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The following is a list of episodes in Disney XD Original Series Kickin' It. Overall 84 episodes of Kickin' It have been aired In 4 seasons.

Series Overview

Season Episodes Originally Aired
Season premiere Season finale
1 21 June 13, 2011 March 26, 2012
2 23 April 2, 2012 December 3, 2012
3 22 April 1, 2013 January 27, 2014
4 18 February 17, 2014 March 25 2015

Season 1: 2011–12

No. Ep. Title Original air date Prod.
U.S. viewers
1 1 "Wasabi Warriors" June 13, 2011 101 0.87[2]

In Seaford High School, the new kid Jack meets three boys, Jerry, Eddie and Milton. They all do karate and Jack joins Jerry, Eddie, and Milton at lunch, and soon are picked on by red belts in the Black Dragon Dojo and Jack tries to settle things and gets in a fight with kids from the rival dojo, the Black Dragons, that at the time, Kim was a member of the Black Dragons. Jerry, Eddie, and Milton learn from their sensei, Rudy, that the Bobby Wasabi Martial Arts Academy is in danger of closing. So Jerry, Eddie and Milton convince Rudy to get Jack to join after he crashes through the wall. Rudy lies to Jack and says he will go to juvie if he does not join and helps them get 2 belts. Later Rudy let his secret slip and Jack quits until he hears the disappointment of his friends. Jack joins to win the tournament. Kim competes against Jack, but after the Sensei for the Black Dragon cheats, Kim quits and does not fight Jack. Jack does a Bobby Wasabi move to win the tournament and keep the dojo running. Also in this episode, Kim from Black Dragon changes to Bobby Wasabi`s dojo.

2 2 "Fat Chance" June 14, 2011 105 0.75[3]

After Milton almost falls trying to place his spelling bee trophy next to Jack's Gymnastics trophy, he is caught by one of the janitors, who the kids eventually find out is a former sumo wrestler. After getting him fired because Milton asked to see his victory dance,and Milton defends Mr. Nakamura talking the principal by saying things he was not supposed to say, the kids decide to help get him back into wrestling by inadvertently having him wrestle the guy who cost him his title. Meanwhile, Rudy fights with Lonnie from Reptile World for a storage space in the basement of the mall, after the closing of a magic store. Lonnie gets the space but later gets crushed by Nakamura.

3 3 "Dummy Dancing" June 15, 2011 107 0.73[4]

Truman, a bratty kid whose dad controls the mall's security, captures a video of Eddie practicing for the school dance with a punching dummy. In order to protect Eddie from online embarrassment, the crew bands together and uses Jack's martial arts skills and Jerry communication with dog skills to sneak into Truman's dad's office and obtain the evidence. Meanwhile, Lonnie's pet iguana eats Rudy's prized grain of rice, so they try to get it back by tricking the iguana that the seasons are changing.

4 4 "Dojo Day Afternoon" June 16, 2011 103 0.67[5]

Arthur, the obnoxious son of the new mall owner, joins the Bobby Wasabi dojo, and Rudy bends over backwards to please him. But Arthur rubs everyone the wrong way, and after an altercation with Jack, Arthur's dad forces Rudy to kick Jack out of the dojo or he will bring in a wrecking ball and turn the dojo into a parking lot. Rudy proves his loyalty to Jack and the gang by chaining himself inside the dojo. Mr. Turner just brings the wrecking ball to scare them away. The gang does not leave, though, and they get to keep the dojo. Kim tries to get better stories to document on the news team.

5 5 "Swords and Magic" June 20, 2011 102 1.22[6]

Milton prepares for a live-action role-playing battle (L.A.R.P.) but his friends don't want to participate because they think it's uncool (except for Rudy who thinks it sounds like fun). But after thinking of all the things Milton has done for them, they decide to join him and show up just in time to help him beat the Dark Knights and win the game. Meanwhile, Jerry tries to impress Kelsey Vargas but keeps lying to her.

