Izzy (standing at the microphone) rocking out on stage.

Izzy Gunnar (portrayed by Eric Tiede) is a part of the band Kung Fu Lightning and is a relatively minor character.  Jack and Jerry were shown to look up to and like him.

Izzy is the lead singer of the heavy metal band Kung Fu Lightning. Jack and Jerry save him after he is jumped by two thugs. Being appointed bodyguards and occasional "babysitters", they embark on a wild party. He is almost sabotaged during a Kung Fu Lightning concert by the same two thugs but Jack and Jerry save Izzy again. It is revealed that the band's bassist and backing vocalist, Lars tried to sabotage the performance because he had always been in Izzy's "shadow". At the beginning was not really convinced that the two boys took down the thugs. Izzy is discouraged by this information, believing him and Lars were "brothers". But he feels much better later when Jack and Jerry perform with him live.


Although Izzy is nice, he is also irresponsible and fun-loving, constantly ditching his responsibilities to do things like skydiving. He is also very eccentric, such as him wearing a rollerskate on one foot and a bowling shoe on the other. He is also shown to be slightly narcissistic when Jack and Jerry asked him if he knew why he was attacked by thugs, he said "It's because I'm beautiful".



  • His bandmate Lars sabotaged him.
  • He claimed his chauffeur was a wizard, which Jerry and Jack believed was another one of his delusions. However, at the end of Buddyguards it was revealed that he was telling the truth.
  • He doesn't know anything about baseball.
  • His jet broke and he was stuck in Seaford in From Zeros to Heroes  .