Gender Female
Age 14-15
Hometown: Seaford
Born: 1997/1998
Friends and Family
Kim (maybe), unknown cheerleaders
Love interests

Jack (possibly)

Other Information
First Appearance
  Ricky Weaver
Portrayed by
Grace O'Doherty

Grace has been seen in four episodes so far. Grace was mentioned in "Ricky Weaver" and had one scene. She likes Ricky Weaver almost as much as Kim did. It is unknown if she still likes Ricky or knows about his history with girls.

She was seen in "My Left Foot" as the captain of the pep squad. Eddie desperately wanted to date her, and she only said yes when he "almost died" asking her out. 

Grace had a cameo in "Kickin' It Old School", walking past Jerry and appearing to check him out.  

In "Kickin' It On Our Own", she is seen when Jack and Kim are talking, after which she said, "Give me an Awk! Give me a Ward! What do you get, Awk-ward."



Kim- Many people believe Grace is Kim's only female friend but there isn't much proof they are friends. Grace made sure the Wasabi Warriors saw Kim's "Ricky Shrine" which Kim desperately wanted to keep from them. Grace was the only one who knew about Kim's obsession with Ricky Weaver Also, during "My Left Foot", Grace did not want Kim on the pep squad. Kim and Jerry only made the squad because they knew Milton. In "Kickin' It On Our Own", she ridicules Kim's karate chants and makes fun of Jack in front of her. Their relationship is unknown. They could be considered "frenemies". Kim does have Grace's number, and in Ricky Weaver it is shown that they talk and hang out at school.

Jerry- Grace was partners with Jerry for a "baby egg" project. They most likely failed considering Jerry ate their "child". She was impressed with Jerry's cheerleading moves but she would only let Jerry join the pep squad when Milton and Kim got rid of his arm pit hair.

Eddie- She was the one who Eddie wanted to ask out. During lunch, he tried to ask her out, but she rejected him. Then on the night of the football game, when Milton scored the kick, and Eddie was managing the scoreboard, he tried asking her out. He fell while doing so, but because he "almost died" doing it, she said yes to him, making Grace Eddie's love interest. However in episodes after "My Left Foot" Eddie appeared to be dating another girl or showing interest in someone else.

Jack- In "Kickin' it On Our Own", she seems to think Jack is cute.


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