6 6 "Road to Wasabi" June 27, 2011 104 0.88[7]

Rudy throws himself a birthday party, and an unprepared Jack scrambles for a gift. When Kim reveals her gift to Rudy, an autographed picture of Bobby Wasabi, Jack one-ups her and recruits the former international movie star Bobby Wasabi to make a surprise visit. Unfortunately, Rudy doesn't recognize his hero and is fired from his job after he accidentally flips Bobby. So Jack and the gang visit Bobby's mansion to convince him to rehire their sensei. Jack and Kim are with each other most of the episode, including them fighting ninjas with each other. Rudy takes a job at Reptile World to make ends meet.

7 7 "All the Wrong Moves" July 11, 2011 110 0.70[8]

Jerry signs the gang up for the “Hottest Dance Crew Competition” at the mall, but quickly learns they can’t dance. Smooth (Roshon Fegan), the leader of the reigning champs, the Step Brotherz, offers Jerry a spot on his crew and he eagerly joins. But when Smooth steals Jerry’s signature dance move for the competition, Jerry realizes he betrayed his friends. Meanwhile, Rudy and Marge host an infomercial for Pocket Ninja but Rudy messes up.

8 8 "Ricky Weaver" July 18, 2011 108 1.13[9]

Kim is ecstatic when teen pop sensation Ricky Weaver shows up at the dojo to ask her to dance with him on stage at his upcoming concert. But after Ricky brags to Jack about his track record with girls, Jack tries to warn Kim about Ricky’s intentions.  Meanwhile, Rudy and the rest of the gang form a boy band called the “Black Belt Boys” and try to open for Ricky Weaver.

9 9 "Wax on, Wax off" July 25, 2011 112 1.07[10]

As a reward for winning the Bobby Wasabi Inter-Dojo Tournament, Bobby sends over a life-sized wax statue of himself. When a heat wave hits the town, the gang must do everything they can to prevent the statue from melting. Meanwhile, Kim and Milton turn the mall courtyard into a beach and start charging for chairs and sunblock.

10 10 "The Commercial" August 15, 2011 106 0.82[11]

Rudy discovers his natural acting ability and hires Jerry as his manager, but when Rudy freaks out during the audition, Jack tries to help him out and ends up booking the lead role of Pomegranate Man. Meanwhile, Milton’s perfect GPA is threatened when a baking assignment leads him to become a crazed tyrant chef.

11 11 "Kung Fu Cop" October 17, 2011 111 0.68[12]

When Jack falls asleep watching a Bobby Wasabi movie, he dreams that he and the rest of the gang are in a 70′s disco-themed detective movie. Jack must try to crack the case of sassy damsel, Snowflake Jones' (Kim), missing Dragon's Eye necklace. Against the wishes of the Chief (Eddie), Jack sets out, with the help of his partner Bobby Wasabi (Rudy), and questions the potential suspects, including a glam French horn rock star named Milty Moondust (Milton) and La Boca the snitch (Jerry). It turns out to be Chief Eddie.

12 12 "Boo Gi Nights" October 24, 2011 109 0.58[13]

The Bobby Wasabi gang is determined to stop the Black Dragons from ruining the mall’s annual Halloween Boo-Stravaganza. Jack assures the others that he’s not afraid of the Black Dragons, or anything else for that matter. But when a sales rep from Circus Burger enters the courtyard, Jack comes unglued, revealing his biggest fear- clowns. When the Dragons use their newfound discovery against him, Jack tries to take down the posses blindfolded with the help of his friends. Meanwhile, Rudy meets a mysterious woman in a cat costume and tries to find out her true identity. In the end of the episode, Rudy finds out she is Jerry's mother, much to Jerry's shock.

13 13 "Clash of the Titans" November 14, 2011 115 0.47[14]

Milton falls head over heels for Julie, a girl in his chemistry class so Jack and Kim try to get them together. But when Julie's uncle, Sensei Ty from the Black Dragons, bans them from seeing each other, Milton and Julie decide their feelings for each other outweigh the rivalry between their dojos. Meanwhile, Jerry and Eddie vie to be the best rappers.

14 14 "Badge of Honor" November 21, 2011 113 0.61[15]

After Milton accidentally thwarts a robbery in the mall, Joan gives Milton a badge and makes him an honorary security guard, but Milton's newfound power is put to the test when a band of robbers steal from the dojo. Meanwhile, Jack and Kim teach Rudy to skateboard.

