tell him that his two biggest fans don't have tickets.

Jack: Dude! Dude, dude, dude! You're gonna get that chance. That's him, sitting right there! (Spots Izzy, playing with his food)

Jerry: What? Are you kidding me?

Jack: Let's see what you got.

Jerry: (Whimpers, walks up to Izzy) strumming, the sing, sing, sing, sing. Hair pretty. Bye-bye, man. (Jack stops him)

Jack: Uh, (chuckles) Hey, I'm Jack. This is my friend, Jerry. He's a little bit of a freak.

Jerry: (To Izzy) Uh, can we have tickets to your show?

Izzy: Absolutely not! A lot of nerve you've got asking me for tickets! I give you tickets, I gotta give everyone tickets! And where does it end?

Jack: I'm sorry, man. We're big fans.

Izzy: Oh, yeah. Well, in that case, of course, you can have tickets. Here. (Hands them his card) Call my manager. Now, if you'll excuse me, I gotta either go skate or bowl. (Leaves)

Jerry: You know what I like about him? He's just a regular guy.

Jack: (Spots Izzy's phone) Dude. Look, it's his phone. (Picks it up) Hey, hey, Izzy! You forgot your phone!

Jerry: Yo!

(Jack and Jerry leave Falafel Phil's and see Izzy being attacked by two thugs)

Jack: Hey! (Kicks one thug and pulls the other off Izzy and Jerry kicks him as the thugs ran) Do you have any idea why those guys attacked you? (Hands Izzy his phone)

Izzy: Yes, I do. I know exactly why. It's 'cause I'm beautiful. Those moves that you guys did were are amazing. Are you like superheroes? (Jack and Jerry chuckle)

Jack: No, we actually do karate... (Izzy puts his finger to his mouth)

Izzy: Shh. No, your secret's safe with me. Wham man and Pow boy. I can't believe it! I got superheroes for bodyguards!

Jerry: Excuse me?

Izzy: Well, it's clear. I need protection. You blokes work for me now. You gonna love my chauffeur. (Whispers) He's a wizard. (Leaves)

Jack: Do you have any idea what this means? We're the bodyguards for the biggest rock star in the world!

Jerry: Woo! (Jack and Jerry starts dancing)

Lars: Izzy? you're here. How come you're late?

Izzy: Oh, two blokes jumped me. (Points to Jack and Jerry, wearing Kung Fu Lightning Jackets) These guys saved my life. Meet my new bodyguards, Jack and Jerry.

Jerry: (Mutters) Don't scream like a girl. Don't scream like a girl. Don't scream like a girl-

Jack: (Screams like a girl. Izzy laughs and Jerry looks annoyed/surprised) Sorry man.

Jerry: Man this stinks, I told every girl I know I was gonna have Izzy scream their name from stage.

Jack: How's he gonna do that?

Jerry: Oh, when Izzy sings you can't understand a thing he's saying, check it (sings like Izzy) Now was that Vicky, Kim or Lori?

Jerry: Dude, we made it just in time, they're playing Surf the Lightning.

Jack: Forget the song, we have to find the guys who attacked Izzy.

Jerry: (Sees a man cutting the lightning bolt) Up there!

(Jack goes to fight him.)

(Izzy and his chauffeur disappear in a puff of white smoke) Jack: Did they just-?

Jerry: Yeah. We totally should have gone with them.

Dojo Daycare

Jack: Oh, er, Jerry, where's baby Byron?

Jerry: I thought he was with you. (They look at each other nervously and put the kids down.)

Jerry: Baby Byron!

Jack: Baby Byron!

Jerry: Baby Byron!

Jack: Dude he's not in here!

Jerry: What?! I'm going to be expelled oh forget expelled I'm going to prison. Forget prison I'm going to summer school. You know what they do to guys like me in summer school?

Jack: Jerry calm down.

Jerry: I can't calm down. (Puts his hand up to his hair) I just lost the Principal's baby.

Jerry: Yo, we lost the Principal's baby. Okay, it's not like losing some English teacher's baby, this is big-time!

