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• 1/29/2019

Behind The Mask

Do someone know Epcicdude who wrote Kickin it story called Behind The Mask

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• 1/29/2019

EIght Years of Kickin It

What is your favorite Kickin It episode

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• 11/27/2017

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• 10/29/2016

Eddie's replacement

With Eddie gone, they could've replaced him with a skilled fighter like Jack & Kim.
What do you think?
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• 8/14/2016

leo howard

i think you awesome
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• 9/24/2015

Message from Labrats15

he is 18 year old not 16 year old
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• 2/24/2015
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• 10/1/2014

Do you think that worth fighting for may be the last episode!?

Its the 18th episode and it was rumored that there would only be 18 episodes in this season!
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• 8/18/2014


i just love jack his cute and hot
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• 8/17/2014

Message from Isabella1018

i want to tell leo im his biggest fan ive watched every episode of kickin it and I think your awesome!! I really like your hair.I think its really cool you play guitar I would like to know if you are doing a fan tour?
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• 7/29/2014
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• 5/18/2014

is kim staying

im really glad that kim going to coming back. but is she staying?
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• 4/17/2014


What does it mew. By kim might become w b
Back dragon again? When? When she returns?
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• 4/8/2014


I think kickin'it will be awesome if Jack had bionic powers
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• 4/2/2014

Site Policy Updates

Site Policy received it's first official update today. This new policy incorporates the old policy guidelines with the results of various polls to create a more complete and sound outline for the administration of the Kickin' It wiki. The recent release will not be the final update as a couple sections will be added to that that has been released. Please review these updates as they will be the new guidelines for all future activity on the wiki and provide your feedback below. Have a great day!
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• 3/22/2014


who is this kate person
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• 3/18/2014

Making Suggestions

I do want to make it clear that constructive suggestions ARE allowed and are encouraged by the Admins of the wiki. Since relevant discussions are an important aspect of a wiki and attacks hinder such activity, any comments of a threatening nature (includes those with profanity directed towards an individual) or those that seek to prevent constructive input will not be tolerated regardless of the reason. These comments will be deleted and the user blocked if necessary.
I'm feed up with attacks towards people with valid comments. All users, no matter how new they are to the wiki, have a right to bring discussions about the development of a wiki. Disagreeing is fine, but disrespect of others with suggestions or disrespect in general is not. Having a bad day doesn't give one the green light to attack someone. If it's that difficult to not attack someone, stay off the wiki.
If you have a suggestion about how the wiki should be ran, you are welcome to add them to the discussion of site policy. Thank you for your time.
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• 3/8/2014

If it's true

Is it true that you and jack are really goin out?
What happened to Eddie?
When is season 4 coming on netflix?
Plz answer back
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• 3/4/2014

Leo Howard

Hi i really like the show Kickin' it and i think Leo Howard is perfect i have spent all morning looking at information about him and kincin' it when i discovered this website which i think is really cool    oh and btw one of my friends and i have spent a long time looking for a way to contact Leo even though we are unlickly to find a way so if you have any way to contact him or an idea of how to please tell me bcs i would mean the wolrd to me if i got to talk to him   thx
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• 3/1/2014

Olivia holt

Is it official she's returning? If so like will she be in the show from mid season to the end or only one episode ?
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