15 15 "The Great Escape" November 28, 2011 117 0.54[16]

Jerry gets detention after he takes the heat for Milton's prank; so Jack and the gang try to find a way for Jerry to escape. Problems rise when detention lands on the same day as the big tournament his family is planning to attend, so Milton disguises himself as Jerry so he can compete. Rudy has to watch Phil's goat after doing him a favor and develops feelings for it.

Guest Stars: Dan Adhoot as Falafel Phil, Richard Riehle as Mr. Coburn

16 16 "Dude, Where's My Sword?" February 6, 2012 120 0.60[17]

When Rudy goes on a road trip with Bobby Wasabi and Falafel Phil for the weekend, the gang decides to throw a party in the dojo where Rudy's prized Kantana sword goes missing. Jack, Kim, Milton,Jerry, and Eddie need to quickly find a replacement before he returns.

17 17 "Breaking Board" February 13, 2012 116 0.73[18]

While practicing for a speed board breaking competition, Jack accidentally kicks Jerry in the ribs and he ends up at the hospital where Kim volunteers as a candy striper. While visiting Jerry, Milton and Eddie find themselves in the maternity ward and accidentally get the babies mixed up. Meanwhile, Rudy wins free-food-for-life at Falafel Phil's.

18 18 "Reality Fights" February 27, 2012 118 0.90[19]

The gang competes in Bobby Wasabi's new martial arts reality show "Wasabi Warrior," hosted by Rudy, where the close knit friends form secret alliances in order to win the grand prize.

19 19 "Kickin' It in China" March 5, 2012 119 0.88[20]

Jack goes in the Junior world martial arts championships in China. However, he comes face-to-face with his cousin Kai, the only person who as ever beaten Jack. Meanwhile, Milton, Eddie, and Jerry gets lost after trying to find out the meaning of the fortune they got.

20 20 "The Wrath of Swan" March 12, 2012 114 0.71[21]

After Jack turns down Kim's invitation to be her date at the Swan Court Cotillion, Brody, the new kid in school, asks her. But when Jack finds out that Brody was dead-set on the Black Dragons, the gang springs into action to tell Kim the truth. Meanwhile, Rudy helps Eddie with the Explorer Scout's Pinewood Derby.

21 21 "Rowdy Rudy" March 26, 2012 121 0.78[22]

Out of anger, Rudy flips a professional wrestler and becomes an internet sensation. Jack gets into a fight at school under the influence of Rudy and gets into detention. Rudy decides to wrestle the professional wrestler. Meanwhile, Kim helps Milton when he thinks that Julie wants to kiss him.

Season 2: 2012

No. Ep. Title Original air date Prod.
U.S. viewers
22 1 "Rock'em Sock'em Rudy" April 2, 2012 203 0.65[23]

Rudy must fight for his job when he is replaced as Sensei by a futuristic robot, the Wasabitron 3000. Milton and Eddie build their own robot to try and destroy the Wasabitron 3000.

23 2 "My Left Foot" April 9, 2012 201 0.54[24]

Seaford High needs a new quarterback and Milton nominates Jack, but quickly discovers Jack can’t throw a football. When Milton’s surprising kicking talent comes to light, he becomes the star of the football team and is launched into a new world of popularity, quickly forgetting who his real friends are. Meanwhile, Jerry and Kim rejoins the pep squad as Kim had been kicked out. At the same time, Eddie tries to land a date with Grace.

24 3 "We are Family" April 16, 2012 204 0.66[25]

Phil's goat Tootsie is taken hostage by Jerry's new boss, The Meatball King so Jerry has to confront him. Meanwhile, Eddie thinks he took a pretzel from the pretzel cart without paying for it.

25 4 "Eddie Cries Uncle" April 23, 2012 206 0.66[26]

The gang keeps attempting to win on their schools basketball team, but they always lose. They soon find out that the world famous Harlem Globe Trotters are coming for a special contest. They thought that they might have an advantage because Big Easy, one of the members, is supposedly Eddie's uncle. But, when Eddie accidentally wins the contest, he is faced with the fact that they are not related. So, with the help of Jerry, he convinces Big Easy that they are related. Meanwhile Rudy and Fill do a business together and try to sell "Choco Balls"

26 5 "Skate Rat" April 30, 2012 207 0.60[27]

When the gang's regular skate park closes, they ask Rudy to ask his former classmate, who owns a bunch of skate parks, to build one for Seaford High. But then Kim and Milton find out the place where it is going to built is the home of a rare rodent. So Kim tries to put and end to this. Jerry and Eddie become the testers of skating gear to impress some cute girls.

