“How Bobby Got His Groove Back”
Season 3, Episode 20
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Air Date

January 13, 2014 {{{pc}}}


Rick Williams & Jenna McGrath


Jim O'Doherty

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Queen of Karts


Return of Spyfall

How Bobby Got His Groove Back is the 20th episode of Season 3 of Kickin' It. It aired on January 13, 2014.


The gang's life gets turned upside down when Bobby Wasabi moves into the dojo after his self-financed action film bombs and he loses everything. Bobby, Jack, and Rudy fight an Ex-Hollywood actor. Meanwhile, Milton dates a new girl that isn't quite what he expected.


  • Sara Oliveri as Theater Patron #2

Fight Scenes

  • Bobby Wasabi, Jack, and Rudy vs. Chet Stone and cronies - Winner(s): Bobby Wasabi, Jack, and Rudy


  • Milton: Jerry, you were right about Heidi. She has me lock me in her cabin in the crystal lake. You gotta help me!
  • Heidi: What are you doing under the bed, silly bear?
  • Milton: Just being a silly bear.
  • Heidi: You don't need that!


  • Sylvester Stallion and the Crocky movie is a reference to Sylevster Stallone and his Rocky movie.
  • Bobby's mother appears in this episode.


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