Jack: Jerry he's outside! Come on. (They start running towards the door) Eddie, Milton you guys hold down the fort.

(They get outside and Byron's gone.)

Jack: What! Dude, what just happened?! He was right here!

Jerry: This kid's like a cheetah in a diaper! He's gotta be around here, find him!

Jerry: Look, if we can't find this baby, we're just gonna have to give Buckett something that looks like one.

Jack: What are you talking about?

Jerry: I'm talking about slapping a diaper on a ham and drawing eyeballs on it.

(Jack doubles over and catches his breath after climbing the scaffolding. Jerry clears his throat, and Jack looks up at him.)

Jack: How the heck did you get up here?!

Jerry: Took the elevator. Look, you gotta stop fooling around man, Buckett'll be back for Byron any second.

Jack: Jerry, I'm not fooling around, I just climbed all by my-

Jerry: Jack, there he is! I got this. Hey you get back here this instant young man! (Byron doesn't move) Well that's all I had.

Jack: (Jack starts to crawl on the scaffolding) Come on baby Byron, come here. (He falls off the beam) No!

Jerry: No!

(Byron is being lifted up on a beam)

Jack: Let's go up!

Jack: There he is!

Jerry: Save him Jack! (Jack catches onto the beam, but it tips down because of his weight) Jack he's sliding! (Jack manages to catch Byron before he slids off)

Jack: Jerry I'm loosing my grip. Come on. (Jerry uses a harness to get to him, and Jack hands Byron to him) Nice save Jerry!

Jerry: I'm never having kids!

Indiana Eddie

Jerry: Woah, okay that's not good.

Jack: What's your problem?

Jerry: Uh, I think a chipmunk just ran up my dress.

Jack: Jerry!

Jerry: Ah, it's foraging, and not in a good way!

Jack: Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! I'm losing my grip!

Jerry: Jack! Help me get this chipmunk out of my dress, man!

Jack: I-I'm good, thanks.

Jack: Okay, maybe, time to dance.

Jerry: Uh Jack? I don't think that's a good idea. I think we have to fight these guys. I'll dance with you later, though.

Kim of Kong

Jerry: Wow Jack, I didn't see that coming.

Jack: Sometimes you gotta expect... The unexpected (Clicks tongue and winks at him)

Jerry: Whaaaaaaattt?

The Chosen One

Jerry: (Takes Jack away from the others) Yo (Chuckles) I'm feeling a little gassy, I wonder what would happen if I-

Jack: Don't even think about it Jerry.

Jerry: Alright Jack, yeah I'll save up for a really big one.

Jack: (Watching the Shaolin demonstration) Jerry can you believe how strong they- (Jerry's chair's empty) Jerry? Hey, where's Jerry?

Eddie: He said he was ready to blow, and then left.

Jack: The flame! (Gets up and runs) Jerry! No!

(Jerry's fart knocks him back and Jerry pops out from a bush, knocking into the tower of warriors.)

Zhan-Lu: You, we open our home to you and your friends and youe dishonor us?!

Jerry: (Sniggers) Yo, I'm not even a little bit sorry, that was awesome!

Grandmaster: That warrior is here. (Everyone gasps and mutters, Jack and Jerry look at each other) You.

Jack: Me?!

Jerry: (Pats his back) You.

Grandmaster: Yes you. What is your friends name?

Jack: Oh that's Jerry.

Grandmaster: Excuse me. Jerry, you are the Chosen One.

Jerry: If you guys don't want to come with me, I'll go by myself.

Jack: So you're going back to a place you're not welcome, to face a hundred of the fiercest martial arts warriors in the world, by yourself?!

Jerry: Yes. Yes I am. (Runs out of the Dojo.)

Kim: You jst walked across tiles that are six-hundred degrees without flinching.

Jerry: Maybe I am the Chosen One. (He walks away and then screams.)

Jack: (Smiling) Nope.

Hit the Road Jack

A Slip Down Memory Lane

Jerry: Hey uh, Jack. Do you remember last week when you loaned me twenty bucks?

Jack: No.

Jerry: He's fine.

Jack: So I'm a Karate student.