27 6 "Capture the Flag" May 7, 2012 208 0.74[28]

Eddie is selected to be the head of the float Committee. Rudy tells him that kids from Swathmore stole the flag off of his float back when he was in high school and his reputation was ruined. The gang tries to help Rudy gain his reputation back. Meanwhile a girl from Swathmore challenges Kim to a beauty pageant.

28 7 "It Takes Two to Tangle" June 11, 2012 211 0.46[29]

Rudy runs into in an old rival from his past at a tournament in San Francisco. Meanwhile, Milton flips Jerry and thinks that he has awakened his inner voice. So he abandons his friends and instead decides to give people advice

Absent: Olivia Holt as Kim Crawford

29 8 "Buddyguards" June 18, 2012 213 0.62[30]

When Jack and Jerry save the lead singer of their favorite band, they become his bodyguards. But they find out that one of the other members of the band is out to get him. Rudy, Milton, and Eddie run Phil's restaurant while he is away.

Absent: Olivia Holt as Kim Crawford

30 9 "Dojo Day Care" June 25, 2012 212 0.66[31]

The dojo is turned into a daycare center, but when the principal's son escapes to a nearby construction site, Jerry and Jack must use their martial arts skills to find him before the principal returns. Meanwhile, Rudy and Joan coach Joan's niece, Gracie Bell, in the Little Miss Seaford pageant.

Absent: Olivia Holt as Kim Crawford

31 10 "Indiana Eddie" July 16, 2012 202 0.77[32]

When the gang accidentally squash Eddie's dream of being an archaeologist, they go to extreme measures to bring it back. They go with him on a treasure hunt through the woods of Seaford, after a few dangers along the way they find the treasure but have to use they're karate skills to defeat a band of rowdy dockworkers. Meanwhile Rowdy and Phil battle an annoying cricket that is hidden inside the walls of Phil's restaurant.

32 11 "Kim of Kong" July 23, 2012 209 0.77[33]

When Jack lets Kim win at sparring, Kim wants a fair rematch. At the arcade, Jack and Kim go head-to-head in an epic video game battle to become the top competitor of ‘Immortal Warrior.’ Meanwhile, Jerry and Eddie lose Lonnie's prized lizard so they try to find it. Rudy and Milton build a miniature train town called Rudyville and enter it in a contest.

33 12 "Kickin' It Old School" September 10, 2012 214 0.38[34]

Rudy's ecstatic when he finds out he's going to be inducted into the Seaford High Hall of Fame, but when Milton and Eddie discover that Rudy never technically graduated, Rudy must go back to high school for five days in order to earn his diploma. Meanwhile, when Jerry brags that he is dating Phil's niece Mika to boost his own reputation, Phil and Mika work together to teach him a lesson

Absent: Olivia Holt as Kim Crawford

34 13 "The Chosen One" September 17, 2012 218 0.72[35]

The gang gets the opportunity of a lifetime to spend a weekend training with the legendary Shaolin Warriors at their temple. But they're in for a surprise when the ancient Grandmaster Po announces that Jerry is the Chosen One destined to save the temple from a looming dark cloud. Meanwhile, Jack and Kim challenge each other to walk on the 'Path of Fire' and Milton struggles to keep a vow of silence.

35 14 "Hit the Road Jack" September 24, 2012 205 0.52[36]

Jack must make a big decision when he is offered a prestigious scholarship to the world-renowned Otai Academy in Japan. Rudy is overjoyed with excitement and while Jerry and Eddie hold auditions for Jack's replacement, Kim struggles to say goodbye to jack when she finds out she has feelings for him.

36 15 "A Slip Down Memory Lane" October 1, 2012 224 0.41[37]

Jack wants to break the record of breaking the most boards under the age of 15, but he slips and loses his memory, and runs away.

