The following is a list of main and reccuring characters in Season 1, Season 2 and Season 3 of Disney XD's Kickin' It.

Kickin it Main Characters

Recurring Characters

  • Marge - the school's lunch lady, who also takes part-time classes at the dojo occasionally to help the students.
  • Lonnie - the owner of "Reptile World", and Rudy's frenemy. He has a pet Brazilian Monkey Lizard named Leanor. He also lives with his mother.
  • Bobby Wasabi - owner of the Bobby Wasabi chain of dojos, and an international karate movie star.
  • Mika - Jerry's foreign girlfriend, the niece of Falafel Phil.
  • Joan - a security guard at the mall. She is known to be a good rapper.
  • Sensei Ty - the Black Dragon's sensei and rival of the Wasabi Warriors.
  • Frank - the leader of the Black Dragons, is claimed to be 19 and still in the seventh grade.
  • Grace - a cheerleader at Seaford High and a frenemy of Kim.
  • Randy Plotski - a skater who attends Seaford High and is friends with Jack.
  • Julie - Sensei Ty's niece, also a very studious student. She is Milton's ex-girlfriend.
  • Emmitt - a nerd who was seen to love the game Jack was playing in Kim of Kong. Also, in the A/V club with Milton.
  • Falafel Phil - the owner of the restaurant Falafel Phil's. He is a good friends with Rudy and has a pet goat chef named Tootsie.
  • Sam - He is the adoptive 'son' of Rudy. He appears in season 3.
  • Claire - a rich girl attending Swathmore Academy, who fails to defeat Kim in the Seaford Beauty Pageant and loves Milton's "beautiful bulbous brain".

Special guests

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