Jerry: (Walks over) Oh no, this is worse than I thought. We'll have to start from stratch. (Speaks loudly and slowly) You Jack, me Jerry. You good at Karate, me better.

Jack: Did this guy also hit his head?

Jack: Maybe if you told me a little bit about yourselves I'd remember.

Jerry: Oh, I'll get this party started. Well, I'm Jerry. (Tells him about the Go-Kart (We are Family) and tells him about him being a flight risk (Dummy dancing))

Jack: Oh, and Jerry? You owe me twenty bucks.

Jerry: I'm Eddie.

Wedding Crashers

Jerry: Ah, here it is, Mika. This is the place where I got my black belt and beat down Jack. (Jack hears and Jerry turns around) Oh, hey, Jack. (Realized Jack was behind him) Uh, we should probably go, Mika. (Grabs Mika's hand)

Jack: No, no, no, no. (Stops Jerry and pushes him) Why don't you show her how you 'beat me down'?

Jerry: Uh, see, I...The thing is I don't...I don't really remember.

Jack: Oh, I do. First, he got me in an arm lock, like this. (Takes Jerry's arm and pulls it behind Jerry, making him scream)

Milton: Then, he gave you a front snap kick. (Jack spins Jerry and kicks him)

Jerry: (Gets kicked in the stomach) Oh!

Eddie: And then he flipped you.

Jerry: Wait, what? No! (Jack flips him over and on his back)

Jack: Let's put these chairs over here. (Looks around the room) Heyy, look at all this cool stuff from Bobby's movies.

Jerry: Hey, what movie did Bobby wear a wedding dress in?

Jack: Those aren't his. They must be Leona's. (Looks at a weaponized glove and picks it up) Whoa! Dude, check this out. This is the glove Bobby wore in his movie, "A Fistful of Glove". (Puts it on.)

Jerry: What?!

Jack: When he puts it on, his whole hand became weaponized. This button shot out numbing darts. (Presses the button and it actually shoots out a numbing dart and hits Jerry in the face.) I know it's just a prop, but would it be awesome if this thing really worked?

Jerry: (Mumbling) I think it does work, Jack. (Pulls the dart off his mouth.)

Jack: What are you talking about?

Jerry: I can't feel my legs. (Screams and falls.)

Jack: (Notices Jerry) Dude, hey! Dude, are you okay?

Jerry: (Gets up) Oh, yeah. I'm good. (Screams, knocks over the rack and falls again.)

Jerry: (normal voice, to Leona) Oh, wait. You're the Black Belt Widow. I've seen you on that show, "America's Worst People".

Jack: What makes you think Bobby would wear such a tacky piece...Can I see that for a second? (Leona shows him the ring) Oh, he's a goner.

Jerry: Wait a minute. Why would you tell us all the details of your evil plan?

Leona: Because it doesn't matter. Once I take care of Bobby, my ninjas will take care of you. (Evil laughs, then snorts.)

Jerry: Was that your evil laugh?

Leona: (Sighs) I know. It's not good, isn't it?

Jerry: Well, no. A good evil laugh starts from your diaphragm. Try this. (Takes a deep breath and does a loud evil laugh.)

Leona: (Tries the laugh) Ah! That's better. Thank you.

Jerry: You see?

Jack: Jerry!

Jerry: What? Just trying to help her. It's the woman's wedding day.

Jerry: (Whispers) Yo, Jack. Jack, I'm tied up, so you have to go warn Bobby.

Jack: I'm tied to you, you lug nut. I've got it! We'll do what Bobby did when he was tied to Tommy Tsunami in his movie, "Samurai Fist Party".

Jerry: Ohh...I didn't see that movie.

Jack: Just stand up. (Both stand up from the chairs. One of the ninjas starts to attack, but Jack and Jerry defeat him.)

Jerry: Look what I did! Hey, next time, try and help out a little, Jack.

Jack: Come here! (walk over to the sword stand)

Jerry: Yo, we took out that guy, but Leona's ninjas are everywhere. How are we gonna get to Bobby? (Jack frees them by cutting the belts)

Jack: There might be one way. (Walks over to the rack and pulls out a dress) Would you be willing to wear this dress?