37 16 "Wedding Crashers" October 8, 2012 215 0.57[38]

Jack and Jerry set up a date for Bobby Wasabi with a women named Leona, aka "The Black Belt Widow". She is known for stealing rich karate-movie stars' fortunes, while making them mysteriously vanish. When Jack and Jerry discovers that Bobby plans to marry Leona, they try to find a way to call the whole thing off.

Absent: Olivia Holt as Kim Crawford

38 17 "Wazombie Warriors" October 15, 2012 223 0.57[39]

Kim falls asleep during a zombie movie and dreams that her friends, including Jack and Jerry have turned into zompyres, a combination of zombies and vampires.

39 18 "Sole Brothers" October 22, 2012 217 0.60[40]

Jack and Jerry both start working at a shoe store in the mall, but run into trouble when Jerry is promoted to manager and Jack isn't. Meanwhile Rudy is trying to win back Bethany Applebottom after he lies to her continuously.

40 19 "All the President's Friends" October 29, 2012 210 0.50[41]

Milton and Jerry both run for school class president. Milton becomes school president and transforms into Abraham Lincoln. Meanwhile, Rudy hires Kim as his assistant director for the community theater's production of "Romeo and Juliet."

41 20 "New Jack City" November 5, 2012 219 0.76[42]

Jack feels replaced when an old friend of the gang and Rudy's former star pupil, Carson (played by Booboo Stewart), moves back to Seaford. After Carson overtakes Jack for the coveted spot to compete in the tournament, Jack decides to join the rival dojo, the Black Dragons, and compete against his own team.

42 21 "Karate Games" November 12, 2012 222 0.93[43]

An eccentric Hollywood director casts Jack and Kim as the stars of his next movie, "The Karate Games," but their big break becomes a living nightmare when they realize the climactic scene in the movie is an actual fight for their lives. Meanwhile, Rudy, who escorts Jack and Kim to Hollywood, stumbles onto a game show called "Box That Head" and competes for a cash prize.

43 22 "Kickin' It On Our Own" November 19, 2012 220-221 0.87[44]

When Rudy's uncle Blake (played by George Wendt) offers him a high profile job at his chain of amusement parks, Rudy sells the dojo to Ty and the Black Dragons. After Ty downgrades the Wasabi Warriors to white belts, they all decide to leave the dojo and go their separate ways. When Rudy calls the gang together for dinner to make a big announcement, he discovers the truth and decides to win back his dojo via a tournament with Ty and the Black Dragons. Milton enlists the help of his Aunt Jillian (played by Jillian Michaels) to get them back in shape for the tournament, but, Ty brings in a ringer, WWE star Kofi Kingston, to go up against Rudy. Meanwhile Jack and Kim's relationship changes. (One hour special)

44 23 "Oh, Christmas Nuts!" December 3, 2012 216 0.65[45]

To teach the gang about the spirit of Christmas, Rudy volunteers Jack, Jerry and Milton to work at Santa's village. However, their good intentions backfire when the lead elf gets them banned from the mall, forcing them to become "the kids who stole Christmas." While the guys try to prove their innocence, Kim and Eddie battle it out in a holiday window display contest.

Season 3: 2013–14

No. Ep. Title Original air date Prod.
U.S. viewers
45 1 "Spyfall" April 1, 2013 301 0.92[46]

A government agent mistakenly identifies Phil as an international spy whose target is a visiting prince. After attacking the secret agent in Phil's Restaurant, Jack has to take on the role of the secret agent, protecting the Prince from assassination. Meanwhile, Jerry is helping Joan to pass her fitness test but gets bitten by his quarantined lemur and gets Madagascar Madness.

46 2 "Dueling Dojos" April 8, 2013 302 0.56[47]

Rudy reluctantly agrees to babysit Sam, a troublesome boy for a few days, and so Jack offers to take on the leadership role at the dojo. Unfortunately, Jerry experiences trouble adjusting to Jack's new regime and conflict ensues. When Jerry can't take it anymore, he decides to open up a rival dojo at Falafal Phil's called Judo Jerry's.

47 3 "Glove Hurts" April 15, 2013 303 0.41[48]

Jack and Jerry are shocked when Milton's latest invention, a pair of super-strength gloves he calls "The Corn Coddlers," takes first place at the school science fair. When a flashy billionaire entrepreneur loves the gloves and offers Milton a job, Jack and Jerry suspect something isn't quite right. Meanwhile, Rudy and Sam attend a carnival where Rudy is mistaken for a performer.

