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First Appearance Together

Ricky Weaver

Jace (Jerry/Grace) is the infamous couple of Jerry and Grace. It is not known whether their relationship is romantic or not. They are not currently dating and are rivaled by Jerry/Mika (Jika ).

In a lot of episodes, Jerry has tried to get a girlfriend but it never turns out right. But he never seems to try so hard to impress Grace, he is always himself around Grace which she seems to prefer compared to when he changes around other girls. They probably are only friends because he is dating Mika 

Other Names

  • Grrr (Grace ~ Jerry)
  • Gerry (Grace ~ Jerry)
  • Jace (Grace ~ Jerry)
  • Grarry (Grace ~ Jerry)
  • Grrry (Grace ~ Jerry)
  • Jerace (Grace ~ Jerry)
  • Jacey (Grace ~ Jerry)

Jace Moments

Ricky Weaver

  • Grace picked Jerry to be her partner for the fake baby project.
  • Jerry looked disappointed that he ate the egg and let Grace down.
  • Grace was worried about their child.

My Left Foot

  • Jerry said Grace wanted guys who do big things, possibly referring to himself.
  • At the start Jerry looked jealous when Eddie asked Grace out.
  • Grace was impressed with Jerry's moves when he was trying out for the cheerleading squad and was smiling at one point but was put-off by his armpit hair.
  • She would have let him in the cheerleading squad if he waxed his armpits which he did.


Title: Matchmaker
Words: 2,549
Chapters: 1
Author: x.NothingEvenMatters.x
Plot: Kim and Jack try to get Grace and Jerry together.


Title: Monday
Words: 1,640
Chapters: 1
Author: yellowsunx
Plot: My take on the episode 'All the Wrong Moves'. Jerry Martinez wallows in his problems after being kicked out of Step Brotherz when a certain brunette comes by and listens to his rants. One-shot, hinted Jerry/Grace


Title: Effortless
Words: 3,797
Chapters: 1
Author: away-to-the-water
Plot: A failed date, some punching dummies, and the prospect of happines. Maybe this night wasn't so bad after all.


Title: Get Me Out Of Here
Words: 2,460
Chapters: 1
Author: away-to-the-water
Plot: Jerry and Grace get trapped in a locker together.


Title: I Need You

Words: 3 899

Chapters: 3

Author: Canadagold14

Plot: Kim Crawford is the new girl, she meets Jack. What else is there to say. ( Some Jace and Greddie)

Official Trademarks


April 17th is the official Jace day, that is the day which some fanfiction authors have devoted to publishing all of their Jace Fics.


Eggs are the official food of Jace because they did a project together in which they had to take care of an egg.


Health Class because they did a partner project together in health class where they pretended an egg was their child.


Cheerleading because Grace and Jerry are both on the pep squad, which is basically the same as cheerleading.


Blue because the uniform for the pep squad is blue, yellow, and white

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