Jerry: I don't know. (Jack holds it up against him and they both smirk) Think I got the goods to pull it off?

Bobby: Oh Leona. I love you-

Jack: No, you don't. Hey hey.

Jerry: Back it off, big guy.

Wazombie Warriors

Jack: Phil's new garlic falafel balls are disgusting.

Kim: Surprising, considering the cook is a goat.

Jerry: Dude, I know, these are awful.

Jack: Then why do you keep eating them?

Jerry: Because now I can do this. (Burps over towards him and Jack has a blank face)

Jerry: We've known each other for a while now, and I feel a spark between us. When I look into your eyes I can tell you feel exactly the same... (Briefly looks down, then back up) ... Way.

Jack: (With his arms folded) Not buying it.

(Jerry gets frustrated.)

Jack: When you say it, you've gotta be breathy. (Breaths in and looks off at the camera) Spark between us.

Jerry: Oh that's good, do it again.

Jack: No.

Jack: Why are you so nervous about asking Katie out anyway?

Jerry: I've had a crush on her since we finger-painted in Kindergarten. She was using blue, I was using yellow, together we made green. Green Jack!

Jack: (Spots Katie and grabs Jerry) Dude, there she is, go ask her. Go (Shoves him towards her.)

Jack: (Grabs Jerry by his shirt) Jerry, what is going on?!

Jerry: No habla Ingles, senor.

Jack: Jerry!

Jerry: This was the only way I could get Katie to go out with me. You've gotta do this for me man, please.

Jack: Fine. (Pats his back and Jerry walks off.)

Jack: How did you find the proffesor's secret lab?

Zompyre Jerry: Why don't you ask your girlfriend?

Jack: (About pre-Zompyre Jerry) Well, before he was a zompyre, Jerry was one of us. Music was his weakness. And girls. And math. And tying shoelaces. He had a lot of weaknesses.

Jack: Kim, falafel ball! (Jack throws it to her, and Kim shoves it into Jerry's mouth. He lets go of Kim as his stomach starts gurgling.)

Jerry: I hate school bathrooms! (Runs off.)

Sole Brothers

All The Presidents Friends

Jack: Dude, I can't believe you got locker 138, that's where the prettiest girls in school have their lockers.

Jerry: I know dude.

Jerry: Oh, I've never been rejected by a girl that pretty.

Jack: Have a feeling there's a lot more of that coming.

Jack: Later guys.

Jerry: See you dude.

Kickin' it On Our Own

Oh Christmas Nuts

Rudy: What's a Road Demon?

Jack: The hottest christmas present this year. It's a high-tech, remote-controlled, futuristic, combat tank. I'm telling ya', I want one so bad, christmas isn't gonna be Christmas if I don't get a Road Demon.

Jerry: Dude, if I wake up and there's not one under my tree, it's gonna be on.

Jerry: You know, maybe Rudy was right. I'm glad we're doing this.

Jack: Yeah. (Looks at each other smiling)

Jack: Guys were were set up!

Jerry: And I bet I know who did it. Panini boy!

Jack: Well that's it, we've gotta get inside that gingerbread house and find out what's so special about that paper.

Jerry: Yeah, and I know how we can do it. We can zipline down from the roof of the mall, land behind the house, and eat our way through the back wall.

Rudy: Or we could go in through the door.

Jack: Wait, if you didn't help us during the fight, then who did?

(Bells ring and Jack and Jerry look up.)

Jack: Nah.

Jerry: No way.

Season 3

Duelling Dojos

Jack: Alright, to hang your picture properly, we've gotta find the support beam. This stud-finder will show me where it is.

Jerry: Those things don't work, you gotta do it the old fashioned way. (Whacks the wall with the hammer.)

Jack: (Yanks it away) Give me that!

Jack: I'm proud of you man, look at you, your first tournament ribbon.

Jerry: I know man, I couldn't have done it without you. Your support, your friendship, your jockstrap-

Jack: You used my- Just keep it.

Jack: I could take on more of a leadership role, you know, help around the place, teach some of your classes.

