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• 3/4/2014

Leo Howard

Hi i really like the show Kickin' it and i think Leo Howard is perfect i have spent all morning looking at information about him and kincin' it when i discovered this website which i think is really cool    oh and btw one of my friends and i have spent a long time looking for a way to contact Leo even though we are unlickly to find a way so if you have any way to contact him or an idea of how to please tell me bcs i would mean the wolrd to me if i got to talk to him   thx

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• 3/24/2014

his number is (208)230-0254

• 3/30/2014
where did u find trhat number its probably not real
• 4/2/2014

on google, search Leo Howards phone number. Call him if u get in touch with tell me

• 4/2/2014
Where did u find that number
• 5/18/2014
thats not his real phone number a girl answered
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