Black Dragon Group

Jack and Kim with the Black Dragons


The Black Dragons are a rival martial arts academy of Bobby Wasabi. Kim was formerly a member until she quit to join the Bobby Wasabi Dojo instead.

In Wasabi Warriors, when Kim was once a part of their dojo, Kim had tried to get Jack to join the dojo. When Jack declined the offer to join, Kim told him that Bobby Wasabi is "a joke".

During the tournament, Jack and Kim are supposed to fight, but Kim quits after the Sensei told Frank to try to break Jack's leg

Jack, Eddie, Jerry, Milton and Kim all become part of the Black Dragons when the dojo is sold to Ty.

Jack also joins the Black Dragons when his friends don't believe him that Carson cheated.

At some point, the Black Dragon Dojo went out of business and got shut down.

Black dragons group
Black dragon dojo

The outside of the Black Dragons dojo


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