Jerry: I mean between the two of us, we got this.

Jerry: Hey, what's going on?

Jack: Uh, I'm teaching the 3:30 class.

Jerry: But the 3:30 class doesn't start until 4:15.

Jack: What's your problem?

Jerry: Dude, my problem is that we're running this Dojo together. I have lots of good ideas and you're not listening to any of them.

Jack: You have lots of great ideas? Name one.

(Scene cuts to Jerry wearing a cow suit)

Jerry: Come down to Bobby Wasabi and check out our moooooves! This thing's got satalite, air conditioning, and a microwave. (It pings and Jerry reaches behind him) Chimmychanga?

Jack: Please put that back where it came from.

Jack: Jerry, the new vision I have for the Dojo is not about Karate-cows, Glow-ra-te, or burning butt burritos. It's about my new training philosphy based on three levels of focus, honour and dedication. I call it: Jack's pyramid of displine.

Jerry: Okay, first off, it's not a pyramid, it's a triangle, and second, I can't believe you took my picture down and put that thing up, and third, what about my ideas?

Jack: Your ideas are dumb, dude.

Jerry: (Looks offended) Hmmm.

Jerry: You know what Jack? You've changed, you've changed.

Jack: I had to, I'm in charge now.

Jerry: Well with you in charge, I'm not sure I wanna be a part of this lame Dojo.

Jack: Fine.

Jerry: Fine.

Jack and Jerry: FINE!

Jerry: (To Phil about Jack) Dude, you know what hurts even more than your hummus burning it's way through my colon?

Phil: No. I know no greater pain.

Jerry: The fact that my best friend doesn't need me!

Jack: You turned Phil's into a Dojo?

Jerry: Not just any Dojo but a better Dojo than the one you're running. And one last thing Jack, I'm gonna have to ask you to step off my face. (Jack looks at the floor, sees Jerry's face, and Jerry winks at him.)

Jack: What are you doing here?

Jerry: Relax Jack, just came to get some stuff out of my locker.

Jack: Yeah, well make it quick, I'm busy with my new students.

Jerry: I should have known it was you. You can't stand not being the better Dojo.

Jack: This isn't a Dojo, it's a joke.

Jerry: Oh really? Then why don't we have a little tournament, huh? Winner gets to run the Bobby Wasabi Dojo their way.

Jack: Alright, you want a battle of the Dojo's? Let's do it.

Jerry: Fine.

Jack: Fine:

Jack and Jerry: FINE!

Jerry: I see your dumb triangle's still where my picture should be, you probably threw it out. You probably shredded it into a thousand little pieces-

Jack: (Picks up the enlarged photo) Actually, I had it enlarged. See, I was gonna hang it up but-

Jerry: You kicked me out.

Jack: I didn't kick you out, you're the one who decided to leave.

Jerry: Because you didn't respect me and said all my ideas were dumb.

Jack: Well I shouldn't have said that, because actually you had some pretty good ideas.

Jack: Hey, uh Jerry, I've always dreamed of running a Dojo and when I got the chance, maybe I got a little carried away. I should never have disrespected you, the truth is, the Dojo isn't the same without you man.

Jerry: You had me at "Jerry, I've always dreamed of running a Dojo and when I got the chance, maybe I got a little carried away"-

Jack: I think I know where you're going with this. (They hug)

Glove Hurts

Milton: So what do you guys have?

Jack and Jerry: (Both look at each other) Uh, uh... nothing.

Jack: C'mon, we're not gonna embarrass you, we know how important this is for you. I even put on my new deoderant, it's called "De-stank".

Jerry: Hmm, classy. Dude can I get some of that?

Jack: Yeah, yeah.

(Jerry takes his jacket off and they rub armpits.)

Jerry: (Jerry's on the floor after being knocked over by King) Jack! Jack! He got the little kitty-cat!

Jack: I've got you man. (Runs over to him and pulls him up. King barks and they run off together.)

(Jerry goes up to a machine and tries to touch it.)

Jack: (Without looking at him) Jerry.

Jerry: Sorry.

