Carson Hunter
Gender Male
Hometown: Seaford
Professional Information
  Wasabi Warriors (formerly); Black Dragons (Most Likely)
Friends and Family
Rudy Gillespie (formerly), Milton Krupnick (formerly), Eddie Jones (formerly), and Kim Crawford (formerly)
Sensei Ty (most likely)
Love interests
Kim (formerly)
Other Information
First Appearance
  New Jack City
Portrayed by
Boo Boo Stewart
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Carson, an old friend of the gang, Rudy's former star student, and has been transfered back to Seaford with his family. He is a Black Belt and is commonly refered to as "The Old Jack". He had somewhat of a relationship with Kim before he left and was friends with each of the warriors (other than Jack) making him a replica of Jack. He is portrayed by Boo Boo Stewart. He might've joined the Black Dragons after being banished from the Bobby Wasabi Dojo. It's unknown if he will be a recurring character but it is highly speculated he will not.
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