Absent: Olivia Holt as Kim Crawford

48 4 "The Sub Sinker" April 29, 2013 305 0.68[49]

When self-proclaimed Jerry "The Sub Sinker" Martinez proudly drives away yet another substitute teacher in his Geometry class, the principal is unable to find a replacement, until one man decides to take the impossible mission... Milton D. Krupnick. Meanwhile, Rudy, Jack and Kim volunteer to babysit and quickly realize the baby has the martial arts skills of a black belt.

49 5 "Meet the McKrupnicks" May 6, 2013 304 0.62[50]

When the gang accompanies Milton to a family reunion in Scotland, they accidentally awaken a century old feud between Milton's ancestors, the McKrupnicks and their giant counterparts, the McCrarys. Meanwhile, Rudy and Jerry set out to snap a picture of the Loch Ness Monster.

50 6 "Witless Protection" June 17, 2013 309 0.58[51]

When the gang witnesses a robbery by the notorious criminal Benny the Blade, they bravely agree to testify against him. But after Benny escapes from jail and seeks revenge, the gang enters the witness protection program and is sent to a farm in the middle of nowhere where they work as farmhands to earn their keep.

51 7 "Jack Stands Alone" June 26, 2013 310 0.72[52]

After Frank is accused of kidnapping Seaford High's beloved pet turtle, newly inducted Student Council President Kim leads the charge in a rally against Frank, resulting in his expulsion from school. But when Jack suspects Frank might be innocent, he stands up for Frank against Kim, putting their friendship to the test.

52 8 "Two Dates and a Funeral" July 1, 2013 311 0.70[53]

Jack secretly bids on Kim through Albert during a Charity Date Auction, and Jack and Kim try to go on a date without anyone knowing. Meanwhile, Rudy tries to get Sam to do Karate instead of play piano at a talent show.

53 9 "Win, Lose, or Ty" July 8, 2013 307 0.94[54]

Rudy and Ty become best friends after Rudy buys a monster truck who crashes on the Black Dragon's dojo, making the Black Dragons to move to practice at the Bobby Wasabi dojo.

54 10 "Sensei and Sensibility" July 15, 2013 312 0.59[55]

The owner of a national karate chain offers Jack the opportunity to be a sensei at his new Seaford dojo. Rudy insists that Jack hasn't earned his sensei stripes yet, but Jack accepts the offer and enters an exclusive sensei karate tournament where he faces off with his own sensei in an epic Jack vs Rudy showdown.

55 11 "Gabby's Gold" August 12, 2013 308 0.83[56]

After suffering a humiliating loss, Kim's entire gymnastics team quits on her, including the coach. With only one week left before the big meet against Seaford's arch rivals, Kim is ready to accept defeat, until Milton crosses paths with Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas and recruits her to coach the team.

56 12 "The New Girl" September 23, 2013 314 N/A

Jack and Kim help Rudy recruit Sloane, a prized female student to join the dojo. But Kim soon learns that Sloane strives to be a normal girl with a passion for singing. When she helps her out, Sloane becomes distracted and Rudy and Jack blame Kim for sabotaging their big catch, by kicking her out of the dojo.

57 13 "Fawlty Temple" September 30, 2013 318 N/A

Jack meets Kim's dad for the first time and finds out that her father doesn't like him. Jack also learns that Chuck is a huge Laser Tag fan and has to compete against Riley, his arch-rival, and his son. However, when Kim injures her ankle, it is up to Jack to go in as a substitute to help her father. Will Jack earn his trust? Meanwhile, Milton, Jerry and Rudy are protecting a temple.

58 14 "Seaford, We Have a Problem" October 7, 2013 315 N/A

The Seaford Aeronautics Space Administration (SASA) announces plans to send Milton into space, but when Jerry accidentally launches himself instead, it is up to Milton to help save his friend, while all of Seaford looks on. Back at the dojo, Murray enlists the help of Rudy, Jack, and Kim in solving a mystery at the bingo hall.