Jerry: Psst, psst, come here.

Jack: Dude what are you doing? It's resctricted.

Jerry: We're on a VIP tour, what do you think VIP stands for? Visit It Please.

(They go into the room.)

Jack and Jerry: Woah.

Jack: Dude check it out, it's our gloves. Looks like Tanner really amped 'em up.

Jerry: Dude look, I think they're gonna be part of the crazy suit.

Jerry: Hey what do you think this does?

Jack: Jerry don't!

(Jerry presses the button, and a laser flies out towards Jack, the explosion hurts his ear. Jerry runs over to him.

Jerry: Dude are you okay?

Jack: (Yells and rubs his ears) What?! I can't hear you!

Jerry: That's what I told him, Sir. There are things known as boundaries, Jack.

Jack: (Yelling) Huh?!

Jerry: You know the stuff in this room is dangerous.

Jack: (Yelling) You know the stuff in this room is dangerous!

(Jerry does a spin-kick, Jack's holding a mitt for him)

Jack: Nice. (Jerry does another one.)

Jack: That one was good.

(Milton comes in and Jack drops the mitt again, Jerry kicks the air and falls over.)

Jerry: Seriously, again!?

Jerry: Parasites!? Oh you did not just call us parasites. Us!? We're para- What's a parasite?

Jack: It's not good.

Meet the McKrupnicks

Jerry: I can't believe I'm spending my vacation at the animal park, standing behind an elephant, waiting for it to pass the zoo directer's cellphone.

Kim: Ugh!

Jack: It could be worse.

Jerry: It is. I have to call him when I find it.

Jack: Ew!

Jerry: Yo, grandpa McMuffiler. Where's the Loch Ness place where the monster lives?

Jack: Jerry, I told you. It was just a story to bring in tourists.

Witless Protection

Jack: (To Milton) Well, you got further into the song than last year...

Jerry: Yeah, true.

Jack: (Spots some robbers outside) Hey, hey, check it out. Those guys are coming out of the Athletic Authority.

Jerry: Oh, sweet. Must be their annual ski mask sale.

Jack: Jerry, those are robbers!

Jerry: (Watching the news) Yo dude, I'll say it. Chappy Chapman's got the best hair in Seaford.

Jack: Seriously dude, I'm sat right here!

Jerry: This is awesome, the cops are gonna pay us to play volleyball with girls down at an exotic resort.

Jack: Oh forget that, I say we go to a cabin in the mountains and get our snowboard on.

