The Official Bobby Wasabi Crest

The Bobby Wasabi Martial Arts Academy (one of which is located in the Seaford Strip Mall) is part of a string of dojos that were founded by the "legendary" movie star, Bobby where the Wasabi Warriors compete and train, was the worst performing dojo at the time in the entire chain. However, after Jack and Kim joined, the Seaford Dojo became the best dojo in the chain/string of Bobby Wasabi Martial Arts Academies. The dojo also gives part time lessons despite only having 4 students.  Plenty of other students have joined since Season 3.  


Lukas Girmay Best Student

  • Carson Hunter (Ex-student; Kicked out)
  • Joan Malone (Student in the episode dueling dojo's)
  • Donny (Student in Dueling Dojo's)
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