59 15 "Temple of Doom" October 14, 2013 317 N/A

Despite Milton’s objections, the gang decides to throw a Halloween party at the temple while the monks are out of town. When the gang teases Milton for being a wet blanket, their words come back to haunt them as he’s taken over by a hard partying spirit that has been locked in the temple basement for 1,000 years. Meanwhile, Rudy and Sam try to help Bobby overcome his fears by taking him to a “haunted” kiddie corn maze.

60 16 "Mama Mima" November 4, 2013 316 N/A

The gang accidentally forgets Phil's birthday, and they plan a special surprise to make up for it. Meanwhile, Milton asks Jack to be the weatherman for the school's news show.

61 17 "Home Alone at School" November 11, 2013 306 1.05[57]

After Jerry’s latest prank at school lands an innocent Kim and Jack in weekend detention, they find themselves asking whether being friends with him is more trouble than it’s worth. But when a former cage fighter turned janitor locks Kim and Jack in the school’s boiler room to steal the school’s shipment of myPads, Jerry realizes he’s the only one who can stop him and launches a series of pranks to save the school’s valuables. Meanwhile, Milton and Rudy take a tour of a space camp and sneak into a restricted area where they stumble upon a space shuttle.

62 18 "School of Jack" November 18, 2013 319 N/A

Jack auditions to join a band called “Gutter Rats” to compete in a battle of the bands competition for a cash prize. When he realizes the lead Gutter Rat is rude, Jack forms his own rock band with Milton’s Classical Music Club in hopes of winning the prize.

63 19 "Queen of Karts" November 25, 2013 320 N/A

Kim competes in the Seaford 500 Go Kart race, but when she’s told she can’t race in the boys’ division, she disguises herself as a boy named Cam in hopes of bringing home the trophy.

64 20 "How Bobby Got His Groove Back" January 13, 2014 321 N/A

The gang's life gets turned upside down when Bobby Wasabi moves into the dojo after his self-financed action film bombs and he loses everything. Meanwhile, Milton dates a new girl that isn't quite what he expected.

65 21 "Return of Spyfall" January 20, 2014 313 N/A

Jack and Milton get the surprise of their lives when they are invited to join an elite team of teenage spies that handle secret missions.

Absent: Jason Earles as Rudy Gillespie

66 22 "Wasabi Forever" January 27, 2014 322 N/A

Rudy tells the origin story of the legendary Wasabi Code, taking the gang back in time to China where they learn about ancient versions of the Wasabi Warriors.

Season 4: 2014–15

  • Olivia Holt is no longer part of the main cast. However, she made guest appearances in three episodes.
No. Ep. Title Original air date Prod.
U.S. viewers
67 1 "The Boys are Back in Town" February 17, 2014 401[58] N/A

Jack and Milton return to Seaford and discover that Rudy has opened an impressive two-story dojo in a new mall and Phil has opened a bowling alley. As they settle in, Jack and Milton receive an urgent message from Funderburk requesting their help one last time in Washington D.C.

68 2 "Gold Diggers" February 24, 2014 403[59] N/A

Rudy inherits a seemingly worthless piece of land, but when Jack and Milton urge him to check it out, and they uncover a hidden gold mine. Meanwhile, Jerry helps Phil complete his bucket list.

69 3 "From Zeros to Heroes" March 3, 2014 404[59] N/A

In an attempt to emerge from under Jack’s shadow, Milton, Jerry and Joan create their own highly-stylized martial arts video using special effects which lands them a gig performing at the western-themed Cactus Festival. Meanwhile, Jack and Rudy invite their rock star friend Izzy to his first baseball game.

70 4 "The Stang" March 10, 2014 406[59] N/A

In an effort to impress his ex-girlfriend, Milton borrows his dad’s pristine classic convertible to pull up to a senior’s party in style. Meanwhile, Rudy and Jack recruit a new group of seemingly friendly bodybuilders, led by Titus, to train at the gym, but problems arise when they disregard the code of conduct.

71 5 "Nerd With a Cape" March 31, 2014 405[59] N/A

Milton dresses up as an original superhero named Laser Blade for a hero convention and is forced into action when a real crisis arises. When Milton vows to keep his real identity under wraps to avoid the spotlight, Jerry seizes the opportunity and takes all the glory.