Jarry facts

  1. Jerry is shown to be the closest to Jack out of all the guys.
  2. They have one of the closest friendships on the show, and have both repeatedly shown that they do need each other, and value their friendship.
  3. Jack protects Jerry a lot.
  4. They both can play an instrument. (Jerry - drums and Jack - Guitar)
  5. Both of them have sustained Karate related injuries. (Jack broke his hand in "Kickin' it in China" and Jerry was kicked in the ribs by Jack in "Breaking Board".)
  6. There have been eight Jarry centric episodes overall in the series.
  7. They've hugged eleven times. ("Boo Gi Nights", "Breaking board" (twice) "Wazombie Warriors", "Duelling Dojo's", "Seaford, We Have A Problem", "The Boys Are Back In Town", "The Amazing Krupnick", "The Battle of Seaford Hill", "Seaford Hustle" and "You Don't Know Jack")
  8. Both of them have joined the rival Dojo, the Black Dragons, at least once. (Jack in "New Jack City" and Jerry [and Jack again] in "Kickin' it On Our Own".)
  9. They've both screamed like a girl.
  10. Both of them can do a backflip. ("All the wrong moves".)
  11. They have done four Karate fights together. ("Buddyguards", "Wedding Crashers", "Sole Brothers" and "Temple of Doom".)
  12. Jerry can dance, and Jack isn't so good, although in "Buddyguards" Jack and Jerry are both seen doing the same style of victory dance.
  13. Jack and Jerry seem to do the high-five/hug thing more than any other two characters.
  14. "Breaking board" was the first episode to focus on Jarry.
  15. The episode "Breaking board" had a theme in which Jack and Jerry were like a couple. Jerry helped Jack with the record, and Jack felt guilty for hurting him, and when Jack brought Jerry the bear and found out he was lying, it was like a break-up.
  16. Two people have said they're a great pair, Jack himself and Max, both in "Sole Brothers".
  17. They have both admitted to the other that they couldn't have done something without them. Jack = Break Duke's record, and Jerry = Get his tournament ribbon.
  18. Jack admitted to Jerry in "Duelling Dojo's" that the Dojo wouldn't be the same without him.
  19. In the episode "Wazombie Warriors" Jack was training Jerry to flirt with Katie, but it seemed like they were flirting with each other.
  20. .They have the same ending stance whenever they finish a fight.
  21. They have both had offscreen promtional tournaments to get their belts. (Jerry = Green belt and Jack = 2nd degree black belt)
  22. They both attempted to break a record in "A Slip down memory lane" but while Jack broke his, Jerry couldn't even attempt his in the end because Milton had accidentally ripped off his armpit hair with his yo-yo's.
  23. They both caused damage to a wall in the Dojo. Jack in "Wasabi Warriors" and Jerry in "Dude, where's my sword?"
  24. They have both ran a Dojo/been a Sensei at some point, both in the episode "Duelling Dojo's." (Jerry ran "Judo Jerry's" for a short while, and as of Season 4, Jack is an assistant Sensei at the Wasabi Warriors Academy)
  25. Jerry seems to only speak Spanish when Jack is around/involved. ("Wasabi Warriors" when Jack told them all to go away, in "All the wrong moves" when everyone - including Jack - couldn't dance, "Reality Fights" when Jack made Jerry sneeze himself off the bridge, in "Wazombie Warriors" when Jack grabbed Jerry's shirt and was mad at him for setting him up with Lindsay and he pretended not to know English, and in "Karate Games" when Jerry told Jack they were on the Spanish news.)
  26. Jack is - seemingly - the most tolerable of Jerry's stupid/reckless behaviour.
  27. Jack is - again seemingly - is the only one out of everyone who really understands Jerry, can tolerate him, and will be quick to get him out of trouble. 
  28. In numerous episodes, Jack and Jerry stand/sit very close to each other.
  29. In some episodes, they share glances with one another, whether happy, sad, or fearful.
  30. Jack and Jerry show similar expressions or reactions in several situations - getting their promotions/Jack getting fired in "Sole Brothers" as an example - showing they have parallelism.
  31. They have always made up after getting into an arguement.
  32. They have both been interested in Kim, and have both gone on dates with her. (Jack in "Kickin' it on our own" (first) and Jerry in "Two dates and a funeral".)
  33. Leo Howard has stated his favourite Kickin' it episode was "Buddyguards" a Jarry centric episode.
  34. In the first three season openings, Jack has worn the Jarry color, blue.
  35. Jack wears the Jarry color, blue, in a lot of episodes, as does Jerry.
    • In Jack's promotional season 3 photo, his hoodie is blue and white striped. Two of the Jarry colors.
  1. Since Kim has left the show, Jack and Jerry are the strongest students in the Dojo.
  2. The Battle of Seaford Hill shows that Jack and Jerry's ancestors were good friends.
  3. They have both had near-death experiences; Jerry nearly fell and died in "Nerd With A Cape" and Jack was nearly crushed by the Spikes of Death in "The Amazing Krupnick".
  4. Jack saved Jerry from falling into a tank of Sharks in, "Tightroping the Shark".
  5. Jerry brought Kim an airline ticket to allow her to visit Jack in Seaford to make up for ignoring her calls, even selling the motorbike they won in "Seaford Hustle".
  6. As of "You Don't Know Jack" they are both black belts.
  7. Jack awarded Jerry his black belt.
  8. They both had dream sequences in an episode; Jack in "Kung Fu Cop" and Jerry in "You Don't Know Jack".
  9. Two times when Jack and Jerry have had an argument, Jerry has referred to Jack as his best friend while talking to Phil. ("Dueling Dojo's" and "You Don't Know Jack") Both episodes where also centered around karate.

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