72 6 "RV There Yet?" April 7, 2014 402[59] N/A

When Jack and Milton can’t stop bickering, Rudy insists on quality bonding time via a road trip. Meanwhile, Jerry and Joan buy a storage locker where they discover a famous piece of sports memorabilia that appears to bring them good luck.

73 7 "Invasion of the Ghost Pirates" April 14, 2014 410[59] 0.98[60]

With an impending lunar eclipse, an old Seaford legend surfaces about a ghost pirate returning to seek his revenge on the wharf after a lunar eclipse 300 years ago led to his ship crashing into the shore. Jack makes it clear he doesn’t believe in ghosts, but his skepticism is put to the test.

74 8 "The Amazing Krupnick" June 16, 2014 408[59] N/A

When Jack and Jerry learn that Milton is a talented magician, they use his skills to make money as entertainment at birthday parties. But when Milton's tricks fail to impress, Jack and Jerry go out on their own, with Jack performing the most dangerous trick of all time.

Guest Star: Veronica Dunne as Taylor

75 9 "The Battle of Seaford Hill" June 23, 2014 412[59] N/A

Seaford is celebrating the bi-centennial of the famous victory at Seaford Hill, which was nearly lost by one of Jerry's ancient relatives. But when Jerry learns that history got it wrong, he sets out to prove that his ancestor was a true war hero.

76 10 "Fight at the Museum" June 30, 2014 411[59] N/A

Milton and Jerry volunteer at the Seaford History Museum in an attempt to win over the same girl but when they discover the museum is being robbed and the girl of their dreams is in danger, they have to work to save her and the museum.

77 11 "Tightroping the Shark" July 18, 2014 414[59] N/A

When Jack and Milton meet their hero, legendary daredevil Spanky Danger, they recruit him to perform a stunt in order to raise money for the troubled Seaford Aquarium’s penguin exhibit.

78 12 "Full Metal Jack" July 21, 2014 413[59] N/A

Jack, Jerry, and Milton team up to compete in a Commando Paintball Challenge, but Jack can’t whip the guys into shape. When he gets an invitation to join the reigning champs, a group of elite cadets from the LaSalle Military Academy, he jumps at the opportunity.

79 13 "Martinez & Malone: Mall Cops!" July 28, 2014 415[59] 0.73[61]

When Jerry quits his job at the bowling alley and joins Joan as a mall cop, the two are faced with the unexpected when the mayor’s son is taken captive.

80 14 "Seaford Hustle" August 4, 2014 409[59] 0.63[62]

Milton fears his dreams of going to Oxbridge University are ruined until he meets Tom, the president of a powerful brotherhood that can help him. But when he discovers Tom has an evil agenda to steal an original Star Wars lightsaber, Milton must decide how far he is willing to go to achieve his dream. When Kim visits Jack in Seaford, he has a dream sequence where he envisions himself as a Jedi saving her from forces trying to steal her away again.

Special Guest Star: Olivia Holt as Kim Crawford

81 15 "Kickin’ It In The Office" November 17, 2014 407 0.46[63]

A documentary film crew from the Karate Channel comes to film a typical day in the dojo. Meanwhile, Milton finally takes a stand against Jerry’s recurring pranks by executing the ultimate prank.

82 16 "Bringing Down The House" March 4, 2015 416 0.47[64]

The gang decides to buy themselves the ultimate gift – a boat. However, when they’re short on cash and use money from a fund set aside for the Seaford Boys’ Club, their plan backfires and they host a telethon to raise funds

83 17 "You Don't Know Jack" March 11, 2015 417 0.45[65]

When Jerry disrespects Jack’s authority as a sensei and throws an unauthorized party at the dojo, Jack suspends him from taking his black belt test. A frustrated Jerry makes a wish that Jack never came to the dojo, and when it comes true, he sees what life would be like if Jack had never been a Wasabi Warrior.

Special Guest Star: Olivia Holt as Kim Crawford

84 18 "The Grandmaster" March 25, 2015 418 N/A

Kim returns from Japan with her sensei, Tomo, who’s interested in hiring Rudy for a position at the prestigious Otai. He interviews the gang about their sensei and after hearing about the impact he’s had on their lives, Sensei Tomo makes Rudy the offer of a lifetime.

Special Guest Star: Olivia Holt as Kim Crawford


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